What hairstyle can you do for prom

What hairstyle can be done for graduation to be the most beautiful and stylish on such an important day? We’ve got a lot of ideas for you!



Medium and long hair is easy to turn into a romantic styling with braids. Of course, every girl knows how to weave pigtails, but does she realize that a familiar hairstyle can become the basis of a great prom look?

A braid with decorations in the form of flowers will perfectly emphasize your femininity and beauty. If your hair lacks volume, don’t worry, this hairstyle will take care of everything.

  • Divide your hair into 3 sections, with the middle section being much larger.
  • Collect the side strands with an elastic band just above the back of the head.
  • Scroll the resulting ponytail over the elastic.
  • Gather all of your lower hair into a ponytail at the back of your head.
  • Create a hole above the elastic with your fingers and run your hair through it.
  • Pull out individual strands for volume and fix them with varnish.
  • Braid the braid from the tail and also pull the weave out of it.
  • Decorate your creation with flowers.

Here is another secret way to achieve hair volume at home with a spectacular braid.

  • Curl light curls along the entire length of the hair and sprinkle them with varnish.
  • Grab the side strands in the tail in the center of the head.
  • Turn this ponytail over the elastic.
  • Again, grab 2 parallel side curls, tie a ponytail out of them at the back and scroll it over the elastic.
  • Actually, this is the whole hair technology. Create such ponytails to the very ends of the hair and do not forget to straighten them for volume.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! To make this hairstyle create the illusion of a voluminous braid, pick up elastic bands to match the hair and hide them behind the braids.[/stextbox]

The trend of the 2019 season is an imitation of an elastic band from hair on a pigtail. See how interesting this technique looks in various styles. This stylish hairstyle can be done at graduation in grade 9.


Every year the popularity of the evening variation of the tail is only growing. Fashionistas are attracted by a successful combination of simplicity and showiness. The tail will easily fit into a festive bow, you just need to take care of its airiness and volume.

To create a light and fashionable styling, just braid a side braid and include it in a low ponytail from the entire head of hair.

A hot trend in modern styling is textured strands. See how this technique ennobles the usual tail and makes it more solemn.

  • Collect a low tail without taking 2 side strands.
  • Wrap the first side strand around the elastic and secure.
  • The second side strand should also be wrapped around the base of the tail.
  • Now the fun begins – with the thin end of the comb, select individual curls and fix them with varnish. You can also comb the tail for more showiness.

A low tail is always the epitome of elegance and grace. This styling will be amazingly combined with a luxurious floor-length dress. The trick from this photo tutorial will clearly show you how to make a stunning graceful ponytail on hair that is not thick.

  • Divide your hair into 2 halves.
  • From the first part, take a low tail.
  • Wrap the other half around the base of the ponytail on top and secure under the elastic.
  • Pull individual curls out of the styling and fix them.
  • From the strands of the tail curl romantic curls.

This styling is done according to the same principle, only the location of the tail changes.

Even with a regular ponytail, you can make an excellent styling for prom.


  • Using horizontal partings, divide the hair into several equal parts.
  • Braid each section into a ponytail at the back. It is important that all the tails are in the same line.
  • Divide the first tail into 2 strands, twist them together and secure with an elastic band at the end.
  • Do the same with each tail.
  • Lay the resulting bundles, moving either to the left or to the right.
  • Decorate an impromptu bun with a beautiful hairpin.

  • Pull the top of your hair back into a ponytail.
  • In place of the first tail, braid another one, capturing parallel side strands.
  • Braid a few more ponytails, masking the elastic each time.
  • When you get to the back of your head, braid the pigtail to the ends of your hair.
  • Lay the braid in the form of a bundle, wrapping it inward up.

  • Select the upper part of the hair and braid the tail from it in the center of the head.
  • Roll the ponytail over the elastic.
  • Braid another tail a little lower, capturing the side strands.
  • From the lower hair, braid the braid and lay it in the form of a bun. This hairstyle will look even more advantageous if you place the bun on the side.

  • Divide the hair into 2 unequal parts – the back should be larger and the side should be smaller.
  • Braid the back half into a ponytail at the back of the head and scroll it into a special bagel.
  • Twist all the strands of the tail to create a bun.
  • Wrap the side part of the hair around the base of the bun as in the photo and secure.

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A few more stylish bun options just for you!

Original weaving

Long, short and medium hair can be styled in ceremonial styling of ornate weaves.

  • Braid a small ponytail at the back and loop it over the elastic.
  • Create a few more of these twisted ponytails.
  • From the strand of the last tail, braid the braid and create a bun out of it.
  • Twist the lower curls together into bundles and lay them on top of the bundle, fixing them with invisibility.

  • The root zone in the crown area needs to be combed.
  • Separate 2 strands from the side of the face and twist the bundles from them.
  • Combine these strands at the back under the bouffant.
  • Create an inverted tail.
  • Re-create 2 harnesses, connect them at the back and loop over the elastic.
  • This technology must be repeated to the ends of the hair.
  • Then you should stretch all the flagella for volume.

Loose hair

Even simple curls can adequately decorate the evening look. The whole secret is in the right frame!

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Short hair can also be turned into a stylish hairstyle. Light curls, side parting and raised bangs are the perfect accompaniment for an evening dress.


At graduation in grade 11, you can make a bold hairstyle with shiny roots. Shine, shine so! With the help of spectacular glitter, it is easy to transform any styling with a parting.

slight negligence

At the height of fashion, charming negligence is again, so you don’t have to try hard when creating styling!

Jewelry Magic

Various decorations have always set a festive mood in the image and emphasized femininity. With the help of stylish accessories, with a flick of the wrist, you can turn a seemingly ordinary hairstyle into a fashionable addition to your prom look. Now you will see everything!

If you want to be a real princess at the prom, then a tiara or a shiny headband is an essential accessory.

A luxurious headband or diadem is an elegant and sophisticated decoration for any styling. If you…

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