What is aroma combing?

Today, every woman is very concerned about caring for her hair, and natural rather than chemical products are becoming more and more popular. One of the simple, environmentally friendly and affordable ways to take care of your hair today is aroma combing. This is not only useful, but also a very pleasant procedure that does not require any special skills. All you need is a comb and essential oil, and you can easily do this at home.

So, aroma combing is combing hair using a few drops of essential oil, which is applied to the comb. This procedure is very useful for hair, in addition, after it, the hair retains a pleasant aroma throughout the day.

The benefits of aroma combing

Aroma combing has several positive effects on the body at once: essential oils nourish the hair along the entire length, affect the scalp, plus a massage effect (if you use a brush, not a comb) plus an aromatherapy effect. Let’s consider each of them separately.

Any oils, including essential oils, moisturize, soften the hair, smooth the fluffy scales of the hair, which provides them with shine and radiance. To enhance this effect, you can mix a few drops of essential oil with a base oil (olive, peach, grape seed oil). Also, oils have a beneficial effect on the scalp, help to cope with such problems as dandruff, seborrhea, itching, irritation (tea tree oil is most effective, but it has a very pungent odor).

The effect of the use of essential oils can be enhanced if combined with a scalp massage with a brush. This increases blood circulation, warms up the skin a little, which contributes to a deeper penetration of the components of essential oils into it, and allows them to nourish the hair follicles. It also speeds up hair growth.

But the fastest and most noticeable effect of aroma combing is psychological, or aromatherapy. Many essential oils have a very strong effect on the mind, they can affect our mood and performance. Hair has the ability to retain odors, so after the aroma combing procedure, the effect of aromatherapy will last all day.

Aroma Combing Technique

Aroma combing is a very simple procedure that does not require special skills. The oil is used on dry, clean hair, preferably washed with shampoo without perfume. After applying the essential oil to the comb, the hair is combed slowly and carefully so as not to damage, but long enough, for at least 5-10 minutes.
At a minimum, it is recommended to do this 2-3 times a week, maximum – twice a day, optimally in the morning and evening, changing the oils used.

A very important question – how to choose a comb? In no case do not use metal brushes, as they can injure the scalp and contribute to the splitting of the hair shaft, from which the hair is very split. The best option is brushes made of natural materials, hog bristles or wooden ones, with balls at the ends of the teeth for a better massage effect. It is better to use brushes than combs, since the latter do nothing to massage the scalp.

When carrying out the aroma combing procedure, it is recommended to observe some precautions: ventilate the room, carefully observe the recommended amount of essential oil (no more than 3-4 drops), do not use oils that are allergic. To test an essential oil for allergies, apply a couple of drops to your skin in the crook of your elbow and wait a few hours. If there is no burning sensation, no redness, no itching or peeling, the oil can be used.

Aromatherapy – how to choose the scent that’s right for you?

The actions of all aromatic oils can be divided into three groups – tonic, soothing and aphrodisiacs. The effect that the procedure will have on you depends on the oil chosen, so the choice should be approached wisely. You should not use tonic oils at night, or relaxing oils in the morning, you will get an undesirable effect.

Tonic aromas: lemon, orange, bergamot, pine, cedar, cajuput, rosemary. They will be a great start to the day, help you wake up and tune in to the working mood.

Soothing, relaxing fragrances: ylang-ylang, rose, lavender, cypress, sandalwood, juniper, chamomile, mint. They are best used at night, before bed.

Aphrodisiacs: ylang-ylang, jasmine, patchouli, rose, grapefruit, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom. These fragrances will help you tune in to a romantic mood and kindle feelings – use them when combing your hair before going out somewhere in the evening, and you will be guaranteed attention from the male sex.

It should be noted that it is better not to mix essential oils with each other unless you are sure of the result, as their aromas may not be combined with each other. Also, you can not use them at the same time as perfume. However, there are a number of stable combinations of aromatic oils that harmonize well with each other. For example, the combination of bergamot, marjoram and bergamot helps to relieve anxiety, ginger, peppermint, fir and pine will cheer you up.

Separately, I want to pay attention to lavender oil. It has the ability to relieve stress, headache, as well as accelerate hair growth. If you’ve never tried aromatherapy and don’t know where to start, try lavender essential oil. It can be bought at any pharmacy.

In any case, when choosing an oil, you should first of all be guided by your own preferences. Different people like different flavors, always follow your own taste. Aroma combing will help you always be in the mood, as well as improve the condition of your hair and even cope with many problems. This procedure is available to every woman, and is a wonderful inexpensive and natural alternative to salon care.

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