What manicure is fashionable to do in 2020

In this article, we tell you what kind of manicure is now fashionable to do in the 2020 season. The entire list of key trends in one place – especially for you!


Shape and length

Throughout 2020, fashion trends will be dominated by a natural nail shape. This is a real gift for girls who have long nails associated with inconvenience.

As for the actual form, there will also appear a craving for naturalness. To be on the fashion wave, you can design oval, almond-shaped or square nails with round outlines. Sharp shapes are also in the top, but they should also have a soft rounded tip.


The novelties of the 2020 season in the world of nail art allow you to embody a trendy and beautiful manicure even at home. Previously, the creation of masterpieces of artistic painting, drawings and inscriptions could take the master several hours. Now the process of creating an actual design is greatly simplified, because various sliders are in a hurry to help it.

Among the leading trends are stickers with inscriptions, abstraction, elements in a minimalist style, geometry and floristry.

[stextbox id=’info’]In order to qualitatively apply a sticker to the plate, you must first cover the nail with a base, and then with camouflage or color. Then you should attach the sticker, gradually straighten it and fix it with a transparent top.[/stextbox]

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Manicure, which is now fashionable to do on short nails in the 2020 season, may involve the creation of various textures. Fascinating patterns can imitate natural minerals and stones of incredible beauty. Several shades and gold accents will create a stunning effect of sea waves in a manicure.


The direction of abstraction in the world of nail art is an occasion to embody all your creative impulses in manicure. This style today may include other areas: geometry, floristry, quail egg pattern, colored spots and artistic strokes. There are no clear rules in abstraction, which means that you have no boundaries for your own self-expression in manicure.

pastel rainbow

The nails, decorated in multi-colored pastel shades, promise to be a real hit of the 2020 season. The advantage of this design is the simplicity of its implementation. If you have a rich selection of pastel polishes in your arsenal, you can easily implement a trendy design without leaving your home.

Multi-colored manicure is beautiful in muted natural tones. For example, you can take note of the harmonious tandem of discreet coral and olive.

nude and neon

Fashionable nail design in 2020 may involve a stylish duo of nude base and neon accents. The classics of the beige palette and the audacity of the fashionable novelty together look surprisingly harmonious and non-trivial. Bright accents are not limited to light green color. The trend is also shades of fuchsia, yellow or orange.

milky nails

Leading nail experts highlight milk manicure as the leading trend in manicure. Such a design can be limited to monochromatic coloring or connect a minimalistic pattern. You can decide on pearl beads decor, which is perfectly combined with a milky finish.

Milky shades of varnishes are suitable for all girls, regardless of the length and shape of the nails, besides, they are absolutely universal when creating fashionable images. Such a coating always looks elegant, noble and stylish.

blue lacquer

According to the Pantone Color Institute, a relaxed and calm blue hue is recognized as the main trend of the 2020 season. This is a discreet, but at the same time interesting polish with great potential. Many girls have proven by personal example that the blue color can be stylishly used in almost any trendy manicure.

A curious novelty in the world of blue manicure has become a galactic design that looks beautiful on both round and square nails.

golden french

Nail art masters note that a fashionable golden jacket will easily become an adornment of the image not only in spring, but also in winter. This is a universal option that can be masterfully adjusted to any bow.

According to the rules of trendy manicure, gold lacquer in this design should now be replaced with a sticker, foil, ribbon. This is due to the fact that in fashionable design, an interesting decor texture comes to the fore. The ideal basis for this manicure is considered to be milk or apricot varnish.

The latest trends are the double-hole jacket, the glitter stretch option, as well as creative combinations with other techniques.

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dragon scale

Such an unusual decor deserves an interesting name due to the property with dragon scales. It is a multi-colored sparkling triangles or rhombuses. With a certain layout order, the master can create an original and trendy pattern.

It is fashionable to implement such a manicure design on long nails, because large and active decor looks as harmonious as possible on them.

New minimalism

Many fashionistas have long guessed that the beauty of nail design often lies in its simplicity. That is why the direction of minimalism has not lost momentum in its popularity for a long time. The main hit of the 2020 season was laconic geometric shapes, colors and space themes in a minimalist manicure.


A checkered motif can still appear in fashionable manicure. Its simplest embodiment may involve a combination of simple straight lines. You can also create a trendy vichy check in the design with a sticker or a talented drawing.


With the advent of the 2020 season, fashionistas do not think to weaken their love for animalistic motifs in manicure. Only now they are not limited to leopard print, other trendy patterns have joined it: the color of a zebra, giraffe or even a cow.

[stextbox id=’warning’]To make nail art relevant, make sure that animalistic motifs appear in it in the form of separate accents or inserts.[/stextbox]


At the peak of popularity, there will also be a holographic coating, which gives the final manicure maximum effect. But do not be afraid of its brightness – the most advanced fashionistas choose a design with holography not only for evening bows, but also as a highlight of everyday looks.


Marble manicure during its relevance has won many fans. In 2020, this number will only grow!

different hands

If you are for creativity and self-expression, current trends can help you and offer you to design a different manicure on two hands. Such a trend looks spectacular and unusual – it definitely won’t get bored in a few ideas.

In order for the manicure on different hands to look harmonious, at least one connecting element should be distinguished. It can be a matte top, a single palette or a style…

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