What is fashionable to wear for women over 50 in 2023

Top designers, creating clothes for the spring-summer-very-winter seasons, have brought to life the motto of mature women. “I already know everything and still can do everything,” many of them say. In fashion for women over 50 in 2023, brightness, diversity and harmony rule the ball. We talk about fashion trends and stylish outfits for this age category of fashionistas.

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Trending items in 50+

For women over 50, fashion houses recommend betting on respectability. Be sure to take into account the features of the figure and color type. We present the main items of women’s wardrobe in a new reading.


This year it is worth preferring naturalness. In winter and late autumn, choose dense fabrics, in summer and warm spring – light, flying materials. Length – midi. It is she who allows you to achieve both a strict and feminine fashionable image. The styles should combine simplicity of lines and softness of forms. And no fancy decorations. The most stylish are safari dresses that are close to the military style. For fans of non-standard solutions, boho is ideal. Prints – simple floral motifs, vertical stripes, small and large checks.


An essential base for your wardrobe. Actual styles can be safely put on for walks, shopping, special occasions and in the office. Fabrics such as denim, knitwear, leather, linen, velvet, corduroy and tweed are in fashion. In trends, the flagship of the 90s is cargo. Features of this model are high waist, straight legs, large side pockets just above the knees.

Also in the top are trousers with large and small slits. They can be combined with blouses and sandals, with sweatshirts and ankle boots or sneakers, with cardigans and boots. In 2023, leather pants will be especially popular. Wide models will sparkle with new colors. It is recommended to pay attention to animal prints (as in the photo), feather trim and fringe decoration.


Fashion 2023 for women over 50 did not do without this deliberately feminine clothing. The trend is A-silhouette, pleated, year, asymmetry. In summer, skirts made of chiffon, satin and fine silk will come in handy. For cold weather, it is best to focus on denim, velvet, wool, knitwear, suit fabrics. Indispensable in the wardrobe will be pencil, trapeze, bell, straight classic, semi-sun, models with a single-layer peplum style. In addition to the average length just below the knee, maxi products are allowed.

Shirts and blouses

According to the suggestions of famous designers, women over 50 should wear masculine-style shirts in white or cream. Feminine blouses – with a bow or frills are also in fashion. At the peak of popularity and blouses made of chiffon and lace. You should not pass by models with a smell, with wide sleeves, an unusual collar. It is not necessary to remove the oversize far. Among the new products are semi-loose options for blouses and shirts that will not spoil the figure. You can wear them with a narrow bottom, for example, skinny trousers or a pencil skirt.


In 2023, fitted and even classic straight silhouettes should be abandoned in favor of voluminous oversized models. They are very comfortable, and they can also be combined with everyday and sports items, evening dresses. The trend is coats, bathrobes and the so-called quilts. Natural lining made of wool, cotton and silk is recommended for such models. Print – minimalist, with patchwork imitation, or with a vertical stripe.


When answering the question of what is fashionable to wear for women over 50 in 2023, we must not forget about the good old classics. Leather boots with a minimum of decor will never go out of style. They perfectly complement the images of elegant ladies over 50 years old. Matte on trendy positions, which means no lacquered shine. For summer, it is advisable to choose sandals on a small platform or wedges, ballet flats, light sneakers, mules, clogs, sandals or loafers.

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As for fashion accessories, leather bags and gloves, branded sunglasses, a string of natural pearls around the neck look elegant and expensive. It is not recommended to get involved in cheap jewelry.

Fashionable bows for women 50+

To look young and stylish will help not only perfectly tailored and sewn things, but also harmony in colors. Light green, sand, lilac shades will add freshness. Green and bright scarlet emphasize individuality. Black and dark brown will give clarity to the contours, mask the flaws of the figure.

Examples of stylish images.

  • Everyday. Cashmere coat + military-style low shoes, cropped jacket + uggs or low-cut boots. As accessories – scarves, scarves, hats and bags of large or medium capacity. For going to work – skirts or trousers in combination with blouses and jackets.

  • Festive. Chiffon, lace or satin dress with voluminous sleeves. Another option is a satin skirt + white shirt or jumper. A blazer with a fluffy skirt will look great at any festive event.

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  • Sports. Mature women will love sporty chic outfits. For example, sports trousers with stripes and a thin knitted elongated jumper to match the stripes.

Fashionable bows winter-summer 2023 for women over 50 is no reason to give up your favorite wardrobe items. Wear what you feel comfortable and enjoy. This year’s fashion is very democratic and easy to adjust.

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