What is fashionable to wear a leather jacket in 2021

Many women love leather jackets, but not everyone knows what is best to wear them with in 2021. There are actually a lot of options, so we decided to make it easier for you and give examples of the most successful images.

Fashionable leather jackets 2021

To begin with, let’s see what made us happy in 2021, and what models of jackets will be in trend. The most stylish jackets:

  • Biker jacket. The most popular, somewhat daring, but very effective jacket. It easily fits into a very large number of images, but more on that below.

  • Shortened. It is suitable for the warmer season, and can be used as a cape.

  • oversize. This includes a symmetrically enlarged jacket and a model with voluminous sleeves. Wearing an oversized leather jacket is best with fitted trousers to balance the look.

  • Jacket-vest. This model is completely sleeveless, so you can show others the clothes that are under it.

  • With a belt. Another rather original model worth your attention. With the help of a belt, the waist is emphasized and the figure acquires the correct shape.

In addition, jackets with different accessories are very popular this season. Feel free to buy models decorated with clasps, chains, rhinestones, rivets and fringes.

Fashionable images with a leather jacket 2021

Now we are moving on to the most interesting part of the article, where we will discuss what can be combined with a leather jacket for girls in 2021? Stylish and original, this thing fits into almost any image. She complements restrained images, dilutes gentle ones, emphasizes bold ones.

The first image that we want to show you is one of the most commonly used. It includes jeans, then a T-shirt, T-shirt, blouse or top as a top, sneakers, and a jacket. A very simple, but at the same time stylish and versatile outfit with a leather jacket, which can be worn by a girl in her 20s, and a woman in her 50s.

If desired, you can create a leather total bow. You can see a good example of a combination of khaki leather trousers and leather jackets in the photo. Stylish loafers complete the look, as well as a bag with rigid shapes.

Another example is a leather jacket and trousers as part of a suit. Pay attention to the shoes – they are rough, like men’s, which looks very original.

A leather jacket can be worn with trousers that have stripes and sneakers. This look belongs to the sport chic style that is very popular this year. For greater effect, complete it with accessories – a bag and glasses.

Leather jacket and culottes are beautifully and originally combined. This image is suitable as an outfit for the office, because it looks very restrained. You can complement it with sandals or shoes, as well as accessories.

The combination of shorts and leather jackets also has the right to exist, and you can be sure that it looks great. Shorts in such an image can be taken with a high waist, tucking a T-shirt into them, and patent leather ankle boots as shoes. A leather jacket will look no less stylish with denim shorts.

How to match a skirt or dress with a leather jacket

In the spring and summer of 2021, women can wear a leather jacket with dresses and skirts. Images of this type are very interesting, and you can see for yourself by looking at the photos.

As an example, an image where everything looks perfect. A mini-length skirt, a sweater, boots and a leather jacket, casually thrown over the shoulders, complements all this. A handbag and glasses are indispensable accessories that make the look complete. A leather jacket looks no less successful with a denim skirt.

A pleated skirt is another piece that pairs wonderfully with a leather jacket. The components of this image are so dissimilar that their combination seems impossible. But you can see for yourself that this bow looks very interesting. At the same time, you can take different shoes here – sandals, boots, shoes or sneakers.

Nothing prevents you from wearing a leather jacket with a tulle skirt and rough sneakers. This image is suitable for a young girl, and for a woman in her 40s. Don’t forget to accessorize it to look stunning.

For a more formal look for the office, a combination of a leather jacket and a pencil skirt is suitable. The most suitable top here is a blouse or shirt, and take pumps as shoes. It turns out the classic image of a real lady.

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Dresses are also very easy to combine with a leather jacket, because a dress of almost any style will suit such an image. Take a look at how the combination of leather, sneakers and a free-cut long dress looks like. As accessories, a tote bag and glasses are presented here.

The lingerie style has recently gained great popularity, so pay attention to one more actual image. A jacket decorated with accessories can be worn with a satin dress with lace. Complete it all with heeled sandals – and a stunning bow is ready!

We hope that after reading this article and viewing the photos, no woman will ever have a question about what to wear a leather jacket with in 2021. There are a lot of interesting options, so this season it is definitely worth buying a leather jacket.

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