What lingerie will be in fashion in 2023

A real woman pays a lot of attention not only to her business, everyday, evening looks, but also to what is underneath them. A beautiful, expensive, comfortable set of underwear is the basis of every lady’s wardrobe. It gives confidence, increases self-esteem, liberates. And at the same time it is not necessary to show it to anyone. What is it – fashionable women’s underwear? Consider the latest news and trends for the 2023 season.

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Top Fashion Trends 2023

Trends change each other all the time, and this is true for all fashion segments, including underwear. It would seem that only yesterday all women and girls wore frivolous thongs, and today they prefer more comfortable and practical slips. This season, the trend towards comfort will continue to gain momentum. From here we see the increasing popularity of sports underwear. However, there are more than enough seductive sets.

Many global brands have now begun to offer their customers the so-called gender-fluid underwear, which looks no different from men’s. For example, shorts that look like tight-fitting boxers or their looser counterpart. And thanks to the French brand Un cri de joie, transformer bras with fully replaceable cups and an adjustable belt have also come into fashion. Such models give ladies even more freedom. But first of all, they are suitable for women with breast asymmetry.

Now let’s move on to a more specific study of trends in the lingerie segment.

  • Lace. Lace lingerie has become a kind of classic. Every self-respecting woman should have in stock two or three sets of varying degrees of seductiveness, transparency and colors. Openwork patterns can fully shape the bikini, located everywhere on the cups, straps and under the bust. Weightless sophisticated laces are in trend, as in the new collection from Tom Ford, and more dense, reliably hiding all strategic places, as in the Versace collection.

Tom Ford


  • With a harness. Listing the trends-2023, it is impossible to ignore underwear with a belt. Most often, wide and narrow ribbons, intricately intertwined, are attached to the bra, thereby decorating the upper chest, décolleté, and neck. It looks very seductive. And to create a luxurious look, wear such a bra without a blouse and top in tandem with a buttoned jacket. This option is ideal for evening outings to the club and a date with your loved one.

  • In retro style. Beautiful underwear in retro style is the novelty of the season. Despite some old-fashionedness, this is a rather seductive set, which implies the presence of a bottom that completely covers the hips and has a high fit, a bra without unnecessary cutouts, tight stockings with garters. Such underwear will help hide some figure flaws, for example, a protruding tummy. Often, a retro set is complemented by a corset, which also helps to model the figure.

  • Body. The seductive bodysuit is also not inferior to its position in the fashion world. Modern models beautifully outline the figure, but at the same time they can also have a corrective effect. Due to the elastic fabric, the full fit of the underwear to the body is ensured, which is generally very comfortable. In 2023, the trend is graceful lace bodysuits, comfortable and practical sports, corset type that tighten the waist, body tops with thin straps. As well as models with sleeves that can be worn with skirts and jeans instead of blouses.

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  • Triangular cups. Another new fashion 2023. The shape of the sconce does not change very often. In this matter, women show enviable constancy, giving preference from year to year to comfortable and soft molded round cups or push up models, narrowed to the inner edge. But triangles were more common in beach fashion in the segment of bikini swimwear. But now this trend has migrated to the category of underwear. Triangular cups can be silk, openwork, denim and even metal chains, like Burberry.

  • In the style of “Provence”. Women’s underwear-2023 is not only comfort or deliberate sexuality. The fashion trends of the season are quite encouraging and emphasize their femininity. Charming Provence style sets will help you with this. They are characterized by romanticism, as well as delicate applique, floral embroidery, unobtrusive pastel shades, translucent mesh inserts. This lingerie will perfectly complement the wedding image of the bride.

  • Bodice corset. The elongated bralette continues to dominate the lingerie niche. Visually, it resembles a short corset with or without straps. The trend is models of lace, silk and velvet textures, which can be worn with trousers and jeans as an independent element of the bow. They will also be a great addition to dresses and blouses with an open shoulder line. In 2023, the Victoria’s Secret brand released a whole line of such bodices.

Linen with decor looks quite interesting. As decorative elements, designers most often used thin chains and floral appliqués. Slightly less flounces, bows and fringes.

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As for the color of underwear, the trend is: classic black, nude (flesh), blue, emerald green, pale pink, dark blue, red and light green shades.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

Women’s underwear in 2023 pleasantly pleases with its diversity. Photos of trendy models and new products prove that every lady will be able to choose an acceptable option for herself.

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