What hats rejuvenate women

Did you know that there is a shape and color of a hat that makes you look younger? In this article, we talk about the key stylish models that give the desired effect!

Key Models


If everything is in order with self-irony, you can adopt a stylish hat with earflaps. Moreover, the modern version of such a model no longer has an association with old-fashioned hats that parents once carefully put on for all children. Stylish topical earflaps can look very elegant and elegant.

Fashionable novelties with earflaps can be made from fluffy short-haired fur, textiles, leather or knitwear. If you plan to emphasize your impeccable sense of taste, bet on the most concise earflaps without rhinestones, embroidery, contrasting inserts, ribbons and other active decor. A win-win option is a gray, beige, cream and white headdress.

With pompom

A hat with a pom-pom is also famous for visually rejuvenating appearance. Such a model can add a touch of mischief, coquetry and energy to the image. If a woman over 40 puts on a similar headdress, she immediately becomes younger, more active and attractive. You will not believe it, but such a perky mood is transmitted not only to the appearance, but also to the behavior of the fashionista!

Stylists suggest that to create a harmonious fashionable bow, you should not use a headdress with a pom-pom in an extraordinary neon color, for example, in orange, light green, hot pink or yellow. Such models will not rejuvenate the appearance, but will only show the opposite effect.

A win-win move is the choice of a hat with a pompom in pastel colors, because such models look the most advantageous. For example, when choosing your favorite headdress, your preference may be given to powder, sky, cream or lavender colors.


Beanie is another hat that rejuvenates and refreshes the appearance. The main feature of such novelties lies in their obvious versatility. Beanie hat promises to fit into any autumn or winter look, because it looks great with various models of clothes. For example, in practice, you can combine such a headdress with a trench coat, coat, puffy jacket, leather jacket, sheepskin coat, fur coat or down jacket – the choice of stylish looks is truly limitless!

Depending on the shape of the face and the individual characteristics of the appearance, a fashionista can bet on any incarnation of the beanie shape. Such a model can be quite adjacent or, on the contrary, have a long and free cut. Now the most relevant hats are made of dense yarn, which hint at modern oversized fashion. Such novelties are in big use among Hollywood stars – they add beanies to almost any casual look.

The only thing to avoid at an elegant age is a mink fur beanie – such models look old-fashioned and mercilessly add age.


One of the stylish varieties of beanie hats is a stocking cut. It is easy to calculate such a model in free form, which resembles a rounded triangle. Also in the fashion dictionary you can find the name “sock” or “banana” – they are also about a stocking cap.

Such a cut makes its owner visually younger not only due to the winning universal fit. Modern design also plays an important role – actual accessories always fulfill their mission faithfully and reset their owner for several years.


A hat for women over 50, which is perfectly youthful, can also embody a turban style with elegant oriental notes in design. Such a colorful and interesting accessory came into fashion relatively recently and has already gained immense popularity.

Turban or turban stylists are advised to adopt first of all ladies who have elegant outerwear in their wardrobe. For example, this headpiece promises to look great paired with a faux or natural fur coat, a sophisticated coat or a laconic down jacket with a belt at the waist.


It’s time to break the stereotype that berets are only suitable for young girls and grandmothers. Stylists assure that this feminine and sophisticated headdress will find its place in the wardrobe of a lady of elegant age. A beret will add a touch of romance and French charm to any bow, and due to this it will provide a wonderful rejuvenating effect.

To get the desired action from a beret, you should bet on a concise monophonic model without unnecessary decor. For example, models with rhinestones, appliqués and felt flowers will definitely bring the efforts of a fashionista to nothing. Another important condition is the ability of the beret to maintain its original shape – it is these models that look expensive and elegant.

The beret, coquettishly twisted to one side, promises to harmoniously fit into almost any bow. Modern fashion allows its combination not only with an elegant coat, but also with a laconic jacket. In a word, a timeless classic!

Fur hats

Fur hats can also give the coveted rejuvenating effect, but under a number of conditions. For example, such models must certainly have a short, smooth pile. An important requirement is also put forward for the color of the headdress – for example, black and brown fur almost always conceal a hint of retro, but warm light colors do not have this property. For example, an elegant lady can complete her stylish bow with a fur hat in the shade of “coffee with milk”, “beige”, “ivory” or in a light brown tone.


Sometimes even charming fur headphones can please you with a wonderful rejuvenating effect. For example, if a girl under 35 tries on such a headdress, it will pass for a pretty student. However, her mother in fur headphones will not be able to lose years thanks to such an accessory.


A hat for women over 60 can be presented not only in the traditional version – a light cape in the form of a snood is also considered a fashionable and rejuvenating option. This is the best model for ladies who do not like the classic headdress, which strives to spoil the styling. Snood will perfectly warm you in the fall, replace a hat and scarf, and complete the bow.

Stylists recommend that women choose an accessory a couple of tones darker for light-colored clothes, and, on the contrary, complete a dark coat with a lighter snood. If this element is made of dense bulky yarn, it is better to place it with the top layer over outerwear.

Color matters

When choosing a stylish and rejuvenating headdress, you can lay a taboo on too gloomy and dark tones in advance. For example, from a black, brown, purple, burgundy or blue hat, you will not be able to get the desired effect. A gloomy palette tends to emphasize age-related changes, as well as make the tone of the face painful and tired. This is hardly the effect that you were trying to get from a headdress!

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