What jeans will be in fashion in autumn 2020

In this fresh review, we bring to your attention fashionable jeans for autumn 2020. Find out which models will be the key trends of the season!

Main news for autumn 2020


To stylishly update your wardrobe for fall 2020, you can bet on wide leg jeans. Such a model gives the very feeling of comfort and freedom that fashionistas in denim clothes so appreciate. In addition, this cut easily adapts to any type of figure – it masks flaws and emphasizes advantages.

The most daring women of fashion can, in addition to such a bottom, pick up a multi-layered top, which is 100% approved by the fashion of the 2020 season. But at the same time, it is worth making sure that the image as a whole does not turn out to be too baggy and voluminous. A jumper, hoodie, long-sleeved bodysuit, shirt or blouse can also be considered a winning top option. When choosing shoes, you can also improvise – such an original style of jeans only encourages stylish experiments!


Women’s mom jeans became the main favorite of fashionistas a few years ago. It is not surprising that such a stylish and versatile model will not lose momentum in the fall of 2020. If you still don’t have mom jeans in your wardrobe, you can fix it at any time!

Combinations with such a bottom will certainly not cause difficulties, because they are quite diverse. For example, under this denim, you can pick up a romantic blouse and ankle boots. For a stylish casual look, a cozy turtleneck, an oversized trench coat and your favorite sneakers are perfect. If desired, the bottom of the legs in a casual look can be casually tucked up once to embody an emphasis on interesting shoes or socks.


The leading position belongs to jeans with a straight cut, which turned into a hot trend a few seasons ago. This is a real classic in the world of denim, which is suitable for both young girls and more mature ladies. A straight cut has no restrictions in the type of figure – it is literally created for both slender and full fashionistas.


For several years now, designers have not expressed their preference for skinny jeans, but fashionistas are relentless: they are sorry to say goodbye to a model that perfectly emphasizes the length and slenderness of the legs. The voice of the people does not go unnoticed, and skinnies continue to appear in the range of fashion collections at their suggestion.

To make such a model really look relevant, stylists recommend choosing a style with an oversized or medium fit. Scuffs and holes on skinny are no longer in trend – universal minimalism rules the ball. It is also worth avoiding the “accordion” at the bottom of the legs – it is better to immediately choose the ideal length or independently realize it with the help of an atelier or elementary manipulations with scissors.

Winning combinations paired with skinny deserve special attention. According to the leading fashion trends, it is now cool to combine a narrow bottom with a voluminous oversized top. It is also interesting to look at the duet with boots, which have an actual wide bootleg.

With lines

If you want to look taller and slimmer this fall, don’t miss out on the relevance of jeans with contrast stitching imitating creases. Such a model will be a real find for many fashionistas, because it perfectly stretches the silhouette. For a stunning effect, pair this pair with heels.

With folds

Among the stylish novelties from brands, we also noticed jeans with turn-ups. In the line of such models, both discreet classic solutions and extraordinary trends were presented. Denim with contrasting leather folds will look especially interesting – an interesting highlight of any autumn look.

We emphasize that the most relevant upturns in the 2020 season should be large and noticeable. This trend leads to the discovery that now long jeans do not have to be taken to the atelier – they can simply be creatively rolled up to ankle level and look trendy!

With patch pockets

Patch pockets have also become a stylish feature of autumn denim. But be careful – such decor can visually increase the volume of the figure, so you should not place it on the problem area.


Such a style has already managed to enter the category of favorite trends of fashionistas and (hooray!) This fall it will not lose ground. This model originates from the dashing 80s: it was then that girls fell in love with such super-comfortable jeans.

In addition to convenience and comfort, slouchy also boast their corrective features and winning fit. This cut provides a beautiful fit at the waist and emphasizes the feminine silhouette, and due to the wide legs, it hides figure flaws in the blink of an eye.

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Want to keep basic jeans from looking boring? Then take on a fashionable novelty in the form of culottes! Such a model friendly accepts almost any top into its company and at the same time looks very extraordinary.

Stylists claim that culottes are able to correct various types of figures. Combined with high heels, this style makes the silhouette more slender and visually lengthens the legs. The maximum effect can be achieved if you choose the top to match the culottes, embodying a trendy monochrome look.

[tds_info]We remind you that the style of the 70s is still considered incredibly fashionable. Denim culottes fit perfectly into the framework of such images. To make a bow in the spirit of that time, you can complement the indicated bottom with a turtleneck and boots.[/tds_info]


It is noteworthy that most of the autumn jeans models were presented in a minimalist style. But a pleasant exception to this trend is fringe, which is recognized as a fashionable option for decorating denim.

As a rule, such decor was closely combined with the raw edge and effectively complemented it. Even more interesting was the interesting asymmetrical length of the legs with torn fringes. Such novelties promised to look great in a shortened length in a duet with laconic ankle boots.

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Current palette

Let’s go further! In addition to modern styles of jeans for autumn, we also offer you to get acquainted with the current colors that dictate the fashion trends of the 2020 season.

In the top of all color solutions was the classic indigo color in a dark variation, which makes you fall in love with its versatility and nobility. This color scheme adds a stylish zest to both everyday and business or festive looks. And how interesting it is combined with different colors! For example, this fall, you can pair beige, lemon, orange, red, or any pastel top with blue denim. Fashion options range from knitted tops and oversized t-shirts to button-down cardigans and color block sweaters.

Blue and white jeans are no longer considered typical representatives of the summer wardrobe -…

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