What is fashionable to wear a long skirt in the summer of 2021

What to wear with a long skirt in the summer of 2021? To create a stylish bow, you need to successfully combine the elements of clothing. We will help with this by presenting up-to-date information about fashion trends in this article. Read and use.

The best skirt models in 2021

Designers offer women many variations: from straight traditional to lush, multi-tiered, sewn from the finest lightweight fabrics. It makes you want to buy yourself a new thing from this rich assortment! Let’s highlight the options that you should pay attention to first. They are suitable for different occasions, will become the basis for creating a fashionable image.


As a rule, it is sewn from light fabric. Combines with almost everything. Especially suitable for women with large hips. The folds hide the forms, make them graceful. Fashionable long skirt of this cut is suitable for daily wear.

Straight cut model

These skirts look elegant and at the same time businesslike. Sometimes they are combined with elements of clothing of a free or sports style. Long straight-cut skirts are worn with blouses and cute blouses, as well as with hoodies and sweatshirts.


This type of skirt flares out at the bottom. Its plus is that it “sits” well on any figure. A-line skirt is included in the fashion trends for the summer of 2021. Feel free to buy this model. It favorably emphasizes the figure, goes well with elements of clothing of different styles.

Fitted in soft jersey

The model is very popular, in demand for several seasons in a row. Suitable for creating an evening dress, it looks elegant, even elegant.


Originally tailored skirt does not go out of fashion. Wearing this long skirt in the summer of 2021 is still relevant. It is indispensable when creating complex images.

How to create a fashionable look with a long skirt in the summer of 2021

Having several basic models in your wardrobe, you will always know what to wear. Competently arranging things, you can create images for different occasions.

When creating an image, remember that a fashionable bow should:

  • fit your body type
  • consist of elements that are in harmony with each other in color;
  • be comfortable to wear.

There are generic options. For example, you can wear a long pleated skirt in the summer of 2021 with almost everything. T-shirts of a regular cut, blouses, blouses with ruffles look good with her. A fitted, solid-colored top will accentuate the curves of the figure, while the appearance will seem restrained. Complete the look with heels. The outfit is appropriate for going to work, walking, meeting with friends, social events.

We recommend purchasing several shirts. They are relevant not only for business, but also for a romantic image. Shirts are suitable for both pleated skirts and straight-cut models. You can experiment with asymmetric.

A long denim skirt is also appropriate to wear in the summer of 2021. This option is suitable for everyday use, as well as for walking. Can be combined with cropped T-shirts and tops, knitted T-shirts. A cap or a small hat will complement the walking look.

Lace blouses and blouses made of light fabrics look great with long skirts. If the bottom is plain, then pick up a bright, original top. For a colorful skirt, black and white blouses will be good. For a small family holiday or dinner at a restaurant, you can go in a jacket with a boat neckline. It is combined with a long skirt, emphasizes the femininity of the image.

A straight-cut model made of lightweight fabric should be paired with a shirt or sleeveless top. From shoes to this outfit, sandals at low speed are suitable. The image will be romantic and emphatically feminine.

A tight-fitting long skirt should be complemented with a sheer elongated blouse or T-shirt, in which one shoulder falls off. The top with a “boat” neck will also fit. The elegant look is completed with a hat and heeled shoes.

The summer season sometimes surprises with coolness. If the weather conditions are not encouraging, a jacket will save you. We advise you to pay attention to elongated styles and oversize. With skirts, fashionable velvet products look great.

You can complement the image with a vest made of knitwear or jeans. Such an element of clothing will make the outfit stylish, youthful.

We select shoes

Beautiful shoes will complete the look. Long skirts do not completely hide it, it is visible, so it is also important to pay attention to the selection. We suggest purchasing several pairs so that you can choose the right options for different situations.


Modern fashion trends allow you to wear them with skirts of any style and length. This combination can also be seen among visitors to social events. Sneakers make the image trendy, modern. Comfort is an added bonus.

flat sandals

A classic that always looks good. Sandals do not weigh down the image, they give the impression of lightness and femininity. The absence of heels has a positive effect on the level of comfort. Sandals in combination with long skirts are appropriate to wear to work, a walk, or a trip.

Pointed Toe Shoes

Great option for an event. Suitable for models with and without heels. Shoes with pointed toes can be attributed to shoes made in a classic style. They make the image attractively feminine and elegant.

Now you know what to wear with a long skirt in the summer of 2021, a photo of examples will help you understand what a holistic look looks like.

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