What hat to wear with bangs

If you have bangs, then you are wondering what kind of headdress to choose and how to wear it to look beautiful and attractive. In this article, we will look at several options for “hats” that will emphasize the dignity of your hairstyle and not spoil it.

Hat with bangs

Quite often, girls who have bangs decide not to wear a hat at all. She spoils the styling, presses or electrifies the hair, and you really want to take off your hat and walk with a beautiful hairstyle! But with the onset of frost, you immediately want to warm up. And now it does not matter who and how will look. The main thing is not to get sick.

Do not want to make such sacrifices? We, too. Therefore, now we will tell you which hats are worth buying in order to wear them with bangs and create a fashionable and trendy look.


And the first option is a hat. It can be worn not only in winter, but also in summer, for example, protecting your head from the sun. In order for your bangs to remain beautiful and “not wrinkled”, try moving your hat a little to the back of your head.

Another option is to move the hat to the side. Choose the side of the slope according to your styling. For example, if the bangs are laid to the left, then the hat must also be shifted to the left side.

When choosing a hat, remember that this is not just a headdress. This is part of your image. And she can decorate it easily and ruin it easily.

A hat, like other hats, must be chosen according to the type of face. For example, those who have an oval shape can look after any headdress. Representatives of this type of face have no restrictions on the height of the crown or the size of the fields.

But girls with a square face shape should choose wide-brimmed hats, as they visually smooth out facial features. The same method is suitable for chubby fashionistas and those with an inverted triangle.

If you have a low forehead or very rounded shapes, high-crowned hats will suit you, as they visually lengthen the face. You can choose a hat with asymmetrical edges or accessories.


Berets, like hats, come in a variety of shapes and colors. They can be worn in cold and warm weather. Let’s now see how you can wear a beret with bangs in the winter season.

To create a bright look, choose a beret in contrasting colors with respect to outerwear. For example, a black coat – takes orange, combine beige with black, etc. Another interesting trick is to match the color of the headdress to the shade of the shoes.

You can slide the beret all the way to the back of your head and leave the bangs open, but you can also experiment to find your angle. If you have “small” facial features, then choose a beret without “heavy” or large knitted patterns. You can choose with geometric shapes, felt, knitted.


The third boring version of the “hat” under the bangs is a cap. Knitted, made of felt, plain or in trendy animal print.

If you have long bangs and want to buy a cap, then lay it on the sides when drying, and for those who have medium and short lengths, standard styling will do.


Snood is one of the favorite and elegant types of headdress and scarf. It is warm and cozy even in the most severe frosts. Snood goes well with jackets, down jackets, coats. It suits any type of face. It remains only to choose the right color or knitting pattern. But most importantly, snood practically does not spoil the hair. Lightweight yarn is almost weightless, which means it does not “press” the bangs.

Moreover, snood can be thrown a little above the line of the beginning of the bangs, so it will always remain even, beautifully laid, especially if it was fixed with means.

And if you have a snood, you don’t need a scarf!


The rules for wearing snud also apply to the use of a scarf. Therefore, if you want to create a beautiful look, try to style your bangs on one side, you can give it a slight chaotic or “sloppy” look. But the main thing – do not leave it straight, as it looks too simple and the highlight of the image is lost.

The dresses are different. Some can be worn only in winter, others in autumn / spring, and others can be used as a hair decoration. Accordingly, there are different methods of how to tie a scarf:

  • Cover the head, wrap around the neck, do not tie the ends;
  • Throw over the head and tie the ends under the neck;
  • Use as a turban;
  • Tie at the back of the head (as a decoration).

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And now we get to the hats. Surely you have at least one hat. But you are afraid to wear it because you cut your bangs. How to be then?

Now we will show you several options for how you can beautifully wear a hat with bangs without “kneading” it and keeping your hair style.

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Now you know what headwear to wear with bangs to create a trendy look. What images did you like? Share your ideas in the comments and stay beautiful at any time of the year!

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