What fabrics will be in fashion in 2021

The color scheme of the image is no less important than the cut and style, which means that for the right look, you need to get acquainted with the fashionable fabrics of 2021. Moreover, the designers have prepared for us a lot of bright, conservative, deep colors and prints. Let’s start?

What fabrics will be in fashion in 2021

Color, like style, can tell a lot about the character, outlook on life and inner feelings of their owner. That is why the 2021 fashion shows present clothes from a variety of fabrics.


At the peak of popularity, denim is blue or light blue. The so-called classic. Shades can have a cold and warm undertone. Here already choose depending on which one is right for you.

Most of all, denim should be worn in the spring, as designers prefer dense fabrics. But, of course, it was not without lightweight options that allow you to choose jeans even in warm weather.


Love natural leather? Then this year is for you! Photos from the 2021 shows make it clear that fashion trends do not stand still, because designers boldly combine natural leather and light flowing fabrics. And, of course, they recommend it to others. By the way, women of the older generation also really appreciated the new images.

Genuine leather is a fairly durable material. With proper care, it is able to withstand various mechanical stresses and retain its original appearance for many years to come.

knitted fabrics

Knitted fabrics are a must-have for 2021! Dresses, tunics, clothes with bare shoulders. This summer there is something to surprise! But stylish images with knitted things cannot be abandoned in winter and spring. With coarse knit, voluminous sleeves, intricate patterns or raised shoulders. Knitted items can be very different.


It is simply impossible to spend spring and summer without glitter. And it’s understandable why: the whole world around comes to life and you just don’t want to lag behind it. That is why designers suggest adding shiny clothes in trendy colors to your wardrobe.

color block

A color block is a fabric that already combines blocks of fabrics of different colors. At the same time, the thing is made of one continuous canvas, which was, let’s say, pre-painted in different geometric shapes.

In the new season, the color block can be in any thing: dresses, skirts, coats, shirts. But do not forget: if today you have a colored skirt according to the plan, then the top should be plain. As you can see, it’s easy to combine such things, but the image turns out to be quite stylish and original.

shimmery fabrics

The only equal replacement for shiny fabrics is shimmery fabrics. They have become a great addition to plain dresses, shirts, shimmer in the rays of the sun and cheer up not only their owner, but also those around them.

Shimmering fabrics are also used in tailoring:

  • Topov;
  • Losin;
  • Blouse;
  • Swimwear.


For centuries, satin has been one of the signs that you have impeccable and aristocratic taste. True, we are talking about natural satin, which is known for its softness and beauty. Only he can convey the full depth of a bright or monochrome color.


But only elegant, neat, delicate lace can compete with genuine leather. I want to look at clothes made from this fabric for a minute longer, because it attracts with its complex weaves, as if they were sitting and knitting by hand all night.

Lace can become part of a tunic, shirts, sweaters, it is used to create summer and spring looks. Luxurious dresses made from this fabric are ideal for going out, but more restrained models look no less harmonious, which fit into the office look and just for walking around the city.


Fashionable colors in fabrics for 2021 are distinguished by a variety of colors. While it’s still winter outside, it’s time to dress in:

  • Mallow red;
  • Bright orange;
  • Intense blue;
  • Creamy beige and peach;
  • A mixture of yellow-green;
  • Marine shade;
  • Lilac color;
  • Green olive;
  • Dark red brick.

But spring and summer are just around the corner. Therefore, now we present a list of colors that will be fashionable in the warm season:

  • Calendula color;
  • Gentle blue sky;
  • Juicy, newly appeared grass or greens;
  • Butter cream;
  • Intense blue;
  • Delicate dusty rose;
  • The color of the sun.

As for fashionable combinations, pay attention to the following combinations:

  • Yellow + gray;

  • Pink + mint;

  • Blue + mint;

  • Orange + green;

  • shades of gray;

  • Gray + purple;

  • Black + orange and others.

Want to get a trendy combination? Just take the trendy colors of the season and look for original looks among them.

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Fashionable prints also did not go unnoticed. Someone suggests combining all the brightest elements of the past seasons, and someone is in favor of filling the image with romance and femininity.

So, in 2021, a separate place is given to eclecticism and tenderness, unpredictability and beauty. Therefore, just follow your inner feelings, not forgetting what is in fashion:

  • Floral patterns and the addition of flower brooches;
  • Polka dots in different color manifestations;
  • inscriptions;
  • Vertical, longitudinal or diagonal strip;
  • Ocean motifs;
  • abstract patterns;
  • Animalistic: both spots or traces, and the animals themselves;
  • Tropical palms, flowers, elephants, parrots, creepers, orchids;
  • Tai-dai in a variety of designs;
  • With strokes of paint;
  • Handkerchiefs.

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These are the trendy fabrics, prints and combinations waiting for fashionistas in 2021.

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