What hair color is in fashion 2019

It became interesting what hair color is now in fashion in 2019? Let’s figure out together what coloring is best done in the following seasons.


Main trends

In the coming year, you will definitely be stylish if you choose natural shades. In all areas of fashion, natural beauty is now popular, with a minimum of cosmetics or complex elements. Therefore, in coloring it is better to choose minimalist options that will reflect your position, your look at fashion.

What hair color is now in fashion in 2019, you can see in our photo review. We will consider the most relevant options for hair coloring.

  • Black

Blue-black is a favorite option for many girls. It will be popular in the coming seasons as it is great for dramatic, feminine looks. The shade shimmers well when cutting a short flight of stairs, a shag, or with just well-shaped ends. Then each strand is textured, the length is emphasized. Brunettes should also think about bangs – it balances the image in an interesting way, makes it whole and thoughtful.

Elegant shade of hair

Such a fashionable hair color can also be supplemented with unusual coloring. If you are a brave girl who is not afraid of experiments, pay attention to bright red, blue or purple colors. Such strands will look organic in stylish street or casual bows.

  • Ash blonde

Blond hair is a classic that suits almost every color type. Girls – blondes look gentle, romantic, but at the same time they can create a contrasting street or sports bow. Ash blond is the softest option that is gentle on the health of the hair. A distinctive feature of this color is the light ends and the roots a few tones darker. This achieves the effect of maximum volume, you can hide thin hair.

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Note! Coloring in ashen blond should take place in several stages. A sudden transition from brunette or brown hair to blonde can be detrimental to hair health, so it’s best to consult a professional.


  • Intense cherry

If you want to draw attention to the hair, to focus on the hairstyle, then you should dye your hair in a cherry shade. This hair color is at the peak of popularity today, because it is very rich, deep, but does not bother. With a cherry or plum shade, you can create unique looks if you choose contrasting clothes. Haircut in this case can be any, but long, straight hair will look especially impressive. Then the shade will open as much as possible, overflows of tones, interesting combinations will be visible.

It is believed that this shade is perfect for women over 40. It hides gray hair, but does not age, makes all images youthful and modern.

  • honey shade

The honey shade of the hair is somewhat similar to the ash blond, but the difference is that it is much warmer and more delicate. Honey is very close to light brown, but at the same time it combines several tones at once, which shimmer favorably. For example, under different lighting conditions, the color can give the color of hazelnut, dark gold, cream or pale pink. The variety is very large, so each girl will be able to choose the right tone for herself.

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Also now in fashion is a combination of curls and light shades. This makes the image as light, airy and feminine as possible. If your spring bows look boring or monotonous, maybe you should dye your hair blonde?

  • soft red

Red-haired girls will always be in fashion, because this hair color allows you to create dozens of interesting images. In future seasons, you will be able to choose from fiery orange to golden, but the most popular option will be soft red with a brown tint. This is a calm option that is well suited to any color type.

[stextbox id=info]Note! To achieve this shade, you need to mix chestnut and mahogany. The best result can only be achieved in a hairdresser, since mixing colors at home can lead to an unexpected finale.[/stextbox]

  • Pink gold

The rose gold color is very unusual. It combines warm blond and pale pink, while all transitions are performed smoothly, almost imperceptibly. Depending on your color type, you can adjust the pigmentation, add more cold or warm shades. For example, if you are fair-haired, then it is best to focus on gold to emphasize the warmth of the image. For brunettes, you need to do a phased lightening, so as not to damage the hair, enhance the pink tones.

  • ombre

The ombre technique is in trend today, with its help you can create unusual bright images. It is especially popular to dye hair in two tones – one base and the second several shades darker or lighter. A distinctive feature of the ombre technique is that the ends of the hair are dyed, resulting in a smooth, soft transition from dark to light or vice versa.

[stextbox id=info]Note! If you want to try something unusual, add color to the image, pay attention to red, sky blue, soft pink or mint shades. It is desirable to have long hair, since then the transition of colors is best manifested.[/stextbox]

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  • Balayazh

The technique allows you to emphasize the depth of color, the density of the hair, creates interesting overflows between the roots and tips. Many fashionistas love balayazh for a variety of techniques, colors and shades. With a smooth transition, you can use about 5-6 tones, while the image will be harmonious and balanced.

Stylish coloring

Balayazh is great for light hair. It gives volume to the hair, and even when the roots grow, the hairstyle looks fresh. 2019 introduced a new trend – a glare of light between the upper and lower parts of the hair, as if you had been living under the scorching sun for several months, and not just left the hairdresser.

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  • Shatush

This is a relatively recent technique that resembles the effect of burnt hair. Shatush is especially popular this year, when every fashionista strives to make the bow natural and natural. The strands become as if kissed by the sun, there are mainly ashy, honey tones. Perfect for the spring/summer season as you will look like you just got back from vacation.

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Girls with blond hair should choose this technique: blondes or fair-haired. Shatush will not work for brunettes or brown-haired women; it is better for them to pay attention to highlighting or coloring.

We looked at what hair color is in fashion right now, especially in the next seasons of 2019. Remember about the main trends, consult a professional hairdresser, choose actual colors – then your images will be…

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