What fashion trends will be popular in spring 2022

Fashion trends offer the fair sex in the spring of 2022 to give preference to stylish, beautiful, elegant and at the same time very comfortable outfits. Let’s see what trends will become the leaders of this season.

What will be in fashion in spring 2022

This spring, fashionistas got the opportunity to be completely different – feminine and romantic, elegant and spectacular, catchy and beautiful. In their collections for 2022, leading brands have bet on the following popular trends:

  • Oversized blazers. If in the last fashion season short jackets were favorites, then in this season the designers preferred jackets with a voluminous and free silhouette.

  • White shirt. Fashion for spring 2022 invites women to pay attention to white clothes. The main trend of the season will be an elegant and feminine shirt, with which you can create a lot of interesting bows.

  • Leather trench. This spring, long leather raincoats will be especially popular. Designers advise to wear them with clothes and shoes of different styles.

  • Pleated skirt. A real hit of the season will be light, elegant and feminine models made of silk and fine knitwear. Elegant pleated skirts up to the middle of the ankle will be in fashion.

  • Trousers with a low or high waist. This season will hit the girls with controversial trends. Both low-rise and high-rise trousers are back in fashion, because this year the designers decided to turn to the year 2000 for inspiration, and offer to pay tribute to the changeable fashion of that time.

  • miniskirt. This spring, short skirts will break into fashion leaders, because they can be worn with any clothes: classic jackets and cardigans, oversized sweaters, voluminous sweatshirts, sports t-shirts.

  • Flared jeans. The fashion trend in the spring of 2022 will be flared and loose-fitting trousers. A distinctive feature of these jeans is that this model is perfect for women with different types of figures.

  • knitted dress. Fashionistas who love feminine clothes will be able to please themselves this spring with a stylish knitted dress. The collections of leading designers offer many original models.

This spring, as well as throughout the year, geometric prints will be popular. Jackets, coats, business suits, dresses, elegant plaid jeans, stripes and houndstooth will come into fashion.

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Top fashion looks for spring 2022

For the fair sex, who want to look stylish and spectacular this spring, designers suggest using one of the following fashion ideas:

Look #1

A stylish coat is an indispensable thing for spring changeable weather. When choosing outerwear, women should pay attention to elegant models with a geometric print. To make the bow not only beautiful, but also in line with the fashion trends of 2022, it is best to combine a plaid coat with a stylish knitted dress.

Look #2

Well suited for spring and a fashionable bow, which includes a leather trench coat, leggings and a knitted pullover. There are no unnecessary components in the resulting outfit, because all these things will be fashionable in 2022. Thanks to the contrasting black leggings, the burgundy raincoat looks very impressive and bright.

Look #3

A win-win option for spring is a leather jacket worn with a long pleated skirt. To make the outfit more spectacular, you should choose a contrasting combination of things. Well-chosen accessories – high-heeled ankle boots, jewelry and a voluminous leather bag will harmoniously complete the fashionable bow. You should not be afraid to combine clothes of different styles, because paired with a feminine and romantic pleated skirt, a stylish biker jacket looks very catchy.

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Look #4

For warm weather, a stylish bow is perfect, consisting of an elongated leather skirt, a turtleneck and a voluminous blazer in a laconic check fashionable in 2022. A beautiful and elegant outfit will turn out, designed in a single white-brown range. Stylish boots, sunglasses and a bag will effectively complement the image.

Look #5

Feminine, light and sexy spring outfit turns out, consisting of a short leather skirt fashionable this season and a light chiffon blouse. Such a stylish and spectacular outfit is perfect for going to work, meeting friends or a romantic date.

Look #6

In fashionable flared jeans and a white blouse, any woman will look beautiful and confident in the spring of 2022. The combination of such clothes not only looks stylish and interesting, but also differs in increased comfort and convenience. This versatile outfit is perfect for any occasion.

Look #7

The tandem of a business suit and a fashionable top looks unusual, original and catchy. To make this outfit truly stylish, small details will help – a striped print, a high-waisted trousers and a voluminous cut of a jacket. An elegant suit in combination with a summer top looks very at ease, resulting in a very memorable and original look.

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Now every woman can easily make a list of fashion items that are worth buying for the spring of 2022 to look spectacular and beautiful.

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