What prints should not be worn by overweight women

From today’s article, you will learn which prints should not be worn by obese women. After all, despite the trendiness of some colors and patterns, they can play a cruel joke with fashionistas and add a few extra centimeters in the waist and hips, make the figure shapeless and disproportionate. Want to know which prints are dangerous? Below we give some tips for overweight women regarding the right choice of colors.

Prints that should not be worn by overweight women

Even the most fashionable and perfectly tailored clothes can look unattractive. It’s all about the wrong colors. Stylists offer many options to make the figure more slender and beautiful with the help of prints. However, not every drawing has a positive impact. There are options that can, on the contrary, visually add volume.

Large bright prints

Large color drawings are undesirable for obese women for several reasons at once:

  • they add volume and extra centimeters;
  • such a print will forgive the image.

However, large prints that make you fat do not include the so-called optical patterns. We’ll talk about them a little later.

Contrasting cross stripe

The combination of black and white is a bright and very catchy contrast that will certainly attract attention to itself, and at the same time to the problematic parts of the figure. In addition, such a print will make the figure immense, because the strip goes in a circle, significantly enlarging the silhouette.

Contrasting vertical stripe

Some people think that the contrasting vertical stripe is slimming. But in reality, this is rarely the case. Especially if the printed things fit tightly on the figure. In this case, the lines become too elongated, bent, which will only emphasize the fullness.

Large leopard print

Such a drawing on a large figure looks not only unsuccessful, but also very vulgar. If a woman still wants to try on a trendy print, it is best to look at a leopard print blouse with a small pattern or wear a scarf. But leopard leggings or a skirt are strictly contraindicated.

Floral motifs

Despite the demand for floral motifs in recent seasons, overweight women should not wear a floral print.

Moreover, both a large floral pattern and a small one are contraindicated:

  • large flowers highlight certain areas of the body and focus unnecessary attention on them;
  • small flowers not only add extra centimeters, but also simplify and reduce the cost of the image.

The most dangerous combination for overweight women is a tandem of large and small details. Such a print will draw too much attention to the figure, sticking out imperfections.

Slimming prints

Despite the fact that a large number of colors can add extra centimeters to their owners at the waist and hips, you should not completely abandon printed outfits. Next, we will talk about what patterns and drawings will allow you to visually adjust the proportions of the figure, make it slimmer and more attractive.

“correct” line

As noted above, not every vertical strip is slimming. The best option would be an outfit with one or more contrasting lines in the center or sides. In this case, all attention will be focused on this strip, which will visually make the silhouette slimmer.

An interesting option is a combination of horizontal and vertical stripes. Let there be horizontal lines in the center of the dress, and vertical lines on the sides.

In the case of a horizontal print, it is better to refuse too wide stripes. Ideally, if the outfit is complemented by a lot of thin lines. Another point – the strip should not be contrasting and two-tone. Ideally, use several shades, for example, black, gray and white, or even combine three or four colors in one outfit. Blurry stripes and fuzzy borders are also welcome.

Another secret when using striped things is that you should not dress in such a print entirely. It is enough to put on a striped blouse and combine it with a plain bottom or vice versa. This will shift the focus from one part of the body, diverting attention from the other.

Diagonal and geometric shapes

The colors, which are geometric shapes or diagonal lines, look very original. Randomly located and directed drawings distract attention and perfectly mask problem areas. The figure visually becomes more slender, and the whole image becomes more interesting.


As noted above, small and large patterns most often do not look very good on overweight women. However, one should not forget about the optimal average size of prints. They do not weigh down the image and at the same time do not look too colorful. Therefore, overweight women should take a closer look at the outfits of just such colors.

Another successful technique is the blurry outlines of floral and floral ornaments, waves and oriental patterns.

Large optical prints

As we promised, we show you successful options for images for full ones using large optical patterns. Unlike ordinary drawings, they are able to smooth out shapes and transform the figure.

Now you know which prints should not be worn by overweight women, and which colors and patterns should be paid attention to in order to correct figure flaws. Do not be afraid of clothes with bright and contrasting prints! After all, correctly selected patterns are ways to visually make the silhouette slimmer and more attractive.

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