What fabrics are in fashion in 2022

What fashion fabrics to choose in 2022 when updating your spring-summer wardrobe, and how to combine the latest trends in your look? This question is already being asked by the fair sex. In the spring, more than ever, you want to be on top, while feeling a special surge of inspiration. And changing the style will help you find the right mood.

What fabrics are in fashion in 2022

As recent trends show, the world is increasingly striving for naturalness, lightness and freedom in every action. And designers can’t miss these trends. Therefore, textured fabrics that look spectacular without additional tinsel are actively returning to fashion.

A variety of fashionable fabrics that will be present in women’s clothing in 2022 will allow you to choose the most suitable option, regardless of your individual taste and appearance.

Velveteen, velor and velvet

Large and small scars, nobility, exquisite tide – each of these materials can be described endlessly. They only briefly, for a couple of decades, left the trends in order to return and declare themselves publicly.


Thin, translucent and transparent material, almost weightless. It glides pleasantly over the body, helping every woman to be as frank as possible, but at the same time restrained and modest. Emphasizes the romance and playfulness of nature.


Denim is the trend of the coming season, which seems to be always relevant. In 2022, both light summer options and dense ones with a pronounced texture will be in fashion.


Accessories in the form of bracelets, belts and bags, as well as leather shoes are not a very relevant option when creating an image. But trousers, jackets and skirts will come in handy. In combination with chiffon, the leather looks bold and stylish.

Lace in different versions

It can be inserts on clothes, just a mesh draped over the shoulders or a mesh skirt. You can vary as you like. The main thing is to choose the image in which you will feel as comfortable as possible.


Natural fabric has retained its relevance for more than a season. In 2022, linen skirts and blouses, as well as summer dresses, will be fashionable.

It is worth choosing fabrics, as fashion trends show, in 2022, focusing not on photos in magazines from shows of famous designers, but on the internal state. The naturalness of the images remains in the trends.

If you are sure that softness suits you, you should not hide it from others. The same can be said about aggression – it will not be possible to hide it behind a light romantic sundress. It is better to choose what will be in perfect harmony with your mood.

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What shades will be relevant

The most relevant color in the coming year is soft purple. It is not too deep, not hard and not cold, because it is diluted with an admixture of blue and pink. Pastel blue and powdery shades will linger in trends.

Other relevant ones include:

  • bright pink, yellow, red;
  • neon colors that brave and desperate girls will definitely like;
  • bright purple – it will bring a little dynamics to the look;
  • rich brown and its variations (chocolate, deep beige);
  • mint and pistachio.

In the spring-summer 2022 season, women can afford to be different. The palette will provide an opportunity to choose the option that will match the situation, as well as emphasize all the advantages of appearance and hide flaws.

Classic white and black never go out of fashion. But it is recommended to dilute the severity of the image with accessories made of ropes or mesh. The boho style will be very relevant, because with its help every woman can emphasize her mysterious nature.

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Prints in 2022: what is in fashion

Choosing a fashionable print, you can also not limit yourself in the manifestation of originality.

The cell and the strip remain relevant. But the large drawing was replaced by a smaller, unobtrusive one. This option allows you to create both business images and light romantic ones, without being tied to a specific situation.

Romantic mood. In summer, flowers in unlimited quantities will come into fashion. When choosing floral motifs, you should give preference not to a large pattern, but to a small scattering, which gives the look freshness and dreaminess.

Fairytale motives. T-shirts, dresses and sundresses with fabulous prints will be at the peak of popularity in 2022. Moreover, it does not make sense to be limited to specific characters from popular films, TV shows and cartoons. Each woman presents a fairy tale in her own way, therefore she can express her individuality when creating an image. But if you want to show whose fan you are, you can afford it.

An admixture of art. Abstractions and whole pictures on clothes are the actual solution for the warm season. The author may be unknown, but the composition and idea must be solid.

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As you can see, fashionable fabric colors in 2022 leave room for imagination. Due to the variety of options, there will be no difficulties in choosing the right outfit for the situation. A striking change of images, by the way, has also been in fashion in recent years. During the day you can be a discreet business lady, and in the evening you can be a light, spontaneous girl who is attracted by everything bright, sweet and shiny.

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