What is a blanket dress and how to wear it in summer 2020

We live in an era of trends that change each other at an incredible speed. In addition, people have long learned to adapt to difficult life circumstances and find a place for humor and creativity in any situation. Fashion is one of the most dynamic areas, which is almost the first to respond to changes in the surrounding world. One of these shocks was quarantine, which locked the population of the planet in apartments. What did it lead to?

blanket dress

fashion and the virus

Around the world, clothing manufacturers, fashion houses and individual designers began to produce unique protective masks. They have acquired an interesting appearance, are made from many types of fabrics, complemented by unusual prints, inscriptions and applications. Stars began to appear in public in masks with pearls and stones. In fashion magazines, images are created with a harmoniously inscribed new accessory.

The next trend, which was not long in coming, was pillow dresses. Starting with Instagram, girls all over the world began to dress up in them, picking them up with belts. Famous personalities were also noticed in this.

pillow dress

It did not take long after the decline of this wave, as blanket dresses appeared, with much more room for creativity.

What is a blanket dress

The beautiful and creative half of humanity, in isolation, came up with a new wardrobe item – a blanket dress. To do this, you can take any blanket or a full-fledged blanket that is wrapped and draped on the body. For fixing, you can use all sorts of belts, tapes and everything that your imagination has enough for. The image is complemented by accessories: shoes, handbag, jewelry. An imitation of a handbag with the help of a small pillow looks harmonious and interesting in such a set.

What is a blanket dress

Men who are actively demonstrating their sets on the networks have also joined the new trend. One of the most famous was an American dancer who surprised everyone with an original approach. He complements his outfits with corsets and other unusual accessories.

Place of the blanket dress on the streets in 2020

Images typical of a flash mob are unlikely to go out into the street in the same form. They are interesting, but too impractical for everyday wear. However, adapted models have been seen by designers before and, most likely, will appear again.

Examples are winter down jackets, duvets, so named because of their bulky appearance and specific cut. Designers offer massive capes, reminiscent of a plaid or blanket, which are tied in a knot on the chest or fastened with a belt at the waist. A cozy sweater and favorite jeans will be an addition, although some fashion houses are experimenting with evening dresses.

outdoor blanket dress

fashion show blanket dresses

Any cataclysms and world events are a generator of ideas. Humanity seeks to express its reaction in all areas and in an accessible way. This also applies to fashion. Thanks to the jokes that started with pillows, designers have got a new field for activity and are adapting blanket dresses to everyday life as much as possible so that in the summer of 2020 we can boast of original sets of unusual and yet unusual clothes.

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