What is fashionable to wear a white fur coat in winter 2022

In the winter of 2022, a white fur coat will take a leading position in the collections of leading brands, so it is not surprising that many women are interested in the question of what will be fashionable to wear this outerwear. Designers offer fashionistas many interesting and stylish options.

What styles of fur coats are in fashion in winter 2022

This season, faux fur models will be in trend. Plush fur coats of different styles will be the favorite of the winter of 2022. Eco-fur, which is used for sewing this outerwear, is not inferior in quality to natural materials. However, fur coats made of arctic fox, mink and sable have not completely gone out of fashion yet.

Let’s explore which models will be in trend this winter:

  • Bat. In appearance, such a fur coat resembles a shortened cape. This versatile model is great for creating different outfits. Beautifully complement the image of a stylish belt, elegantly emphasizing a thin waist.

  • Flared. This classic model looks very effective, helping to create feminine and elegant looks. Women with different body types will be able to wear a flared white fur coat in the winter of 2022.

  • Sleeve ¾. This season, such a fur coat will return to fashion again. This model is perfect for creating an evening and festive look. A harmonious addition to the stylish outfit will be bright long gloves.

  • Hooded. For a cold winter, this model is simply irreplaceable. A beautiful hood will not only warm you in the cold, but also become a very original decorative element. The model will look good with any clothes. The top of 2022 will be the original white fur coats with a hood of a different shade.

  • Elongated. Not only short models will be in fashion. Stylists recommend wearing an elongated white fur coat in the winter of 2022 with leggings, jeans, dresses and skirts. This model will perfectly fit into any image, adding to it elegance and grace.

  • Colored. Leading brands like to combine white with other shades (black, brown, gray). The real hit of the season will be leopard and tiger models.

To understand what white fur coats will be in trend this winter, fashionistas can use our photo selection.

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What is fashionable to wear a white fur coat in winter 2022

A white fur coat harmoniously combines with clothes and shoes of various styles, so it will perfectly fit into a casual, youth, business and evening look. Consider what stylists advise wearing this stylish outerwear in 2022:

Idea #1

A white fur coat will help to dilute the basic winter wardrobe. Wear it with this season’s favorite skinny jeans and a knitted sweater for an interesting casual look. Felt hat and cowboy-style suede boots will elegantly complete the stylish outfit.

Idea #2

A white plush fur coat will help to harmoniously complement a business look in the cold season. Spectacular outerwear will make a fashionable bow less formal and strict. To make the winter look more interesting, you should choose the right accessories. With a classic black and white blouse, large pearl beads will look good, and a beautiful leather belt will emphasize the waist.

Idea #3

In a stylish dress, even in winter, women of fashion will be able to look feminine and romantic. An interesting and sophisticated look will result from the combination of a white fur coat and a red long dress. Contrasting outfit looks very impressive. Such a fashionable outfit is suitable for any occasion: a romantic date, a formal event, a meeting with friends.

Idea #4

Winter favorites will be monochrome images. Creating such a stylish bow with a white fur coat is very simple. A knitted trouser suit and high boots with embossed soles, matched in the same color as the outerwear, will help women of fashion not to freeze in the cold season. Sunglasses and a trendy bag will elegantly decorate a stylish look.

Idea #5

A white fur coat and a pencil skirt are a great combination to have in your casual or dressy look. In this dress, every woman will look cute and gentle. When choosing shoes for such an outfit, stylists advise paying attention to winter sneakers that are fashionable this season.

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Idea #6

Women who think that a black and white combination of clothes will look boring and not fashionable are mistaken. In the winter of 2021-2022, outfits made of textured and contrasting materials are in trend. Therefore, a voluminous and fluffy fur coat, worn with tight-fitting leather trousers, will look very unusual. This combination of things is found in many collections of leading designers.

Idea #7

A white fur coat, warm leggings, a knitted sweater and a long bright scarf are a great solution for a cold winter. To make an interesting accent in the image, it is better to choose an accessory of a different shade (red, burgundy, blue, light blue, orange).

Idea #8

A white fur coat is the perfect option for outerwear for an evening look. It can be safely worn with both sexy short and long dresses and elegant trousers. An interesting addition to the fashionable look will be the original headdress and red leather gloves.

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Tips on what it will be fashionable to wear a white fur coat in the winter of 2022 will be useful to every woman who wants to look bright and stylish.

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