What is fashionable to wear a turtleneck in 2020

What to wear with a turtleneck for a woman in the 2020 season in order to get into trends as accurately as possible? You no longer have to rack your brains over winning combinations, because all the best ideas have already been collected in this article!

Top combinations

With a dress

To extremely stylishly wear a turtleneck, you can make her a fashionable company from a dress. Are you afraid to make a mistake when drawing up such an extraordinary image? In this case, you can stick to basic combinations, for example, a combination of a solid color badlon and the same dress with a V-neck. In the 2020 season, the smell cut is incredibly popular, which perfectly slims and corrects the figure – this is what you can take into service!

At the heart of your stylish experiments can be a dress with asymmetry on one shoulder. It seemed that such a model has no place in the image for the cold season, but warm knitwear can give her a chance for a major role in a fashionable bow.

The basic badlon also looks great paired with a leather dress, a light slip, a model with straps or a light flying top layer. In the 2020 season, a fashionista can also use an interesting play of prints in her bows. For example, a black turtleneck is now relevant to wear with a feminine dress with a floral motif on a dark background.

With a sundress

If you want to look fashionable in 2020, feel free to wear a turtleneck in trendy layered ensembles. So, a stylish example is the combination of a badlon paired with a sundress. In this case, the top layer can be presented with a print. For example, in the 2020 season, you can create a fashionable look from a plain turtleneck and a sundress in a checkered print, in which the color of the lower layer will appear. This bow can be successfully complemented with ankle boots with a stable heel, rough boots or high boots.

A fashionable solution would also be a combination of a knitted bottom layer along with a leather sundress – such textures look very harmonious in one ensemble. If you are afraid that it will turn out “too much”, keep a single restrained palette in the image.

With trousers

It would seem that there could be something new and interesting in the combination of a badlon with trousers. But such a familiar duet will literally sparkle with fresh colors if you take bright contrasting colors as its basis. Moreover, no one forbids you to use juicy and invigorating shades in the cold season – such an experiment is the shortest way to create an interesting and stylish look.

With a short skirt

Many girls refuse to wear short skirts, as they accuse them of being too frank and vulgar. However, stylists are well aware of how to negate such a negative effect of mini length. The whole secret lies in the combination with a discreet solid top. As you may have guessed, the turtleneck suits this role perfectly. If you want your legs to look incredibly long in this look, complete it with matching high-heeled shoes and tights.

With printed midi skirt

With a basic plain turtleneck, a priori, a stylish midi skirt, presented with a current animalistic, geometric or floral motif, will also look good. As for the most stylish style, in the 2020 season, a flared cut with a high waistline claims this role. In such a skirt, you can safely tuck a turtleneck in a harmonious shade and look trendy.

A turtleneck promises to look no less advantageous with a pleated skirt – a model that has not lost momentum in popularity for a record long time.

If you want to embody an emphatically stylish and cool bow, bet on a leather skirt – another unconditional must-have of the 2020 season.

With a jumper

The fashion trends of the 2020 season also suggest wearing a turtleneck with a favorite jumper – according to this principle, the most cozy and warm bow of the year is created. If you wish, you can replace the jumper with a knitted vest, sweatshirt or hoodie – with such additions, you will also be guaranteed to hit the trends!

With overalls

We have another win-win fashion look in store for you in the 2020 season. The secret to success is simple – put on a turtleneck and overalls on top, and in conclusion, unbutton a little more buttons than usual. That’s all – you can’t take your eyes off of you! Oh yes! – You also need to wear shoes. Stylists suggest that for such an outfit you can’t think of a better addition than lace-up boots or ankle boots with a stable square heel.

With top

In the 2020 season, fashionistas who are not afraid of the attention of others combine crop tops with literally everything from T-shirts to shirts. Of course, the girls did not deprive the attention of cozy turtlenecks. Of course, the combination of such a thing with a top (ideally leather) is not a technique for everyone, but the most advanced readers will certainly take it into service.

With a cardigan

There is nothing unusual in the combination of a badlon and a cardigan, but it still conquers many girls with its practicality and obvious convenience. In the 2020 season, stylists recommend betting on a voluminous top and choosing straight jeans or trousers as a bottom.

According to the principle of layering, it is also allowed to wear a turtleneck for obese women – only it is better for them to balance the proportions with the help of the final belt or belt at the waist. Such an accessory will make the silhouette more feminine and fit.

With a jacket

Another extremely fashionable example of layering is the combination of a jacket or blazer with a turtleneck. Such a tandem looks cozy and elegant – what you need for everyday or office ensembles.

To make the duet with a jacket and a turtleneck more interesting, you can complement it with a pendant with a pendant – a stylish accent that is actively used by fashionistas in 2020.

If you intend to add a stylish peppercorn to such a duo, you can take a turtleneck in a cropped cut as its basis – it is also at the peak of popularity in 2020 season.

Another trendy idea is to use a top layer with a trendy print, such as checks or stripes. You can also create a combo of bright contrasting layers – it looks very stylish!

Under the condition of monochrome, you can also recoup on an extraordinary cut of the components of the image.

With pantsuit

As part of office fashion, combinations of turtlenecks with trouser suits look great. The stylish trends of the 2020 season suggest that beige, pearl and gray turtlenecks are now at the peak of popularity – these models, thanks to their elegant, restrained design, fit perfectly even into a strict dress code.

Together with a pantsuit in 2020, you can implement another stylish trick, namely the addition of a leather belt to the jacket. Such an accessory will create an emphasis on the waist and make the image more fashionable and stylistically complete.

With a shirt

Still experimenting with stylish layering? In this case, we suggest you create a fashionable autumn look, which will be based on the duet…

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