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What jeans are trending in summer 2020: from flares to slim fit

Jeans have long been firmly established in the women’s wardrobe. Denim pants are versatile. They go on dates, to the office, walk with friends. Getting acquainted with the novelties of the summer season 2020 will help you create a bright and stylish look.

fashion jeans

Actual styles

Fashionable summer jeans of the current year are a mixture of traditional styles with new trends. Summer 2020 trends include oversized denim, grunge, skinny and flared, cropped and long styles.


Borrowed from the men’s wardrobe, boyfriend jeans are characterized by a loose fit and mid-rise. But the baggy look does not interfere with emphasizing the female figure.

In the summer of 2020, boyfriends with holes, scuffs and numerous pockets will be in fashion. In order for the image not to look heavy, the top should be fitted. This will create a light, feminine bow. It is better for short girls to wear loose trousers with high-heeled shoes.

boyfriend jeans


The versatile classic cut remains in fashion in the summer of 2020. Straight denim trousers look good on women of any age. Particularly stylish are cropped straight jeans with a high or medium fit.

Straight jeans


Grunge jeans have been in fashion for several seasons now. Such models are relevant for hot summer.

The novelties of this summer season include models with large holes on the knees. But the number of torn sections should be minimal. A couple of holes on the knees are enough, along the edges of which long threads or fringes stick out.

ripped jeans


Flared denim trousers are one of the trends that have returned from the 70s. A flare can start from different parts of the leg:

  • from the hip;
  • from the knee;
  • from the middle of the leg.

The most stylish will be models with torn cuts at the bottom of the legs. Flared trousers visually lengthen the legs, especially when combined with high-heeled shoes.

flared jeans

flared jeans


Among the fashion trends of the new season are models with a length of 7/8 or 3/4. In these trousers, the main focus is on the graceful female ankles.

Products with an unsewn cut edge look especially stylish. It is desirable that the trousers are free of scuffs and holes. But shortened models are more suitable for tall girls.

cropped jeans

high waist

The leader of the summer season 2020 is high-rise denim trousers. The figure in such trousers looks much slimmer, and the legs seem longer. Such models can be worn even by girls who prefer low-cut shoes.

Jeans with a high waist can be supplemented with buttons, bows, pleats.

high waist jeans

low rise

The low-rise trousers will again become relevant in the summer of 2020. The main purpose of this style is to visually lengthen the torso and emphasize the lower back.

But if in previous seasons, low-waisted models were combined with cropped tops, then in the new season, preference should be given to the basic top.

low rise jeans


Oversized style, fashionable in 2020, has not bypassed denim trousers. Wide oversized jeans are in the lead.

The more voluminous the pants look, the more stylish the bow. Such models are comfortable, do not constrain movements. The bottom of the legs can be tucked up or with a raw edge.

oversized jeans

with seams

Some of the designers have embellished the usual jeans with vertical ribbed seams running along the sides or in the center of the legs.

Models with side seams are suitable for girls with narrow hips, as they add volume. Noticeable central seams visually stretch the silhouette, making the owner of the pants taller.

seamed jeans


Peak of the season – mom jeans (“mother’s pants”). They differ in the following features:

  • high landing;
  • free line of the thigh;
  • open ankles;
  • one or more folds.

The model is popular due to its convenience and practicality. In addition, “mother’s pants” can be worn by women of different age categories.

mom's pants

Slim fit

Tight pants always look attractive and feminine. Slim-fit jeans fit snugly around the waist and hips, leaving the calves and ankles free.

To create a trendy model, designers combined two styles, adding a zipper to the bottom of the legs. Unzip the skinny jeans to easily transform into trendy flared trousers.

slim fit jeans


It is sometimes difficult for short girls to find trousers that are suitable for their height. But in the summer of 2020, this will no longer be a problem, since you can always turn up the bottom of your legs.

Jeans with cuffs are one of the most fashionable trends of the new season. The higher and wider the lapels, the more stylish the pants look.

lapel jeans

Trendy colors

A fashionable image largely depends not only on the style of jeans, but also on the right color. To the classic shades of denim – blue and blue – the designers offered black, white, dark gray trousers.

But the choice of shades does not end there. In the summer of 2020, jeans in bright colors are in trend:

  • burgundy;
  • coral;
  • emerald;
  • yellow;
  • green;
  • pink.

Printed jeans are not welcome in the new season. The only thing that is allowed is logos and “boiled divorces”.

trendy trouser colors

bright jeans

What to wear with jeans

With denim trousers, you can create any look depending on the upcoming event. When compiling a fashionable bow, you need to follow certain rules:

  1. For a date, high-waisted denim trousers are suitable in combination with tops or light blouses. Complement the look with high-heeled sandals.
  2. Jeans of any cut are suitable for walking with friends – wide, straight, narrowed. T-shirts, T-shirts are chosen as the top.
  3. To create a business style, it is recommended to choose straight-cut dark-colored jeans and a shirt or jacket.
  4. You can create a romantic look by wearing skinny jeans with a lace blouse. A loose pleated top with bare shoulders will add femininity and charm to the look.
  5. Under ripped jeans, t-shirts with logos are the best fit.
  6. A sports bow will help to create cropped denim trousers in combination with T-shirts, tops, T-shirts and flat shoes: sneakers, ballet flats, moccasins, sneakers.

White jeans can be paired with any color top or create a monochrome look. A contrasting bow is obtained by combining a white bottom with a black top.

Romantic girls like pink tones. For pink denim trousers, it is recommended to pick up the top in mint, lavender shades. Beige shoes complete the bow.

Chiffon, lace blouses, various tops are perfect for flared models. On a cool summer evening, you can complement the outfit with a fitted jacket.

Shoes are selected in accordance with the general style. It is better for short girls to wear trousers with shoes on a high platform or with heels. Tall girls can afford to choose flat sandals or sandals.

shoes for jeans

summer jeans

Whatever model is chosen, the main thing is that jeans make the image more…

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