What is eyebrow lamination: description of the procedure

Lamination of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes – these procedures are heard by all fashionistas who are at least a little interested in modern beauty trends. In our earlier reviews, we talked about how you can laminate curls so that they look thick, healthy and well-groomed. Today, let’s talk about what is eyebrow lamination. After all, this is a cosmetic procedure no less popular and in demand among women of different ages.



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Key features

The main task of lamination is to give the eyebrows the density that is fashionable today, an aesthetically attractive appearance and to keep them in the desired shape for a long time. For the first time, this procedure was discussed in 2019. It is doubly pleasant that it appeared in Russia and very quickly became popular all over the world. And this is not surprising, because long-term “laying” goes to absolutely everyone. And it also frees you from the need to epilate eyebrows for a long period, and makes the whole image well-groomed.

Of considerable importance are: the availability of this cosmetic procedure in terms of price, minimal contraindications, the ability to do it in almost any salon, even in small towns.

First of all, lamination is indicated for women who have thin, unremarkable, asymmetrical or poorly growing eyebrows. It will also help ladies who have naughty curly hairs sticking out in different directions and constantly in need of correction. Thanks to lamination, you can make the desired width and fashionable bend of the eyebrows, arrange the hairs in any desired direction, and hide an unsuccessful tattoo. In this case, everything will look as natural as possible.


The procedure, performed in tandem with coloring, will make the image more vivid and harmonious. The most popular thing today is to dye your eyebrows to match your hair color. We talked about what shades will be in trend in 2023 in this review.

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How lamination is done in the cabin

We talked about what it is – eyebrow lamination. Now let’s look at the process “from the inside”. Note that 15-20 days before the visit to the salon, it is better not to touch the eyebrows at all. Including they do not need to be shortened and plucked, otherwise the result will be imperfect – the hairs that have not had time to grow will stick out.


  • Stage 1. The work begins with a discussion of the desired shape, width, direction of “laying”, as well as the color of staining, when it is also provided. If you decide on the procedure for the first time, ask the master about the possibility of testing the formulations to identify potential allergic reactions. It is also important to disinfect and clean the skin around the eyebrows.
  • stage 2. Next, the master lifts the hairs with a special tool, determines the desired direction for them, and applies a straightening solution. Thioglycolic acid in its composition opens the hair follicles, makes the eyebrows supple. At this stage, immediately after applying the product, it is important to attach the film to avoid unwanted contact with air.
  • Stage 3. After a few minutes, the film is removed from the eyebrows, and then the remains of the first solution are removed with a cotton swab. Then the second composition is applied – fixing. In fact, it “fixes” the hairs in the direction in which they are combed. All manipulations are performed quickly, step by step and take a strictly allotted amount of time.
  • Stage 4. Botox application. It helps the hair look smooth, healthy, well-groomed. At the same stage, it is worth applying paint if you decide to resort to staining as well.
  • Stage 5 Immediately after Botox, the fourth, final remedy is applied, which closes the hair scales. Next, with a special brush, the master removes the remnants of the solutions used in the work from the eyebrows. And in order to nourish the hairs with useful substances, you can additionally apply a composition with keratin to them. For example, it can be keratin mascara.


All manipulations by an experienced master will take about 1 hour. How long does the effect of brow lamination last? On average, from a month to one and a half. For the first 20 days, your eyebrows will look like you just stepped out of the salon. After three weeks, the funds will begin to gradually wash off. As soon as the eyebrows finally lose the desired shape, you can again sign up for the master.

Be prepared for the fact that during the procedure there may be a slight burning sensation, tingling, itching, redness. And after – even a slight swelling. But, if you believe the reviews, all this passes within a few hours.

When not to get brow lamination

From the description of the procedure, we proceed to the list of contraindications. Knowing about them is equally important so as not to harm yourself.

So, eyebrow lamination is contraindicated:

  • with eczema, excessive dryness of the skin, irritations;
  • in the presence of inflammation, rash and acne in the eyebrow area;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • with conjunctivitis, barley and other eye diseases;
  • in the presence of abrasions, bruises and scratches in the work area;
  • when detecting an allergy to the means;
  • during colds and antibiotics.

Like any other cosmetic procedure, lamination has its pros and cons. Among the first, the most obvious are: painlessness, accessibility, the ability to give the eyebrows any desired shape in just a few minutes. Among the minuses – a temporary effect and a high chance of damaging the hair with frequent visits to the salon. If the latter did happen, lamination will have to be abandoned for several months until the hairs are renewed.

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Since this manipulation is considered simple, it can be carried out at home. However, make sure you purchase quality products. It is not superfluous to consult with a specialist before doing something for the first time.

Eyebrow lamination is beautiful and very fashionable. In the photos presented in our review, you could see what eyebrows are and how they are transformed before and after the procedure.

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