What midi skirts are in fashion in 2021

Midi skirts in 2021 are considered one of the most fashionable, and this is confirmed by their presence on the world-famous catwalks. They are perfect for any occasion – as an outfit for the office, for a date or for a celebration.

Fashion midi skirts 2021

A midi skirt should be in every woman’s wardrobe. It is easy to wear, easy to combine with other things, and, moreover, it suits women with any type of figure. In this selection, you will see all the most fashionable styles of 2021 and you can choose the closest one for you.

So, the most stylish skirts are represented by such options:

  • Pencil. A tapered midi length skirt looks very elegant on both slender girls and those with lush hips. Such a skirt will make you taller and slimmer, especially if it has a high waist. As shoes for her, it is best to take shoes with heels.

  • Trapezoidal. A-line skirt will be able to skillfully hide figure flaws in the abdomen and hips. Well, on slender women it will look just perfect. This model is easily combined with different tops, so it definitely will not lie in the closet.

  • Denim. Straight-cut denim or pencil-cut denim is a must-have in your closet. It will become an important part of stylish everyday bows. It has an attractive appearance, comfortable to wear and easy to combine with other things.

  • Leather. For girls who love clothes that attract maximum attention, we suggest paying attention to leather midi skirts. They are suitable for both business and everyday looks, they emphasize all the advantages of the figure and look very stylish.

  • Pleated. The pleated skirt is unrivaled in 2021, because it combines lightness, femininity and meets all fashion trends. It can be worn anytime and with anything. A pleated skirt will look perfect with heels and rough sneakers.

  • On the smell. Wrap models have gained wide popularity this year, so if you have been looking for such a thing for yourself, then it’s time to buy it. There are many variations of such skirts, but each of them is good in its own way.

One has only to look at the photos of fashionable images with a midi skirt, as you will immediately fall in love with this thing and want to buy it for yourself. The relevance of these skirts is beyond doubt, so you can safely make yourself a gift.

Midi skirts: current colors and prints

To be able to create interesting and vibrant images, you should not be afraid to experiment with shades. Midi skirts this year are presented in a huge number of colors, so there will be plenty to choose from. Black and white models are still relevant, and among the bright options you should pay attention to the following:

  • lemon;
  • red;
  • crimson;
  • Bordeaux;
  • emerald;
  • pastel – powdery, milky, beige.

The fashion trends of 2021 are also calling for print midi skirts. Among them, the choice is also very large – stripes, polka dots and a cage, feminine plant motifs, as well as abstraction and geometry.

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What is fashionable to wear a midi skirt in 2021

The midi skirt is very easy to wear, because it goes well with a lot of things. We offer you some interesting images that can be an inspiration for you:

  • The first image is a classic for the office. Wrap midi skirt, white shirt, pumps and accessories – bag and glasses. Impeccable and always up to date. Another look from this area is a pale yellow blouse and skirt with a seductive slit.

  • This is how interesting you can wear a leather wrap skirt by tucking a turtleneck into it. Complete the look with a handbag and sandals or shoes – and you are irresistible.

  • A midi skirt in 2021 is also fashionable to wear with a sweater. Alternatively, it can be a fitted sweatshirt, a large-knit sweater or an oversized model.

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  • A denim skirt looks best with white t-shirts, t-shirts or tops tucked into the waistband. For shoes, you can take sandals or sneakers. Specifically, in this case, the image is complemented by a very original handbag.

  • As an example, I would like to show another interesting summer look with a strapless top, decorated with a large bow. A very fresh look is obtained thanks to light shades of clothes and shoes, as well as a colorful floral print on the skirt. A bucket bag completes this look perfectly with its strict forms.

  • A pleated skirt is a very versatile thing that can be incorporated into images of different styles. If you want to be feminine, you can wear a top or blouse with frills, as in the photo, and take a handbag with the correct shape. If you want a more casual look, then wear a pleated skirt, oversized hoodie or sweatshirt, sneakers and take a backpack as an accessory.

  • The combination of a pleated skirt with a leather jacket is very successful. As you can see, in such a defiant look, you can take any type of skirt – pleated, lace or A-line. The role of the top here can be played by a sweatshirt, T-shirt or turtleneck, and both boats and sneakers are suitable as shoes.

You can see the most fashionable midi skirts in 2021 in the photos presented here. They are so beautiful and different that you have a difficult choice. If suddenly you can not make a choice between several models, then feel free to take them all. They certainly won’t be redundant!

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