What is fashionable to wear jeans in 2022: top stylish looks

In 2022, original and trendy jeans should definitely appear in every woman’s wardrobe, because these versatile trousers are suitable for all fashionistas, without exception, regardless of their age, body shape and occupation.

What jeans are in fashion in 2022

This season, leading brands offer the fair sex a huge selection of spectacular, stylish and beautiful models – from everyday and office options to evening and youth sets. Consider which jeans will be in fashion in 2022:

  • Boyfriends. Practical and beautiful free-cut models will be the favorites of this season. Boyfriends are perfect to combine with both sportswear and elegant things in a business style.

  • Flare. After many years of leadership of tight-fitting models, designers returned to fashion flares. Pants with wide legs will be the main trend of 2022. Flared jeans will be fashionable to wear with completely different clothes.

  • Shortened. Such models look very beautiful on women’s legs, emphasizing graceful ankles. 3/4 and 7/8 lengths will be in fashion, so that every fashionista will be able to choose the option that suits herself.

  • High. High-waisted trousers will be in the top of your favorite models. These jeans are great for both slim and overweight women.

  • Low rise. Leading brands have decided that two completely opposite models will perfectly coexist on the catwalks in 2022. Stylists turn to the fashion of the 90s and invite girls to boldly create retro looks.

  • With decor. Jeans with bright elements will come into fashion: embroidery, rhinestones, patches, torn cuts, geometric and floral prints.

Our photo selection will help you better explore fashionable images with jeans.

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What is fashionable to wear women’s jeans in 2022

Versatile jeans go well with a variety of outfits. Therefore, designers recommend including these trousers in everyday, youth, business and evening bows. Let’s study what will be fashionable to wear jeans in 2022:

Option number 1 – jeans + t-shirt

This is the favorite combination of many fashionistas, because the result is not only stylish, but also very comfortable for summer outfit. You can wear skinny jeans with a trendy white t-shirt anywhere. This outfit is suitable for studying, meeting with friends or going to a club. A bow will turn out no less beautiful if you replace the T-shirt with a light T-shirt in linen style or a spectacular top. On a cool evening, you can complement the image with a trendy knitted cardigan in 2022.

Option number 2 – jeans + blouse

A spectacular blouse with voluminous sleeves is one of the main trends of this season. So, wearing it with stylish jeans, you can create a 100% fashionable bow. In such an elegant and feminine outfit, you can safely go to work, conduct business negotiations or attend a gala evening. Properly selected accessories – high-heeled shoes, jewelry and a bag will add a bright accent to the image.

Option number 3 – jeans + denim jacket

Any denim clothing mixes perfectly with each other, so this season’s fashionable denim jacket will perfectly fit into a casual look. This outfit will appeal to fashionistas who prefer a convenient and comfortable casual style, as well as street style clothes. In the cold season, designers suggest that women change from a denim jacket to leather clothing, and wear high-waisted jeans with a leather jacket and beanie hat.

Option number 4 – jeans + sweater

Stylish, comfortable, spectacular – these words can describe this fashionable combination. An outfit consisting of a warm sweater and original jeans is the best fit for a cold autumn. To make a fashionable bow more interesting, you should give preference to bright colors. Sweaters in burgundy, azure, blue, purple, yellow, orange tones will be in fashion. Sneakers and a stylish belt complete the look.

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Option number 5 – jeans + turtleneck

To look impressive and beautiful in the cold season, just wear flared jeans with a warm turtleneck and a blazer. The resulting bow will correspond to the retro style that has returned to fashion, and will remind you of the fashion of the 70s and 80s. Things in contrasting shades are best combined with each other. So a white turtleneck will add a refreshing touch to the look, especially in combination with a maroon blazer.

Option number 6 – jeans + trench coat

Lovers of sports, comfortable and casual clothes should pay attention to a stylish bow, consisting of a fashionable demi-season raincoat, loose-fitting jeans and a warm sweatshirt. In these clothes, every girl will feel comfortable, stylish and beautiful.

Option number 7 – jeans + coat

A win-win option for the cold season is a stylish outfit that includes jeans and a geometric print coat that is fashionable in 2022. A warm turtleneck, a knitted pullover or a trendy sweatshirt will fit perfectly into the image. Both high-heeled and low-heeled shoes are well suited to such a fashionable look.

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Women’s jeans are fully consistent with the main fashion trends of 2022 – beautiful, stylish, comfortable. In such clothes, every woman will feel confident in any situation.

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