What is useful hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea, or, as it is more correctly called, hibiscus herbal drink, has long been known for its beneficial properties. Hibiscus is made from hibiscus (Sudanese rose), which is believed to be native to India. This tea is called the drink of the Egyptian pharaohs, which, according to rumors, Cleopatra herself drank, while in Africa and the East hibiscus was used for medicinal purposes. Tea contains vitamins, active substances and thirty organic acids, as well as anthocins, which help strengthen the walls of blood vessels and lower cholesterol levels in the body.

The taste and shade of tea depends on where the hibiscus was grown. In Egypt, tea turns out to be a rich red color, has a sweetish taste with sourness. In Thailand, sweet tea is dark red in color. In Mexico, hibiscus gives tea an orange color and a sour taste.

The wonderful properties of the drink

As stated, hibiscus has a rejuvenating effect, contains substances that prevent the formation of cancerous tumors, and linoleic acid burns fat, metabolism improves. The citric acid contained in tea leads to strengthening of the body, protects against infections, against colds, tea helps in case of high temperature. Tea improves mood, relieves fatigue, and also has a beneficial effect on male potency. Hibiscus is an absolutely natural product, it is grown without impurities and special fertilizers.

After using hibiscus, you can not throw away hibiscus flowers: due to the high content of pectin, they are eaten, brewed coffee, put in ice cream, used in wines. Pectin is able to absorb harmful substances and remove them from the body. Also, tea perfectly relieves a hangover, acting as a brine, helps to get rid of alcohol contained in the blood. Hibiscus is used as a prophylaxis against gastric diseases, because it does not increase acidity and does not irritate the gastric mucosa. If you drink tea on an empty stomach, it will protect the body from parasites.

Hibiscus contains an increased amount of vitamin P, in combination with anthocyanins, it is of great benefit to the body. Therefore, hibiscus is so popular among pregnant women, hypertensive patients and hypotensive patients. In addition, tea has a strengthening effect on the liver, strengthening it and increasing the protective functions of the organ. Hibiscus is useful to give to a person whose appetite has decreased due to stress, tea will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and calm the person.

Hibiscus is allowed for use by people with diseased kidneys: due to the lack of the same oxalic acid, hibiscus will not harm. But for people suffering from low blood pressure, tea is not recommended, as well as for women on birth control pills, as well as for those who are undergoing hormone therapy (tea affects estrogen). Tea contains acids in an increased amount, so it should not be drunk by those who suffer from gastritis or peptic ulcer, it is not recommended for pregnant women during lactation, as well as during an exacerbation of chronic diseases of urolithiasis, kidneys, gallstones. Also, you should not drink tea more than three cups a day, after tea it is recommended to rinse your mouth, because the acids of tea interact with tooth enamel.

For those who want to lose weight…

The drink will also appeal to people who want to reduce their weight. Hibiscus tea is considered an actual remedy for weight loss. Due to the diuretic effect, weight is reduced. Due to fruit acids, metabolism is enhanced, the best effect is achieved when drinking tea after meals. Thanks to the combination of these properties, there is an active burning of fats.

Those who want to lose weight should drink tea more than once or twice: on average, the course lasts a little more than a month. To lose weight, you need to take a course of three weeks, then take a break for a week. After that, tea is drunk for another ten days. The permanent effect of losing weight will last if the person who wants to lose weight drinks hibiscus for a long time.

Brewing hibiscus tea

Any drink must be properly brewed so that it can retain its properties and give the body the maximum amount of nutrients. You can not boil and brew with boiling water, properly prepared tea will be a rich red color. You can not brew a drink in a bowl with a metal surface, otherwise the color and taste of tea will be terrible, it is better to drink from ceramic dishes, tea goes well with berries (raspberries, currants). Usually sugar is added to tea – it tastes better with it. Here are a few ways to properly brew hibiscus tea:

  • Egyptian recipe: Pour 10 grams of tea and 1-2 tsp. sugar with cold water for two hours, then bring to a boil, boil over low heat for three to five minutes. You can add cinnamon, mint, ginger or cloves to taste.
  • Australian Hibiscus: 10 hibiscus flowers, 50 ml water, 50 g sugar, ginger, 1 lemon. Bring the hibiscus petals soaked in lemon juice to a boil. Pour in the hot syrup of water, granulated sugar and ginger, stir until it boils. Filter tea, cool before serving, add ice cubes if desired.
  • Put on a large fire water (1 glass). Remove when it begins to boil, let the water cool to 70 degrees Celsius. Pour 1 teaspoon of hibiscus with boiled water, cover and let it brew. In hibiscus, you can add ice and lemon to taste.

Draw your attention to! The information presented in the article is for informational purposes and does not call for self-diagnosis, self-treatment and influence on your body by any means. Only a qualified specialist (doctor, trainer, nutritionist, etc.) can make a diagnosis, prescribe (recommend) treatment and medications or dietary supplements, give recommendations on nutrition and training, and also control the treatment process (weight loss, training), focusing on a particular person and based on his individual characteristics.

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