What is fashionable to wear in the summer of 2019 for women: ideas for images

The summer trends of 2019 offer women to wear both simple things that were lying around in the wardrobe from past seasons, as well as fashionable novelties. Nevertheless, looking through the shows of the leading fashion houses, one can single out several main trends that have migrated to us from the past centuries and in this century are the pinnacle of the fashion Olympus. We will tell you about this and much more later in the article.


Top hot trends this summer

The trends of the summer season are full of both simplicity of images and complex design solutions at the same time. Therefore, in order to always stay on the “stylish wave”, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main fashion novelties of the summer of 2019. These include:

  • Plastic. In addition to transparent shoes and bags that are so fashionable today, designers offer girls to wear clothes made from this material. Unfortunately, this is not the most practical option for the summer heat, so flaunting a transparent skirt or over the knee boots every day is not worth it, but for a themed party it will be just right.

Spectacular things made of plastic

  • Fringe. This summer, it is considered the main fashion component, which can be present on almost all things and accessories, including those intended for daily wear.


[stextbox id=’info’]Important! This season, it is better to abandon the short in favor of the longest and most heavy fringe, which makes the image as a whole dynamic and rich.[/stextbox]

  • There can’t be too many pinks. Total look is now considered the main hit of summer 2019. Dressing from head to toe in all shades of pink is the dream of every girl, which, thanks to the fashion trends of this season, has come true.

Delicate pink

  • Varenki. Today, in the photo from most fashion shows, you can see that the denim segment is dominated by dumplings, which are back in fashion. These can be classic straight-cut or IOM models, as well as a variety of non-standard and baggy options.

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  • Shine. It should be present on all things in the form of sequins, glitter, lurex and other glossy textures, while filling the product partially in the form of an ornament or completely.

Glitter in all its glory

  • Pop art motives. Today, catchy inscriptions, cartoon characters and entire works of art have outdone floral and geometric patterns in their popularity.

Pop Art

  • Mix of ornaments and prints. Separately, prints are no longer as popular as together. The most fashionable are the simultaneous combinations of a leopard with pop art motifs, stripes with flowers and checks with peas in one outfit or a one-piece look.

Combination of prints and colors

Basic things for a fashionable summer wardrobe 2019

In addition to trendy clothes, you should also take care of everyday options that will not hinder movement and at the same time create an original image. Therefore, based on the advice of leading couturiers, we have made a selection of the most stylish and relevant items of the basic summer wardrobe. These include:

  • Classic white T-shirt. This is a flawless option that can be combined with almost everything, and at the same time create a beautiful and elegant look. The main advantage of this kind of products is their pleasant and soft texture, which is especially convenient in the summer heat.

White T-shirt

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The most trendy combination of summer is the combination of a white T-shirt with a bright printed sundress. Such a duet is very comfortable in everyday wear, and it suits both thin and full girls.[/stextbox]

  • Boyfriend jeans. They are considered a must-have this season and can be made in a simple version or in a complex design with a lot of decor.

boyfriend jeans

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! In addition to baggy boyfriends, stylists offer this summer to turn their attention to cropped jeans with hip flares.[/stextbox]

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  • Floral tops. Despite such a high popularity of pop art, floral prints are still in demand, especially on various models of tops. You can combine such a top with plain trousers of any style, a pencil skirt, sundresses and overalls.

Floral print

  • Chiffon sundresses and dresses. Translucent silhouettes create a delicate and exciting look. These products are just perfect for both everyday outfit and cocktail parties, and the variety of styles makes it possible for girls of any body type to choose their own version, including those with such a complex body type as an apple.

Light summer sundresses

  • Blouse with flounces and ruffles. It is a very versatile thing that is suitable for both everyday wear and for going to a formal event. In addition, such a blouse can not only be combined with jeans or trousers, but also create a total look fashionable today.

Blouses with ruffles

How to dress fashionably if already over 40?

Women over 40 can also dress stylishly and wear fashionable things. Therefore, based on the trends of the current season and the characteristics of this age, we have identified the top basic items for a summer wardrobe. These include:

  • Trousers. They must be made from natural fabrics. Mostly, high-waisted models with a straight cut or flared from the hip are welcome. But it is already better to refuse too tight-fitting styles.
  • Jeans. They can also become the basis for the formation of a daily look. As with trousers, in this case it is better to choose classic styles without unnecessary decor.

Jeans and a white shirt – a win-win option for women over 40

  • Skirts. The most popular today are considered to be various variations of pencil skirts, which, in their design, have moved far from office styles. As for the length, it can vary between 5-7 cm above or below the knee. Ultra-short mini and long maxi at this age are best avoided.
  • Dresses. In no case should they be shapeless. Give your preference to fitted options that emphasize the dignity of your figure. But without fanaticism, since the finished bow should be elegant, not vulgar.
  • Blouses and shirts. For a basic wardrobe, they must be white, as such products are very versatile, and the image with them looks more elegant. Do not refuse products with prints. They should not be too catchy and pretentious.

Fashionable look for women over 50

As for the wardrobe for women after 50, at this age it is better to pay attention to classic things without the decor in the form of frills or ruffles, which is so fashionable this year, as it will look simply ridiculous. When creating an image, the prerogative should be given to minimalism. To diversify the bow, bright contrasting jewelry and an original style bag will help.

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Fashion trends in 2019 offered women many new …

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