What dress to choose for the new year

New Year’s Eve is a long-awaited and unforgettable holiday, which is celebrated among friends and relatives, so the question of which fashionable dress to choose for the new year 2021 is very relevant among girls. Every lady wants to have not just a beautiful outfit, but a thoughtful and irresistible look.

What dress to choose for the new year 2021

Festive attire is characterized by subdued chic and concise styles. For young ladies who are closely following the latest, strict asymmetrical options with a slit at the hem are recommended. And for women over 40, stylists advise choosing models complemented with gloves.

The symbol of 2021 will be the White Metal Ox. According to the Chinese horoscope, in order to get the approval of the owner, you need to choose the right shade of clothing. Therefore, the fashionable colors of dresses for the new year 2021 are all shades of gray, white and cream, a shade of champagne. Graphite color, silver and gold metallic are also suitable.

Young girls can choose dresses made of metallic fabric, complemented by shiny elements. For women 50 years old, sparkling accessories are suitable, but the outfit is chosen in soothing shades.

Popular types of dresses for the New Year:

  • with a lush hem;
  • pleated model;
  • with voluminous sleeves;
  • slip dress;
  • asymmetry and bare hand;
  • smell outfit;
  • translucent model;
  • with asymmetrical hem;
  • with a deep cut.

Among the stylistic solutions, empire, retro, classic and romantic direction will be successful.

Puffy hem dress

The new fashion trend of the year is characterized by light shades of silk, chiffon, lace. A stylish bodice and a hem made of a large number of chiffon layers would be ideal. Big dresses look great too.

Pleated dress

Pleating creates a sophisticated and feminine look. Models from total pleating to pleated hem or sleeves will be popular. The optimal length is midi or maxi.

Outfit with voluminous sleeves

Sleeves-lanterns, buds, puffs are relevant. However, the dress must be simple, otherwise the image will be overloaded. For a light look, outfits made of chiffon are suitable.

Slip dress

The white style of the dress is a classic, appropriate in any situation. For the night of December 31, you can choose a solo outfit or include a jacket in the image, adding splendor. The slip dress is a modest model, therefore it is combined with accessories.

Asymmetric version and bare hand

Such outfits create a refined and sophisticated look, expressing discreet sexuality. To emphasize elegance, it is enough to collect hair, and add sparkling earrings.

Outfit for smell

Dresses of this cut are universal, therefore they are suitable for women of short stature or a large physique. For a holiday and a party, it is better to choose a velvet, metallic or mother-of-pearl option.

translucent dress

Such options for dresses have been and will be in vogue. By choosing an outfit made of airy fabrics and lace, you can create a light romantic look. To add extravagance to it, choose models with transparent inserts.

Asymmetrical hem dress

Even when the dress has a simple cut, with an asymmetrical hem, you can add playfulness or restraint. For New Year’s Eve, it is better to choose an asymmetrical dress with flounces or drapery.

Deep neckline

Femininity is always in fashion, and the task of a deep neckline is to emphasize it. The cut is made in the front or back. To make the image frank, but not vulgar, it should not be overloaded with unnecessary accessories and details.

Outfit for curvy women

Designers, creating fashionable dresses for the new year 2021 for obese women, have developed models that correct the figure through a high waist, fabric shape, and drapery. The fact that a fat woman cannot wear beautiful outfits is a stereotype. Evening fashion is multifaceted, and for women with a belly, wide hips, overweight, there is an ideal option.

We do not recommend choosing a short model, remember that the style should be just below the knee or longer, the dress can also be fitted, but not tight.

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How to choose an outfit according to your figure

Every woman at the New Year’s celebration wants to look stunning, emphasizing the advantages of the figure. To do this, you need to choose the option that slims.

For a straight body type, attention is paid to the waist. It should be visually narrowed, adding volume to the chest or hips. These ladies fit loose or fitted cut. Avoid straight dresses. It is important not to disturb the harmony in proportions.

Women with a Triangle body type need to visually align the top and bottom, adding accents to the shoulders or chest. It is better to give preference to models with a trapeze or a semi-fitted cut. When adding drape, do not overload the hips. For the inverted triangle body type, options that focus on the hips are suitable.

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Horizontal lines work well for a rounded look. This makes the figure visually thinner and adds height. Give preference to plain, semi-fitted outfits. Stylists do not recommend choosing tight dresses with puffy sleeves. To competently create a unique image and choose the best fashionable dress for the new year 2021, look again at the photo selection in this article.

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