What pleated skirts are in fashion in 2023

The pleated skirt in 2023 continues to be one of the most popular in its segment. Having broken into the fashionable Olympus a few seasons ago, it has become a stable trend that cannot be ignored. However, fashion does not stand still. And with it, pleated skirts also change. Modern models are distinguished by brightness, avant-garde, courage and a special aesthetic that transforms images. In today’s review, we will tell you which pleated skirts should be chosen in the 2023 season.



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Pleated skirts: the main trends of 2023

It would seem that pleating is the usual folds. However, they can also surprise. In 2023, designers presented several interesting solutions for fashionistas to choose from, which we will definitely talk about today. As for fashionable colors, there is also where to roam. The palette is wide and varied, so you will definitely not get lost in the crowd.


Stylists pay special attention to pleated skirts with a metallic effect. Incredibly beautiful look and models in gradient colors. Printed pleated skirts are still found. Most often these are abstract patterns, horizontal and oblique stripes, rainbow and floral ornaments. What you like best, choose for yourself.


We propose to consider trend models in more detail.

  • Mini. The first novelty of the season. All previous years, we are accustomed to seeing pleated skirts in midi length, as it is considered universal. However, relatively recently, designers decided on a little experiment and presented shortened models to the court of fashionistas, which vaguely resemble skirts from a school uniform. The innovation was well received by many. We have to admit that wide and narrow pleats make mini skirts more interesting to read. Often they are included in the images, made in the trendy style of E-gir.


  • Leather. Fashionable leather pleated skirts are another must-have for the 2023 season. This is a very interesting solution for autumn and early spring. Such models will show themselves well in total bows and as a separate element of the image, because the skin goes well with knitwear, tweed, chiffon, cashmere. The trend is pleated skirts made of matte eco-leather in black, light brown, burgundy, brick shades. Give preference to elongated options to the middle of the calves – they look especially presentable and stylish.


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  • Multilayer. Beautiful layered pleated skirts in an intricate cut are another great choice for the collection. They are suitable for creating romantic and cocktail images, they will help emphasize femininity and a sense of style. So that the skirt does not look massive, which is generally possible, choose models from light flying fabrics. Flowing textures emphasize slender hips and long legs. This model can be combined with a T-shirt, jacket, thin knitted jumper, crop top, blouse with a simple cut.



  • Asymmetrical. What other pleated skirts are in fashion? Certainly asymmetrical. In this case, the cut can take the most intricate forms. Uneven zigzag hem, elongation on the sides, mallet (short in front, long in back), bevel to one side, a sharp transition from mini to maxi – all this, and not only, can be found in the segment of pleated skirts. Sometimes models look so avant-garde that you are surprised at the designer’s imagination. In the photo below, we present the most original asymmetry options for 2023.


  • Translucent. Beautiful puffy pleated skirts made of tulle, guipure, tulle or organza are also new in 2023. Delicate translucent fabrics have become a good alternative to satin, which for many has long lost its originality. The model can be completely made of several layers of lightweight fabric. Thanks to this, splendor is formed. This pleated skirt is an excellent basis for creating an original bow. You can combine it with a warm sweater, an elegant cropped coat, a brutal leather jacket, a regular top.

  • Knitted. The trend of 2023 is a knitted pleated skirt. Her time is autumn-winter 2023-2024. It is suitable for creating cozy, but stylish images for the cold season. Thin knitwear with pronounced folds looks no less attractive than refined silk. Choose from long midi styles or asymmetrical ones to incorporate into your everyday looks. Pleated knitted skirt goes well with a sweater, turtleneck, shirt. Great for women over 50 who value comfort above all else.


  • On a wide yoke. And new again. Moreover, it is very useful for fashionistas who cannot boast of an ideal figure. Indeed, often a pleated skirt has the unpleasant property of adding extra volume to the waist and hips. So, a wide smooth insert, starting from the waist and ending approximately at the level of the sacral section, effectively solves this problem. The coquette evens out the folds on the stomach, emphasizes the waist. What you need for overweight women and for girls who want to create a royally elegant look.


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Also in the trend are interesting combined models of skirts, which are sewn from different types of fabrics, but always with pleated elements. In this case, the fold is mixed with smooth satin, translucent tulle and other fabrics that differ in texture.


Fashionable pleated skirts 2023 with wide and narrow, pronounced or slightly smoothed folds are a universal option for all ladies. The photo from our review shows the most relevant models of the season. We encourage you to get to know them better.

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