What is the length of trousers in fashion 2021

It seems hard to imagine your life without fashionable trousers made of comfortable fabric, comfortable length and fit, and in 2021 designers have introduced even more of these models. Therefore, in order to understand the novelties of the season, we have prepared a small guide on trendy styles.

What is the length of trousers in fashion 2021

Back in the 19th century, it was hard to imagine that a woman would appear in public in trousers. They “belonged” only to the male part of the population. War, crisis, the desire for comfort and much more prompted famous movie stars to go against popular opinion. So the era of the popularization of trousers came, and Yves Saint Laurent consolidated this trend at the show in 1962. Then new images of strict trouser suits and a stylized military uniform were presented.

Women fell in love with the convenience and comfort of trousers so much that new models were invented, there was a transformation in length and cut. We suggest you find out what length of trousers will be fashionable in 2021 right now: before you are photos of the new designer collections of Valentino, Armani Privé, Alexandre Vauthier, Fendi, etc.

But this is just a photo from the shows. And how to wear and correctly combine fashionable trousers of different lengths in everyday looks, we will show right now.

“To the floor”

The longest models that can only be are floor-length trousers. And they are flared, straight, narrowed. The latter are quite rare, since wearing them, let’s say, is not very convenient. What models of floor-length trousers are fashionable to wear in 2021?

  • Men’s style wide leg trousers. When Marlene Dietrich created masculine-style trousers, the mayor of Paris forced her to leave the city. And the reason is too outrageous appearance. And now – this is one of the popular types of trousers that will suit women of medium height and, of course, tall girls. Also, they should be chosen by everyone whose figure is distinguished by narrow shoulders and wide hips.

  • Palazzo. Very wide trousers and very long trousers. They are made from light flowing fabrics that form soft folds, but at the same time retain the beauty of the style. Best of all, of course, palazzos are suitable for medium and tall people. But if you want to “hide” “imperfect” legs from prying eyes, choose a skirt-trousers, and in order to add height, be sure to wear shoes with heels.

  • pajama pants. They are distinguished by a “pajama” cut: loose, with an elasticated waistband. Especially suitable for girls who have short legs. And slender girls, choosing trousers in pajama style, will give the image of fragility and femininity.

  • Cargo. The model comes in different lengths, but in this case, consider the trousers “to the floor”. They will be a great addition to those who choose a sporty style and love pockets. There are enough of them in cargo-style trousers. Slightly baggy models, made of waterproof fabric – this style suits girls of different physiques. And this is achieved due to the classic straight cut.


Fashion trends 2021 strongly “recommend” women of fashion to choose trousers with a shortened length. In another way, they are also called 7/8 or English length. Narrow models are perfectly combined with a business style. They lie flat along the entire length, emphasizing femininity and elegance, especially when worn under pumps or sandals with heels. Also, shortened models can be worn with low-soled shoes, ballet flats, sneakers, and other types of shoes. What cropped models are in fashion in 2021?

  • Chinos. The originals are made of cotton or linen, so they are ideal for hot summer weather. The darker the color they have, the more they fit the official style. With the right choice of style, chinos are suitable for women with different body types.

  • cropped leggings. The basis of the everyday look. But they are not suitable for plump girls or those who have “thick” and “uneven” legs. The reason is that all the shortcomings are emphasized, thereby ruining the overall picture. But for thin and those with even legs, leggings will only refresh the image. They go well with T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, leather jackets, which means they are suitable for different weather and different types of figures, since you can always correct the image with clothes.

  • Bananas. Banana pants are especially recommended for those who have narrow hips. The folds at the belt will correct the figure, correctly placing accents in the image. Bananas are presented both in a formal style and made of fabrics that hold their shape, and in a sporty style of knitwear.

  • skinny. In most cases, they are made from denim. The model “works” on the principle of leggings. But still, it doesn’t fit the legs so much, which is why women of different physiques can afford skinny.

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“Before shoes”

Another fashionable trouser length in 2021 is “to the shoe”. This is the classic length. In her performance you can find:

  • Boyfriend pants;
  • Cargo;
  • Hakama;
  • Carrot;
  • Chinos.

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This is the length of the trousers presented in the fashion collections of 2021. Once again, carefully review the selected images, and then you will definitely be able to create a stylish look that will emphasize the dignity of your figure.

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