What lipstick color do men like?

Creating an image in order to attract attention, we do not always understand what color of lipstick men like. And it should definitely be used. Makeup, in general, gives the image completeness, and the appearance of grooming. How not to get into trouble with a shade? Are bright lips really that important to attract a man? It is safe to say that such questions arose in every girl and woman. Today we will find out which lips really call for a kiss, and which ones make you pass by faster. Let’s say right away, if your personal life is not yet arranged, some colors will have to be shelved. As it turned out, they really repel members of the opposite sex.

Natural is your best choice

Nude or skin tones. A dazzling look does not always mean bright makeup, just like catchy shades do not always attract men. Stylish attire and discreet makeup can leave only positive memories wherever you appear. As many studies show, men, especially successful ones, prefer gentle and romantic images more. So before you “open the hunt”, you must definitely arm yourself with nude lipsticks (preferably in several shades). By the way, if you do not like the shape of the lips, you can easily correct it with flesh-colored lipstick. It will make them plumper. Yes, it suits almost everyone.

If the soul, in spite of everything, asks for something brighter, you can create the effect of kissed lips using a raspberry shade. Such an effect will emphasize the romanticism of the image and at the same time make it catchy, in the good sense of the word. Although it has the status of mainstream, it is well suited for any make-up, outfit and occasion. The femininity and elegance of the bow are guaranteed.

At the same time, using hot pink lipstick without any particular application technique will only attract negative ratings. French rose or purple are all unnatural. When choosing a pink shade, whether it is lipstick or lip gloss, it is better to focus on calm colors, close, again, to nude. Notice the peach. A great choice for a first or just a romantic date. Your man will be delighted with the romance of the image! So save the fuchsia lips for a Barbie themed party.

Balms. We found out that men like natural lip colors more. But some of the representatives of the stronger sex do not like makeup at all, or believe that its presence should be minimal. Or maybe you do not have the desire or time to paint every morning? There is an exit. Use lip balm! It can be transparent or slightly pigmented, but you can hardly notice it, and you can even apply it without a mirror.

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Forget about those colors.

In addition to the best shades for seduction, it is important to know which lipstick colors men definitely do not like. We’ll talk about them below.

  • Dark. Men will probably never understand why they use black, dark brown and purple shades to make up their lips. It’s a pity! As polls show, the opposite sex considers such shades unnatural (of course, it’s black!). They give the impression of leaking ink. Like bright pinks, dark ones are best used for themed events. Halloween is a great occasion.

  • Gloss and glitter. Yes, like this. Lipsticks and glosses that are shiny in any sense are simply hated by men. Lacquer effect or sparkles will only scare away a potential chosen one. What if this charm remains on men’s lips after a kiss? They don’t like it very much. Therefore, going for a romantic evening, give preference to something simpler and more romantic.

  • Red. Who would have thought! Scientists in the UK have found that red shades of lipstick do not attract men, but rather repel them. These colors include not only classic bright shades, but also dark ones: burgundy, burgundy, ruby, berry red. What to do? If you are a fan of bright images and red lips, use these lipsticks for friendly meetings with girls.

  • carrot. We all know that men are not inclined to break one color into many shades. Red, green, blue – one word is enough for them to describe any shade. So orange, coral or carrot – all this resembles red. As we (more precisely, British scientists) found out, red, and in general bright unnatural shades, is not at all what men want to see on beautiful ladies.

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Obviously, the natural female beauty is insanely important for men, it is the naturalness of the image that they pay attention to in the first place. Natural beige, peach and coffee shades, light textures – this is what representatives of the opposite sex like.

Yes, it will not be easy for lovers of bright makeup to come to terms with this. But no one has canceled purple and red lipsticks for clubs or gatherings with friends! It’s just that now, knowing what lipstick colors men like, it can be used as a little secret weapon. Remember that the devil is in the details!

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