What dresses will be in fashion in summer 2020

In this article, we will reveal to you all the secrets about what dresses will be in fashion in summer 2020. With such beautiful trends, it’s hard to resist shopping in style!



If you don’t like the abundance of decor, but you definitely like the laconic style of products, then the fashion trends of the 2020 season invite you to take a closer look at the direction of minimalism. Such dresses are usually presented in solid colors and in a simple cut. Stylists recommend betting on midi length – it promises to remain relevant for many years. The laconic design is also independent of fleeting trends.

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[tds_warning]In the summer season, a light-colored minimalist dress is considered the most win-win solution – it will give comfort even in hot weather.[/tds_warning]

Peas and flowers

Among the most fashionable prints summer season turned out to be quite predictable peas and flowers. Such motifs are perfect for any occasion, and they always emphasize the femininity and romance of the fashionista. The color and size of such drawings can be selected in accordance with your preferences and the individual characteristics of the figure – in any case, you will fall into trends!

White color

Absolutely all designers agreed that the most trendy color for a summer dress, it is pure and beautiful white, as well as the whole light palette. Why is it worth taking a closer look at this key trend? Lots of reasons! Firstly, a white dress perfectly refreshes and rejuvenates the appearance of the owner. Secondly, such a coloring is amazingly possible combine with a beautiful tan. And finally, thirdly, for hot weather it is simply impossible to come up with a more comfortable and stylish solution.

With smell

The wrap dress has been one of the main favorites of fashionistas for many years. It would seem that this is a classic and versatile cut, but every season designers transform it with the help of leading trends. So what new items to pay attention to in the summer 2020 season?

  • An excellent choice would be a wrap model in a striped print. If the figure allows, you can prefer wide and contrasting lines – they look expressive and graphic. Multi-colored stripes will look very interesting – such an active motif will save the fashionista from the torment of choosing accessories.
  • For stylish everyday life, it is better to prefer a plain dress with a wraparound cut. A natural shade and the same fabric are welcome – for example, linen or cotton are ideal for summer.

  • Leather does not give rest to designers even with the approach of the warm season. Only now it is not the main material for a summer dress, but only acts as separate inserts.
  • The edgy wrap dresses can be tailored as a jacket. Of course, such a model can hardly be called a novelty, because a few years ago it won the hearts of fashionistas. And this is understandable – it is difficult to resist the style, which emphasizes the slenderness of the legs, slims, highlights the waist and surprisingly combines restraint and seductiveness.

Shoulder straps

For a summer holiday, you can’t come up with a more fashionable attire than a sundress dress with wide or thin straps. On such a model, an emphasis on the waist, a wrap cut or button decor can still appear.

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We are glad to inform you that slip dresses are invariably at the height of fashion. Linen style is suitable not only for making evening sets. If you choose the right shoes (sneakers or sandals), this dress is easy to adapt for everyday life. It also proved to be successful in the preparation of multi-layered ensembles.


Ruffles, frills and frills, which have found the most diverse embodiment in design, have become a stylish feature of many summer dresses. Such decor can be quite modest and unobtrusive – such a performance is best suited for ladies at an elegant age. Young girls can afford more eccentric and spectacular outfits – for example, styles with multi-layered frills or novelties with asymmetry decorated with flounces.


If you are still not familiar with feminine pleating, this summer you can correct this circumstance. The fact is that beautiful dresses with such an element are recognized as the main hit of the warm season. Designers have presented many variations on this theme – from classic models with a skirt with small pleats to large textured interpretations.

Open shoulders

unconditional trend are romantic dresses with an open line of shoulders. When to wear such dresses, if not in summer? This outfit will best emphasize the graceful figure and femininity of a fashionista. At the same time, the style of the dress itself can be free or fitted – both options are equally relevant.

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Maxi length

Many readers will surely agree that a comfortable maxi-length dress is a must-have item in a summer wardrobe. Feminine, elegant and versatile – they are the perfect solution for any occasion. Summer fashion trends 2020 advised to pay attention to dresses– shirts, wrap models, variations with slits or voluminous sleeves.


It is in summer that many fashionistas want to look especially romantic and sophisticated. And here current trends come to the rescue. So, in the summer, clothes made of lace or models with inserts from such an exquisite material will break all records in relevance. Just keep in mind that fashionable lace is certainly dense, for example, as in English embroidery. It is worth saying goodbye to thin transparent guipure in the 2020 season.


The perfect dress for the conqueror of the urban jungle in 2020 can be presented in a safari style. A characteristic palette of this direction are beige, sand, olive and terracotta tones. A classic and always winning style choice is the cut shirt with the obligatory patch pockets and belt at the waist.


Fashionable casual dresses for summer 2020 can display the relevance of the oversize trend. Such models not only give comfort and convenience, but also have excellent camouflage functions. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t have time to put your figure in order by the approach of the hot season – a loose cut will hide all imperfections.

Open back

A flirty highlight of a summer dress can be a cutout on the back. Moreover, the outfit itself can be quite restrained in its design and have a modest midi length. But as soon as the girl turns around, everyone will understand that she is not at all as simple as she seems. It is curious that the neckline on the back can be of any shape – here the imagination of designers literally knows no bounds.


A great investment in a summer wardrobe that will serve faithfully for several years is a practical shirt dress. Versatile, light and loose, this outfit has all the perks to make it…

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