What is fashionable to wear rubber boots in the fall of 2021

Today, our stylish guide is dedicated to the topic: What to wear with rain boots in the fall of 2021. For you, we have collected the most relevant tips from the catwalks and recommendations from designers.

Fashionable rubber boots 2021

Let’s take a quick look at the trends. As it turned out, “garden” and “mountain” shoes became the centerpiece in the autumn wardrobe of fashionistas. Here is a list of current trends:

  • Boots with laces. You can buy very similar to leather, only with a contrasting sole, or translucent models. Wear colorful socks underneath.

  • Transparent. A lot of transparent boots are sold immediately with a pair of stylish socks. Shoes with stripes on the sides and socks with inscriptions look original, as in the photo.

  • metallic. Space is everywhere, and even “on the feet”. In the fall of 2021, designers suggest wearing rubber boots with a space explorer outfit.

  • Bright. Something that will give a good mood in gray weather. Combine with the same non-trivial images.

  • Heels. Eminent fashion houses presented a lot of similar models. Apparently, the eco-activism hype prompted them to take this step.

  • Matte. The famous brand Bottega Veneta has released boots made from biodegradable polymer. By this, the designers launched a fashion for a matte texture.

  • Bicolor. The boots will go with several outfits, from casual neutrals with a pastel base color to colorful ones.

  • With prints. There are models with drawings of flowers, animals, leaves, birds, insects, landscapes, watercolor stains and even fire.

  • On a massive sole. Absolute novelty for 2021. For sure, this is the most practical trend, because tractor shoes can protect you from deep puddles.

  • Short. Rubber Cossacks? Yes Yes! Perfectly fit into the images with a jacket-leather jacket and jeans.

How to wear rubber boots to look stylish in 2021

First, we want to give a couple of tips on choosing rubber boots. First, shoes should be bought one size larger than yours. Secondly, now such boots are made from different types of rubber. It is better to focus on vulcanized rubber, natural rubber and synthetic rubber, as well as polyurethane foam rubber. The latter, by the way, is the lightest and most durable. What to wear with such shoes? Look further.


You can wear high rubber boots in the fall of 2021 with shorts. Add a sweater and a raincoat to them. This is the game of contrasts. The shorts bring us back to the summer evening, while the top adapts to the cold.

Suitable rubber boots and suits with breeches. For example, with this checkered outfit they look very beautiful. At work, shoes can be replaced with loafers or pumps.

To look like a Dane in a country cottage, put on a white T-shirt, tie a tie-dye sweater around your shoulders, and down – fun yellow polka-dot shorts and multi-colored rubber boots.


We liked the set with a delicate floral dress and simple black boots. The accent of the image is a soft bag with a tiger print. In the cold, add a long jacket and warm tights – now you will not freeze.

A stylish shirt dress also looks good with rubber boots. A leather sundress or a shirt under a dress will be a great alternative to traditional office suits.

Another extraordinary bow is a quilted bustier dress, a checkered shirt and wide boots.


In general, doctors advise buying models with a special fabric lining so that the legs do not sag. Fashionistas have replaced this device with stylish socks.

Massive boots look beautiful in combination with high leggings. Complete the set with oversized clothing. For example, a jacket or sweater. Under the jacket, you can wear an elongated shirt.

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Coat or trench coat

The most autumn attribute is outerwear. A fashionable look can be created with a quilted or cashmere coat. Chelsea-style boots come here too. A classic top with a pencil skirt and a white shirt, and rubber shoes on the feet.

An outfit consisting of white rubber boots, a knitted suit with an ornament, a silver sheepskin coat and a large clutch will be creative.

For a moment, a striped dress, red hunters and a beige cape will help to visit London. As for trench coats, take a look at the large styles.


Combine short boots of a “flashy” shade with skinny jeans and a warm sweater. Fashion has returned to tucked-in pants into boots. In this case, you need to choose wide models of trousers and loose shoes.

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Form a stylish bow with a long jacket and high boots, as the girl in the frame does. Street style stars also like to combine rubber shoes with jackets. For example, wear leggings with a white T-shirt with a leather jacket. To him a fashionable bag on a massive chain.

Long hoodie

Let’s take this girl as an example. She created a functional and interesting look with a warm mustard-colored sweatshirt and patent leather boots with a stable heel. The lady did not forget about high socks.

Replace your shoes with wide boots and add a baseball cap – the actual outfit for a country holiday is ready.

You have just looked at a fresh photo selection of ideas on what to wear with rubber boots in the fall of 2021. We hope our article was able to convince you that such shoes can become a stylish companion for the rainy season.

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