What outerwear to wear with a skirt in autumn 2020

In this article, we analyze an urgent question for many fashionistas: what outerwear to wear with a skirt in the fall of 2020? In our cheat sheet you will find the most win-win combinations that will help you create many fashionable looks.

Universal combinations

midi length

The unequivocal favorite of autumn 2020 is a midi length skirt. To select outerwear for this bottom should be based on its silhouette. For example, a free cut will make great friends with an equally spacious addition, and a fitted coat or raincoat should be chosen for a skirt that emphasizes the beauty of the figure.

The most trendy combination of this autumn can be called a tandem puffy jacket or a short down jacket with a midi skirt. From shoes, not only lace-up boots, but also ankle boots or boots with steady heels will organically fit into such an image.

From short outerwear in combination with midi bottoms, leather jackets, tweed jackets and oversized bombers also look advantageous. It’s too early to discount plush and faux fur coats.

The combination of a midi skirt with an elongated sheepskin coat can also become the basis of a stylish look. At the same time, it is best to choose high boots with heels as shoes.

The combination of an elongated skirt with a loose coat of a straight cut is also easy to implement.

Mini length

Stylists do not recommend combining a short skirt with too long outerwear, because this combination does not look quite harmonious. For example, the length of the mini looks frankly in the company of a classic fur coat below the knee.

To win over a miniskirt, it is better to rely on its winning union with outerwear below the hip. A great option would be an oversized silhouette, which will slightly muffle the defiant length.

If you are afraid of getting cold this fall, complement your bow with a mini skirt with outerwear that will be just below the outfit itself.

It is also worth noting that in the 2020 season it is customary to combine short skirts with flat shoes – ideally in a rough design. For example, you will definitely fall into trends if you complete such a look with tractor-soled lace-up boots.


A real must-have for fashion 2020 is the elegant midi-length pleated skirt, which has proven to be excellent versatility. More recently, women of fashion have combined this bottom exclusively with elegant blouses and shirts, but in recent seasons, designers have clearly shown that pleated products are no less good in company with coarse sweaters and sweatshirts. You can safely adhere to a similar game of contrasts when choosing outerwear for the specified bottom, and now we will prove it to you!

In the autumn season 2020, it is customary to combine pleated skirts with:

  • leather jacket,
  • sheepskin coat
  • plush fur coat.

In warm weather, you can take on board a tandem with a tight jacket, because he can create a particularly elegant and feminine look.

Given the active design of the pleated skirt, stylists recommend picking up fairly concise outerwear that supports the minimalist trend.


With the approach of the cold season, many fashionistas need a pencil skirt in the same way as the supply of vitamin D in the body. Such a model beautifully emphasizes the figure, makes the walk graceful and, due to these properties, disperses the seasonal blues and simply cheers up. But here’s the question on the agenda: what outerwear to wear with a pencil skirt in the fall of 2020?

This model belongs to the classic style, so it justifiably looks advantageous in the company of an elegant coat or raincoat. Moreover, stylists recommend choosing outerwear for such images in a fitted silhouette or with a belt at the waist. At the same time, the selected coat should be below the middle of the thigh, so as not to cause an imbalance in proportions.

A classic trench coat is also an ideal partner for a pencil skirt, but it should not be too short either. Ideally, if the difference between the length of these two elements does not exceed 15 cm.

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In the 2020 season, the flared skirt is also popular, which is usually presented with a high waistline. Such a model will not be able to make friends with a too tight top that restricts movement, because it will simply create a dissonance in proportions.

If you want to beat a feminine flared skirt on the principle of contrast, feel free to complement it with a brutal biker jacket – this mix looks very interesting.

For more classic combinations, a trench coat or coat is useful. If the skirt is long enough, then the outerwear for combination with it should not be too short.

To create an elegant look with such a bottom, it should be combined with a short, elegant sheepskin coat – this look is the best fit for a date or going to the theater.


With the advent of autumn, you should not lock a trendy leather skirt in the closet, because it can underlie many winning combinations.

For example, a fashionista in the 2020 season can combine such a model with:

  • classic cashmere coat
  • denim,
  • puffy jacket,
  • trench coat
  • leather coat.

In terms of texture, leather looks very interesting in tandem with fur and wool, creating especially cozy and warm looks.

long wide

Loose long skirts are another favorite of many women in the fall of 2020. Stylists suggest that such models look most advantageous with short jacket cut coats, short fur coats. But at the same time, a combination with an elongated coat that covers the level of the knees is also considered an elegant solution. However, the average mark to the knee is unlikely to look good, because it will “cut” the silhouette unprofitably.

It is worth noting that short girls are recommended to combine long outfits with high-heeled shoes. Accordingly, outerwear a priori should be in harmony in style with such a choice.

Length balance

In search of answers to the question of what outerwear to wear with a skirt in the fall of 2020, many stylists advise focusing on the harmonious ratio of the length of these elements of the image.

  • So, if short outerwear appears in your autumn arsenal, you can safely combine it with a straight or loose version of a short skirt, as well as with a product below the knee.

  • A win-win union is a harmonious combination of the length of the two components of the image. An example of such combinations is often shown by stars when they want to create emphatically feminine and elegant outfits.

  • In practice, the difference in length between the skirt and outerwear, equal to 10 to 15 centimeters, looks very interesting. Your personal feature in this look can be an original combination of a print with a plain coat to match the motif.
  • For an ensemble with a long skirt and loose outerwear to look advantageous, beat it with well-shaped shoes. For example, loose boots will obviously not fit here, but ankle boots or boots that gracefully fit the leg will be optimal …

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