What is fashionable to wear a pantsuit in 2021

What to wear with a pantsuit in 2021 – this question is faced daily by thousands of women who have chosen this practical and very stylish type of clothing. Pants and a jacket are already a fairly self-sufficient tandem, however, requiring additional details. Let’s take a closer look at the issue of creating fashionable images with a trouser suit.

Fashionable images with a trouser suit 2021

Despite the fashionable trend to wear a jacket on a naked body, it is hardly possible to go to work or a walk in this form. Such a mega stylish and attractive look is more suitable for making up an evening outfit or a romantic date. In everyday life, you will have to choose something more restrained, but no less stylish and attractive.

We offer several fashionable options for what to wear a suit with in 2021, composing images in different styles and with different moods.

What to wear under a jacket

  • A classic cut shirt is the perfect complement to any trouser suit. Especially when it comes to creating an image in a business style. The most winning and spectacular combination is a black suit and a white shirt. Unbutton a few top buttons, so a strict bow will become lighter and more relaxed.

  • Straight cut blouse without additional decorative elements in the form of ruffles and frills. Chiffon and silk blouses in delicate nude or vice versa, rich dark shades look fashionable, stylish and very attractive with a trouser suit.

  • High neck golf is an excellent choice in the off-season and in winter. Contrasting monochromatic models without additional details will look best.

  • A T-shirt with an interesting inscription and a well-chosen neckline will perfectly complement a fashionable bow with a suit.

  • A crop top in tandem with a suit makes for a very interesting and original look. Especially if you have a good figure, and you are ready to show it to others. When choosing a top, give preference to high-waisted trousers (so that the navel is hidden from prying eyes). Remember that the line between sexuality and vulgarity is very thin, be careful!

  • T-shirt in linen style in recent seasons is very popular. Delicate and feminine version, made of silk on thin straps, decorated with lace, perfectly combined with rather strict and slightly masculine lines of a trouser suit. Use this shirt when you want to move away from strictness and give the image extra softness.

  • A bralet or bustier is one of the latest 2021 fashion trends that can be safely worn with a pantsuit for a stylish look. This option is unlikely to be used for going to work. But it will be just perfect for meeting with friends, going on a date or a social event.

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What shoes to choose

It will not come as a surprise to anyone if we say that with a trouser suit it is not necessary to wear elegant ankle boots or strict pumps. Modern fashion is so democratic that you can create a stylish look with almost any pair of shoes, choosing a fashionable pair depending on the season and your own preferences.

According to fashion trends for 2021, you can wear a pantsuit with both elegant pumps and sneakers. At the same time, the same set of trousers and a jacket can give a different mood to fashionable bows.

  • Sandals without a heel are perfectly combined with suits. The ideal combination can be obtained with short pipes or rather long and wide flares.

  • Heeled sandals are a great addition to the look. Modern models most often have an elegant ankle strap. In this case, the ideal option would be straight, tight trousers of such a length that there is a free gap between the strap and the bottom of the leg.

  • Sneakers, sneakers, slip-ons – such shoes allow you to create a casual look in a casual style with a trouser suit. Choose trousers in discreet tones, classic or skinny cut – you will look just great.

  • Loafers and oxfords allow you to make the most successful tandem with a suit. Depending on the model and color of the shoes, you can create both a fairly serious business look and a laid-back practical bow.

  • Pumps have always been worn in tandem with pantsuits, and 2021 fashion will be no exception. These shoes are versatile and will easily fit into the image with both straight, skinny trousers and flared ones. An elegant pair of stiletto heels make the bow seductive and very feminine.

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  • Mules – this version of shoes is very popular with stylists. And for good reason, because they are quite practical. The mules can easily fit into a discreet set with a three-piece suit, as well as a less traditional look with wide trousers and an oversized jacket.

  • Ankle boots and low boots in the autumn-spring season easily fit into tandems with trouser suits. If we are talking about models with heels, then they can easily fit into any look, while for flat soles, casual style models are best suited.

You should not combine trousers with boots, and even more so, tuck the legs into the bootleg!

We hope that now you have no doubts about what to wear with a pantsuit to look fashionable and stylish in 2021, and our photo examples will help you find the perfect look for all occasions.

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