What hat to choose for the dress

There is no such woman who would not be decorated with a hat. With the right selection, it works wonders. So let’s figure out where, when and with what to wear a ladies’ hat.

What headpiece to choose for the dress

The most fashionable and stylish options will be:

  • Broad-brim;
  • Fedora hat;
  • boater hat;
  • Kepi;
  • Baseball cap;
  • Handkerchief;
  • Panama.

Hat and dress: urban images

Wide-brimmed hats

Embellished with a ribbon in a neutral shade, they will add zest to a sheath dress. They fit any dress length. Depending on the season, it can be made of felt or textiles. A sheath dress with white and black hats will look most advantageous. A wide-brimmed soft-brimmed hat will be a great addition to a polka-dot dress, whether it’s a sundress with thin straps or a long-sleeved dress. In a bright maxi sundress with a halter collar and a boho dress, a wicker hat will look great. Evening dresses made of silk, chiffon and satin will be in perfect harmony with the hat. In a business look, combine a pastel-colored hat.

fedora hat

From light felt will create a simpler, but no less spectacular image. It goes well with a colorful light sundress and will be appropriate with strict clothes, as well as tight-fitting, not bright dresses. Easily matches the ethnic style, and combined with a long romantic dress, it will give you a bohemian chic. Straw Fedora also looks great with light summer dresses. A dark hat goes well with boho style. In general, this is a very versatile model and it will look great at any time of the year with any dress made of thick fabrics.


It goes well with light-colored clothes made from natural fabrics. She goes with flying light dresses, and looks quite harmoniously with strict clothes. Perfect with a denim sundress and a checkered shirt dress.


Perfectly fits into the urban summer look. Feel free to combine with chiffon flying sundresses and with thin belts in the color of the cap. A baseball cap will be indispensable with a dress in a sporty style.


Makes you look romantic. But if you need a business outfit, choose a shirt dress with a classic collar. A plain scarf is worn around the neck, over the dress like a stole. It will look harmoniously with a sheath dress. And remember, a colorful scarf goes well with a monochrome look. A scarf tied with a strip around the head will be a great addition to a colorful short-sleeved dress.

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Hat and dress: images for the beach

  • A wide-brimmed straw hat decorated with large flowers is an exclusively beach option. It is perfect for sundresses of different lengths, strapless or model with a strap on one shoulder, as well as a sundress with an open back. Only wide fields are appropriate on the beach, in the city they should be a little narrower.
  • The Fedora hat in soft and pastel colors is decorated with rhinestones and bows and will perfectly complement the beach ensemble. This hat goes well with a shirt dress.
  • Straw boater is associated with summer beach holidays. And it looks great with a thin shirt dress or crochet pieces. And such a hat in a marine style just looks stunning.
  • Panama made of cotton or linen is widely used in different styles, for example, boho style. And the combination of an air sundress and a panama made of straw on vacation will be successful.
  • A scarf tied in the shape of a hoop is ideal for a sundress with bare shoulders. It should be made of light fabric and match the shade.
  • The visor is suitable for almost all summer clothes, except for a business suit. Appropriate with a flying sundress.

And remember, the best choice in the summer will be various light shades. The color of the hat does not have to match the shade of the dress. Don’t be afraid to experiment. But dark shades will be appropriate with boho-style dresses.

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What other hats can be worn with a dress in summer

All types of wide-brimmed hats with voluminous decoration are combined with evening dresses, these can be feathers, flowers, beads and even miniature fruit arrangements.

Models with a veil are dressed coquettishly on their side. If you have a bright hat, repeat its color in some kind of accessory. If you have a black, white or gray dress, you can choose a bright hat for it.

A hat with feathers is combined with simple satin and silk dresses. One of the rules is that it should match in color, although the shades may be different. If you are interested in such experiments, choose a sheath or trapezoid dress.
On non-ceremonial occasions, but when a lady’s hat is officially needed, it has a slightly simpler design. There are no feathers or rhinestones on it. In this case, choose a dress of medium length and not magnificent.

On the beach, mini dresses with hats are relevant, in the city choose an average length, and a celebration for a floor-length dress.

The hat is a very capricious little thing! But with the right selection, it will give you a lot of positive emotions and emphasize your individuality! And perhaps it will become your integral part.

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