What jackets will be fashionable in spring 2020

The spring season of 2020, according to stylists, will be distinguished by changes in the weather. Designers have taken this fact into account and created such a wide range of jackets that are suitable for any weather. Below are stylish and fashionable models of outerwear.

Jacket colors

First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the trend of colors in order to know the actual tones of this spring:

  1. Pistachio, mint, light blue and beige. These shades are calm, suitable for romantic natures.
  2. Saturated yellow tones will suit those girls who radiate a cheerful and positive mood.
  3. Ladies who want to be the center of attention can safely choose bright scarlet colors of jackets.
  4. Black and white is also in fashion, it is a classic, embodying rigor and conciseness.
  5. Dark aquamarine shades are also in fashion, they give the image a special mystery and mystery.

Do not forget about prints and neon, which is extremely popular.

Denim jackets

The main advantage of a denim jacket is that it goes well with other wardrobe items, suitable for any age. Stylists say that such models will suit the ladies of the Balzac years because they will give them youth. In the fashion of this season, monotony, shortening of the product at the bottom, and free cut.

Fashion leather jackets

Leather jackets are at the peak of popularity, and this is not surprising, since this material is incredibly stylish this season, giving the owner uniqueness and sophistication. Leather products with a fur collar look good, suitable for early spring.

Quilted jackets

A quilted jacket is relevant this spring because this effect gives the product a special charm. For daily trips to work, you should choose stitches in dark shades, and with calm tones, combine business and romantic style. At the peak of popularity – jackets with stitches, made in the form of a jacket, so they are boldly combined with skirts and business suits. Volumetric models also look at height.

Bomber jacket 2020

This model occupies a high position in the ranking of fashionable spring jackets this season. Since many models are made in a loose fit, it is better to buy a bomber jacket two sizes larger to be in trend. In addition, in this case it will be possible to hide extra pounds at the waist.

Delicate stylish brocade jackets

According to the designers, these jackets are the most feminine models. They are suitable for romantic natures, as they are presented in pastel colors.

Decor of spring jackets

Fashionistas have noticed that fringe is the main trend at the shows. After talking with the designers, they found out that the long fringe adds charm and richness to the image.

This season focuses on sleeves and shoulders. Also, rivets and scuffs are in fashion.

Young teenagers will love the eye-catching patterns made of rhinestones and stones.

But it is worth remembering that everything should be in moderation, a large amount of decor on products is not suitable for everyone, so you need to carefully choose a fashionable novelty.

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