What hair length is in fashion 2019

In 2019, one of the key points when creating a stylish hairstyle is the question: what hair length will be in fashion? This season, girls are advised to give preference to medium-length strands or ultra-short haircuts. In our review, we will analyze in detail all the fashion trends.


Medium hair length and stylish hairstyles

In 2019, women should definitely pay attention to the length of midi hair, which is a cross between short haircuts and long luxurious curls. To make the image look as harmonious as possible, it is important to choose the right hairstyle for medium hair.

At this length, any experiments with staining can be carried out and this is another additional advantage.

[stextbox id=info]It is worth considering that in 2019 the trend is maximum naturalness, so you can apply a single color.[/stextbox]

Another option would be to make individual strands a couple of tones lighter, for this, techniques such as balayage, ombre, coloring, shatush are used.

Stylists offer such relevant options.

  • messi bob haircut. It is an echo of the 80s, when volume and versatility were in fashion. The hairstyle combines two variations of haircuts at once: a classic bob and a graduated haircut. In its length, it can reach shoulder level or barely cover the earlobe. Fashionistas leading an active lifestyle will appreciate it, as the hairstyle requires a minimum of care and is extremely easy to style.

  • Kare. This is a classic that is not influenced by fashion. In 2019, this hairstyle will be incredibly relevant. To meet all fashion trends, it is important to take into account certain points. The stylish trend of 2019 is a bob, combined with a smooth elongated bang. Another option would be to create a clear parting in the middle of the head. The caret may have a flat cut line at the bottom or go for lengthening in front.

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  • Cascade. This is an indispensable option if you want to give your hair extra volume. The average hair length is the most suitable for this hairstyle option.

  • Asymmetry. This is the current trend of this season, which will allow you to embody the fashionable midi hair length. The strands can be shorter on one side and longer on the other. Asymmetry can also be present on an elongated bang. One of the fashion tricks is to leave a few elongated strands that create an asymmetrical effect, and make the rest of the hair medium length.

Interesting haircut

Fashionable haircuts for short hair

In 2019, when deciding what hair length is in fashion, an ultra-short haircut will become a win-win option for any girl. Both young fashionistas and older women will be able to choose a stylish short hairstyle for themselves. The most popular options include the following.

  • pixie. This hairstyle has not lost its relevance for several seasons in a row due to its incredibly stylish appearance. However, it contains ragged milled elements, so it is not suitable for girls with too thin hair.

Bold decision

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  • Garson. This type of haircut came from men’s fashion and gained reasonable popularity among the fair sex. It is extremely easy to care for and will suit any hair structure. A distinctive feature of the hairstyle is the presence of an even bang, reaching to the middle of the eyebrows. It is worth considering that such a haircut is suitable for girls with the correct proportions of the face.

  • Asymmetry. Fashionistas who prefer to make extraordinary bows will appreciate the short asymmetrical haircut. On the one hand, it can be as short as possible and even contain a shaved temple with original patterns located on it. On the other hand, the hairstyle may look like a short bob.

Long hair in 2019

Owners of elongated luxurious strands, who are rightfully proud of their hair, in 2019 will be able to beat them profitably. They do not have to shorten them to a fashionable medium length, it is enough to choose the right haircut. Some of the hottest trends this year include:

  • the trend continues to be an elongated cascade, where the strands have different lengths, due to which additional volume is created;

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  • if nature has endowed a girl with heavy thick strands, she will be able to give them an attractive appearance and facilitate their styling with thinning. On hair that is thin in structure, it is better not to use a torn effect;

  • asymmetry is also relevant for long hair. On the one hand, the hairstyle can be medium, corresponding to the latest fashion trends, and on the other hand, as long as possible.

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The photos presented in our review will help you get an idea of ​​what hair length is in fashion in 2019. Depending on individual preferences, you can choose for yourself a hairstyle for strands of medium or short length.


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