What is facial microneedling: features of the procedure

Facial microneedling is a trendy cosmetic procedure that has become incredibly popular over the past few years. And all thanks to the American reality TV star Kim Kardashian. It was she who became the first celebrity to advertise skin needling in a well-known social network. Of course, following Kim, millions of her followers wanted to try out the innovative procedure. So, facial microneedling – what is it? What benefits can this new beauty trend bring, does it have contraindications and what is the principle of action? We will answer these questions in today’s review.

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The principle of microneedling

The main purpose of the procedure is to deliver nutrients to the deep layers of the skin, as well as activate the processes of cell rejuvenation and regeneration, and collagen production. As we have already noted, the effect does not occur at the level of the epidermis, but much deeper, where usually cosmetics simply do not reach. This is how cosmetologists explain the high efficiency and, as a result, the popularity of microneedling in the beauty industry.

The procedure is performed as follows. A serum, gel or cream with a rich composition is applied to the cleansed skin, which may include antioxidants, vitamins, coenzyme, hyaluronic, lactic, glycolic, kojic acids and other useful substances. After that, the needling begins. Literally, the process is translated as “piercing” or “dissection”. A tool called a mesoscooter is used by a specialist in the face. As a result, thousands of micro-punctures of different depths are simultaneously formed on the skin. On average 1.5-2.5 mm. Through them, the useful components of the cream / gels / serum and penetrate into the dermis.

You can do microneedling on absolutely dry, clean skin, that is, without the use of additional products. In this case, the regenerative processes are launched independently, as provided by the body. At the same time, a large amount of elastin and collagen is naturally produced. In other words, controlled microtraumas contribute to rejuvenation and improvement of the skin condition. Before and after photos clearly demonstrate how effective facial microneedling is.

In addition to Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston willingly do skin needling. The procedure is also popular among Russian celebrities and bloggers.

What problems can microneedling solve?

In cosmetology, needleling is considered a gentle procedure. Often it is recommended instead of other, more radical methods of rejuvenation. At the same time, the list of aesthetic flaws that the mesoscooter helps to solve is quite impressive. We list the main positions:

  • long-term and freshly appeared scars and scars after acne;
  • enlarged pores, greasy shine;
  • increased dryness of the skin;
  • mimic, age, superficial and deep wrinkles;
  • “floated” oval of the face;
  • increased sweating – hyperhidrosis;
  • loose skin, loss of tugur, dull, uneven complexion;
  • “crow’s feet” around the eyes;
  • keratinization and thickening of skin areas – keratosis;
  • the first signs of aging;
  • bags and bruises under the lower eyelid;
  • the presence of a second chin;
  • the procedure will also save from pigmentation, including age.

Positive results can be seen after the first visit to a specialist. If you carefully read the reviews, it becomes clear that microneedling is an almost painless procedure. And it is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and skin type. Only a small percentage of people experience minimal discomfort during the process. But this problem is easily solved by applying an anesthetic gel to the skin.

According to cosmetologists, in order to achieve a pronounced anti-aging effect, an average of 3-5 procedures will be needed. They are made once a week. The price of a session may vary depending on the region and the prestige of the salon. In addition to the face, microneedling can be done in the neck and décolleté area, on the abdomen, and thighs. Feedback on these parts of the body is also positive.

Microneedling is also good because it has a short rehabilitation period, which is especially important in the modern rhythm of life.

Contraindications and features of skin care after the procedure

Despite all the benefits, there are a number of do’s and don’ts to follow after you do a skin needling. It is forbidden:

  • paint for at least one day;
  • go to the bath and sauna for 5-6 days;
  • sunbathing, being exposed to direct sunlight;
  • take a hot bath for 2-3 days;
  • use sunscreen;
  • refer to other cosmetic procedures for the face until complete recovery;
  • two weeks it is forbidden to use alcohol-containing cosmetics.

As for contraindications, microneedling should not be done:

  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • with exacerbation of chronic diseases and the presence of acute infectious processes;
  • with diabetes and autoimmune diseases;
  • with problems with blood clotting;
  • with rosacea;
  • with oncology and the appearance of neoplasms;
  • in the presence of a large number of moles, unhealed wounds, burns, hematomas, inflammation in the treated area.

At home, microneedling is also not prohibited. To do this, it is enough to purchase a special device. However, the depth of the puncture in this case will not be the same as after a professional tool.

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Skin needling is a procedure that is preferably done in a salon under the supervision of a specialist.

We told you what it is – facial microneedling. But what will be its price and how effective it will be for solving your particular problem, check with the master.

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