What dresses can be worn with a down jacket

Stylists have figured out the secret of how to wear a dress with a down jacket and are willing to share proven fashion tricks. A photo selection of images proves that the winter season is no reason to refuse feminine and stylish combinations!

The choice of down jacket

Stylists advise choosing a down jacket for a dress, focusing on a concise design and an understandable style. A heap of decor, obvious sports elements, massive pockets and a hood are useless – minimalism is a priority, which is easy to combine in fashionable winter looks.

Bright models of down jackets correspond to fashion trends, but they rhyme more difficultly with feminine outfits. In such images, an unusual principle of combining components comes to the fore, therefore, outerwear in restrained colors is preferable – for example, black, gray, blue, beige or brown.

Stylish women’s images for winter are conducive to the choice of a free comfortable fit for a down jacket – a narrow and tight model cannot be combined with a dress. An additional bonus is that in outerwear with a spacious cut, it is warmer in winter.

The practicality of a down jacket and the elegance of a coat are combined in a novelty of fashionable outerwear, which is called the “down coat”. According to the stylists, this model is most easily combined with your favorite midi length winter dresses. A versatile option for any type of figure is a wrap jacket with an English collar and belt. A successful combination is guaranteed with both high boots and lace-up boots.

Length rule

A win-win move is the choice of long outerwear, which will gladly accept a shorter dress for company.

If you plan to choose a dress longer than a down jacket, make sure that the difference in the hem does not exceed 10 centimeters. This technique looks harmonious and does not draw attention to itself.

Cropped down jackets look great in a duet with dresses and midi skirts. If you complement the outfit with shoes with steady heels, you will look taller and slimmer.

A long dress with a down jacket is acceptable with a difference in hems and more than 20 cm if the image is designed in a monochrome palette. Related shades will not create an unnecessary emphasis on the contrast of length.

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Style mix

A women’s dress for the winter is conducive to combinations with basic everyday things. The combination of polar styles in the look is the hottest trend of the season! A flared silhouette or a romantic print – it is permissible to choose an outfit that contrasts in style with a laconic down jacket and look trendy.

Win-win shoes under a dress in winter are high boots that are hidden behind the hem of the outfit. This model visually lengthens the silhouette. The main trend is accordion boots with excellent versatility.

If you like the trend in contrast, complement the bow with a feminine outfit with lace-up boots or brutal Cossacks – it’s super fashionable!

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fashion images

Wearing a dress with a down jacket is more interesting if you play with the color palette of the image. So, a combination of plain outerwear with a printed outfit will be an excellent reception. Don’t limit yourself to basic colors – juicy tones will add variety to the winter look.

The secret of street style stars is simple – do not be afraid to combine different styles. So, a pleated dress or skirt is surprisingly harmoniously combined with a basic down jacket. Fashionable completion of the image will be lace-up boots, ankle boots with a stable heel or boots with an accordion.

Whatever dress you wear for the winter with a down jacket, complete the look with thick and warm tights – thin beige nylon looks out of place and is harmful to health.

A coup is the choice of a laconic straight dress in addition to a down jacket. This model is the safest in combinations and does not contradict the style of casual.

Combining a dress with a down jacket in winter looks is easy if you know the basic rules. Such a tandem will become the basis of many stylish and comfortable outfits for the cold season!

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