What is fashionable to wear boots in 2020

In this article, we understand what is fashionable to wear boots in the 2020 season in order to get into trends as accurately as possible. A very useful note that will come in handy for every fashionista on the eve of cold weather!

Actual combinations


Most of the current boots of the 2020 season were presented in a wide style, which gives an excellent feeling of comfort and convenience. To fall in love with such models even more, we offer you to get acquainted with their excellent compatibility.

Knitted dresses are an indispensable basis of the autumn-winter wardrobe. If you are tired of combining such clothes with over the knee boots, feel free to change this term to wide loose boots – it will turn out very stylish!

Of course, in addition to knitted dresses, other models look advantageous in combination with these boots. For example, in the 2020 season, you can take on a pencil a pair with a wrap-around cut, a la trench or jacket variation, as well as oversized models and leather novelties.

Under wide boots, it would be appropriate to pick up a work-style overalls with a belt at the waist – such a duet will look incredibly cool! Just in case, we’ll clarify that at the same time it’s logical to tuck the legs into boots for a modern reading of the bow.

With such shoes, various models of skirts also look great – mini, midi, maxi, tight and loose models. If the choice falls on an elongated style, it makes sense to choose a top from a flowing texture so as not to weigh down the final image.

Paired with wide-top boots in 2020, you can also try on:

  • ready-made suit with a skirt,
  • blazer,
  • long cardigan,
  • pantsuit.

Gathered wide boots are a real must-have for the 2020 season, which triumphantly burst into all fashion collections. The latest hit is the combination of these shoes with trousers and jeans, mostly straight and slightly loose cut. At the same time, short girls adhere to a single palette when forming the bottom in the image. If you are tall, you can ignore this nuance and maintain a noticeable contrast between pants and shoes.


Tube boots are a real find for fashionistas who prefer versatile and practical trends. This model is distinguished by excellent compatibility and elegance.

Pipes feel great with oversized dresses, mini or midi skirts, elongated sweatshirts and hoodies, skinny jeans and loose cardigans.

Tube boots without a heel in the 2020 season are fashionable to wear in a duet with jeans or trousers. It will not be possible to fill such a bottom into every shoe, but with pipes it will definitely be possible to embody this fashionable technique. This combination will not only look stylish, but also make the legs visually more slender and graceful. A fashionista will also visually add height to herself if she maintains the monochrome principle of combining things in her image.

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This model of shoes was lit up among the current trends back in 2018, and since then it has not lost its momentum in popularity. Cossacks are perfect not only for autumn, but also for winter due to a comfortable fit and a stable heel.

The easiest way to wear Cossack boots is paired with basic jeans. As a top in this look, you can pretty experiment by choosing loose knitted cardigans, ponchos, sweaters, jackets and semi-adjacent turtlenecks.

Despite the fact that in the 2020 season it is customary to tuck in many trousers into boots, in the image with the Cossacks, you can ignore the new rule. It is still appropriate to wear such shoes with loose or straight trousers in a straightened form.

Such shoes are very organically combined with elements in the boho style. If you like this idea, you can safely complement your favorite Cossacks with denim, suede, fringe, ethnic prints and a natural palette. The best friend of the composed images will always be a touch of slight negligence.


Practical rubber boots with a light touch from top designers have turned into a beautiful and stylish trend. Many brands preferred not the laconic execution of such shoes, but its addition with a tractor sole, chains and buckles.

The fashion trends of the 2020 season suggest wearing women’s rubber boots with almost everything in your wardrobe, from jeans to loose romantic dresses. This year it is incredibly interesting to try ideas from fashion shows – where models wore rubber boots with straight trousers or with a pencil skirt. Inspired by the heroines of street style, you can combine new items with knitted dresses in a sporty direction.

As for outerwear to combine with such shoes, a raincoat, a trench coat, an elongated park or a loose windbreaker come to the fore. If you want to embody an extraordinary combination of styles, you can bet on neutral-colored boots – this is an excellent base for fashion experiments.

up to the knee

Wearing knee-high boots in 2020 is also allowed, despite the huge popularity of high pairs of shoes. The marked models will best reveal their beauty paired with elongated items – for example, dresses or a midi-length skirt. From outerwear it would be appropriate to pick up a cozy cape, poncho or coat.

The contrast of length in a fashionable look looks very interesting. To implement this technique, you can complement boots that almost reach knee level with a short skirt or shorts and elongated outerwear.

On the platform

In the 2020 season, fashionistas also fell in love with stylish boots on a tangible platform or wedge. The popularity of such models can be explained by the excellent convenience of a steady rise.

Wearing wedge boots is extremely simple – for a winning combination, it is appropriate to complement rough and bulky shoes with emphatically elegant components. For example, knit loose silhouettes in soft colors, flowy fabrics, feminine skirts and dresses, as well as pastel shades and floral prints will look great. The game of contrasts is now at the peak of popularity!

From outerwear with such shoes, a leather raincoat or a classic coat below the knee is guaranteed to make friends. In order not to overload the created images, you can dilute them with basic things like jeans or a turtleneck in neutral colors.


To create a fashionable look with over the knee boots, you can wear them with a short dress or skirt. At the same time, the top in the image should be kept in a closed and restrained design for the harmony of the image. For a romantic and feminine mood in an outfit, you can choose a model with puffy sleeves, frills, flounces or lace inserts.

If desired, a fashionista can replace a short dress with a stylish elongated sweater in a free cut. If you add such a thing with a solid shirt as the bottom component, it will take on a stylish layered expression.

Another stylish idea is to pair high boots with a blazer dress or jacket. The latter can be left in a free cut or …

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