What is fashionable to wear leather dresses

In 2020, leather dresses will continue to conquer women’s hearts, and this is not surprising, because fashion designers offer more and more interesting models to choose from. And we are ready to tell you what to wear them with this season. Go!

What leather dresses are in fashion today, and what to combine them with?

A leather dress is the trend of 2020 and a very self-sufficient thing. As a rule, it is used in everyday bows, but if necessary, it can also become part of an evening, romantic, seductive and even business look. The main thing here is to choose the right style. Fortunately, modern trendsetters provide us with just a huge choice. So what leather outfits are in trend today? Let’s figure it out.


A leather dress made of black matte or glossy texture is considered universal. It can be safely attributed to the basic wardrobe, and all thanks to the fact that combining this outfit with other things is quite simple.

  • For example, for a casual autumn or spring look, you can choose a discreet knee-length model, which will be complemented by low shoes or ankle boots of the same black color with a stable heel.
  • An evening look should be ennobled with shoes or stiletto sandals in black, red, silver, yellow and white shades.
  • As outerwear, a stylish laconic midi-length raincoat, or a cropped leather jacket of any calm shade, is suitable for a leather dress.
  • The most striking accent of such an image will be accessories. In particular, a red handbag or a large pendant with a metallic sheen – they will dilute the monochrome and make your bow less strict.


This year’s must-have is a beige leather dress. Stylists recommend wearing this delicate color if you want to give your image as much refinement and femininity as possible. After all, beige is a shade that can soften even such a brutal texture as leather, so be prepared for the fact that you will not be able to create a daring bow with a leather beige dress. And what is combined with such an outfit?

  • It is best to combine it with things and accessories in light shades. White is considered the safest option. Try on the look with white pumps and a white long jacket over a beige leather dress – you won’t regret it.
  • Also, a monochrome bow would be considered an excellent solution in this case. That is, a combination of a beige top with beige shoes (shoes or boots with heels). But, so that the things you wear do not merge too much, add accessories in other shades. For example, a black watch or a bracelet.
  • Brown things will decorate a beige leather dress very well. But here, when creating an image, it is important to strike a balance. That is, you should not tip the scales towards one specific color. The most stylish bow will turn out with a 50/50 shade ratio.
  • If you want to wear a beige leather dress for an evening reception, then a combination with black will help you out very well here. Complete your outfit with black stiletto heeled ankle boots, a black belt and a clutch for a sophisticated and elegant look.


An unforgettable expressive fashionable look can be created with the help of a leather dress made in red shades. Initially, such an outfit was meant for ceremonial exits, but modern women of fashion skillfully transferred it to the category of everyday ones. The dress itself, sewn in red, looks very catchy. Therefore, it should be skillfully combined with other elements of the wardrobe so that the bow does not turn out to be vulgar.

  • From outerwear to a red leather dress, stylists recommend wearing a beige coat or raincoat. This tandem is considered trendy and quite calm. If you want to surprise others with your bright look, put on a matching red leather cropped jacket over it.
  • Black accessories and shoes will look very bold and stylish with a red outfit. Boots, shoes, handbags, necklaces, bracelets, gloves, belts – all this will be the perfect finishing touch to your bright bow.

[tds_note]In addition to black and beige, red is well combined with white, dark gray and metallic shades. Just like black, they will be a good addition to a casual or evening look..[/tds_note]

With a wide skirt

The flared bottom leather dress is one of the top fashion trends for 2020. As a rule, this model is made in midi length, which allows it to be worn both for cocktail parties and for work. The discreet style of such an outfit does not imply creating an overly catchy image, so the presence of bright and luxurious accessories is not required here.

As for shoes, ideally they should be with heels. But not necessarily on a hairpin. So, it’s a good idea to combine a feminine dress with a bell skirt and brutal boots with thick square heels. If you are not against experiments, then try creating a bow with sports shoes. For example, light-colored sneakers with a flat sole.

And as outerwear, cropped fitted jackets are suitable here, as well as coats or trench coats that repeat the flared style of the outfit. If you choose a straight-cut top, then wear it wide open so that the dress itself can be seen.

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Dress shirt

A leather shirt dress is a very comfortable and popular model. Fashionistas love to wear it in office and casual bows. And there is nothing surprising here, because this thing is concise, simple, and perfectly combined with other basic elements of the wardrobe.

So, to create a classic look, add strict plain pumps to the outfit. They will look appropriate in an office setting. And for walking, dating or meeting with friends, a leather shirt dress can be complemented with woven accessories, such as a belt or bracelet, chains, a fringed bag, high boots made of soft textures or women’s oxfords. And as a special highlight, add a stylish cap to a fashionable bow.

With smell

A very feminine and modern fashionable look is obtained if you make it the basis of a leather wrap dress. And here, stylists recommend not to give preference to exclusively black options, despite all their popularity, but to pay attention to other popular colors. For example, brown, dark blue, burgundy, cream.

It is worth wearing such an outfit with high suede or satin over the knee boots, provided that the dress itself is mid-thigh length or higher. Such a tandem will make your bow incredibly seductive and playful. Ankle boots and low shoes will also look appropriate here. But sports-style shoes should be flatly abandoned. She will only spoil such a feminine outfit.

[tds_info]By the way, in fashion in 2020, wrap dresses are not only mini-length, but also maxi. From the side, they resemble a long coat or trench coat. Choose a fitted style – it is better …

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