What is a lip tint: how to apply and remove with your own hands?

Tint is a rapidly gaining popularity cosmetic product for lip makeup, which is an alternative to all the usual lipstick. It is available in jelly or solid form, with a glossy or matte finish. Thanks to its permanent colorants, the tint allows a woman not to worry about re-tinting her lips throughout the day, and look fresh and natural. The main advantages of tint over lipstick are durability, bright shades, practicality in use.

Lip tint features

Lip tint is a fairly new invention in cosmetology. Ten years ago it was unknown. The tint was originally launched in Korea, which is famous for the beauty and well-groomedness of its women, and has given the world in recent decades such hits of the cosmetic industry as snail slime creams, BB creams, sleep masks and many other miracle cures.

A few years ago, it was only possible to bring or order tints from Korea. Having assessed the advantages and prospects of the new product, a number of European and American brands have included its production in their range. So, following the Koreans, Europeans and Americans were also able to appreciate the novelty.

Although there are not as many shades of tint as traditional lipsticks, but focusing on the type of her appearance, every woman will be able to choose the right one for herself. In Russia, you can’t buy a tint in every store yet, but this product is available in large cosmetic chains. When buying, you need to remember that the shade on the lips will differ from the shade in the tube or bottle, so if there is an opportunity to test the tint, it should not be neglected.

The price of this tool, depending on the brand, can vary from one hundred rubles to several thousand. The cheapest tints often have a not-so-pleasant smell. As before, the best price-quality ratio is distinguished by products manufactured in Korea. Famous brands keep the price high. But you won’t have to regret the money spent on the purchase – even a small amount will last for a long time.

The main purpose of the tint is to give the lips a bright and at the same time the most natural look. Persistent pigments in its composition make it possible not to correct makeup throughout the day after eating, drinking, and even kissing. Benefits of lip tints:

  • does not leave lip marks on dishes and clothes;
  • not sticky;
  • does not spread and does not smear on the lips;
  • vitamins A, E, natural oils and extracts included in the composition, care for the skin of the lips.

Since this product is very resistant, its use has its own characteristics.

How to apply tint

Tints are available in small packages (bottles or tubes) and come in gel and lipstick form. A regular, easy-to-use felt stick, like a lip gloss, or a brush, like a varnish, is attached to the gel-like tint. Using a stick or brush, it is very convenient to apply the tint like a regular gel or gloss. A small plastic spatula can be attached to the lipstick-shaped tint for application. Having typed a little tint on the spatula, with light touches distribute it on the lips.

These traditional methods of application have one drawback – due to the high durability, the tint quickly penetrates into the surface layer of the skin of the lips, and can lie unevenly, in spots, besides, it is so easy to make a mistake with the dosage of the coloring pigment, as a result of which the lips will seem too made up.

It is much more convenient to distribute the tint on the lips with your fingers. Taking quite a bit of tint on your fingertips, tap it with light movements on the skin from the middle of the lips to the edges. At the same time, the tint lays down more evenly and looks more natural. It is in this way that the effect of “kissed” lips is achieved, which is difficult to achieve with another method of application. Another way to apply is to cover only the lower lip with a tint. In this case, the effect of “bitten” lips is guaranteed, especially loved in the homeland of tint – in Korea. When using a tint, keep in mind that one layer gives a natural coverage, fresh and natural, two layers is already a rich evening option.

The tint is really very persistent, but it can slightly dry out the lips. To moisturize them, give volume and shine, you can use a balm or lip gloss over the tint. Since the tint does not spread during the day, there is no need to use a contour pencil or foundation. A gloss applied over the tint only to the middle of the lips will make them visually more voluminous. Some women apply a tint to balm-covered lips to keep them from losing moisture, although this is not required.

Due to the effect of light drying, when using a tint, you need to pay special attention to the skin of the lips, using scrubs and masks at least 1-2 times a week. Otherwise, the tint may lie unevenly and emphasize peeling and imperfection of the skin. Ready-made scrubs can be bought at a cosmetics store, or you can use what a woman always has on hand. As the simplest exfoliating agent, it is good to use granulated sugar: add a few drops of any oil to a spoonful of sand, gently massage the skin of the lips, rinse with water. Massage with a soft toothbrush also gives a good effect. You can nourish and soften the skin of your lips with homemade masks: from honey and yolk, from sour cream, from mashed fruit.

How to remove tint yourself

Strictly speaking, if you paint with a tint every day, it will gradually be absorbed into the skin of the lips so much that it will come off only naturally, along with the epidermis. With regular use of the tint, coloring pigments accumulate in the upper layer of the skin and the lips look like after a tattoo. This suits many women, because not everyone can afford to get a lip tattoo – it’s not cheap, and often painful. In this case, simply wash off the makeup in the usual way.

If there is a need or desire to remove the tint completely, its removal should be approached with great care. Simple water and soap is indispensable here, the lips will remain colored. For cleansing, it is recommended to use a makeup remover, cosmetic milk or cream. With a cotton pad moistened with makeup remover, massage the skin of the lips and remove the tint.

You can remove the tint and oil for washing. Compatriots of tints are well suited for this purpose – make-up remover oils from Korea. They deeply cleanse the skin, removing all makeup without residue. If there are no special products at hand, you can use the usual cream or natural oil (olive, sunflower or other).

Special products gently and delicately remove…

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