What prints will be fashionable in 2019

Fashion prints 2019, what are they? What will allow us to look spectacular and unusual next season, what will bring a “zest” to our image? The most advanced fashionistas are asking this question now. After all, bright prints on clothes are not just a tribute to fashion, it is an opportunity to stand out, show your individuality, become different from everyone else. That is why it is worth diving into this topic now. What, in fact, we will do.

All current prints for next season

Of course, monochrome in clothes is great, but things stylishly decorated in a variety of subjects are even better. And now we will prove it.

Elegant looks with animal prints

Popular prints for winter 2019

  • Animal print. “Cat” colors are the coolest trend of the upcoming winter. A leopard can be seen literally on everything: outerwear, business suits, boots, trousers, skirts, gloves, scarves, accessories and even tights. Perhaps many women will now be sincerely horrified, because the leopard print has been considered vulgar in recent years and most have carefully avoided it. But, times have changed and now spotted clothes are the standard of style.

Fashionable animal prints

Fashion colorful leopard

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The most important rule when putting on a leopard print is not to overdo it. Therefore, when creating an image, try to try on one, maximum two things with this print. All other clothing should be radically different. Only in this case you will look your best.[/stextbox]

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Fashionable images with leopard prints


  • Cell. Another type of print popular in 2019. It can be different: small or large, bright contrasting or barely visible, combine several colors at once – in a word, any. As in the previous case, the cage can be found everywhere: in outerwear (especially today, checkered coats are at the peak of popularity), in casual clothes, in business suits and even in evening dresses. The cage did not bypass the attention and accessories. Bags, gloves, berets – all this will perfectly fit into any bow and make every fashionista irresistible.

fashion plaid

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Spoiling your look with a check is quite difficult, so feel free to combine different styles with checkered clothing models.[/stextbox]

  • Strip. Not a single fashion show of 2018 could do without this seemingly rustic print. Yes, from the outside it seems that the strip looks a bit boring, but by adding it to a monochrome look, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much your appearance will change. Like a cage, a strip is used literally in everything, so fans of this direction will definitely have a great choice.

fashion stripe

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! In every sense, vertical stripes are good. They suit everyone, as they visually lengthen the silhouette. But with horizontal stripes, you should be more careful, especially girls with shapes. Dense material plus transverse lines can visually make your figure even wider.[/stextbox]

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Stylish and bright stripes

  • ethnic motives. On the fabric, intricate patterns have always looked very attractive. The fashion for them has existed for more than a season, and it will not give up its positions in 2019. The drawings inherent in the cultures of different peoples look fascinating on clothes. Some especially suspicious fashionistas give them much more meaning, making a thing with ethnic motifs something like a talisman. And many even manage to fit their wardrobe to it. So what will ethnicity gravitate to next winter? Firstly, this is the style of the Wild West (cowboy boots, hat, fringe), here there are also Indian motifs. Fans of oriental culture should not be upset either, there will be incredibly many clothes with prints in this style.

Bright ethnic prints

Ethno print


  • Interior prints. In the fashion world, this is new. But she looks pretty impressive. Where does this name come from, you ask? And the thing is that outwardly these patterns resemble drawings on wallpaper, embroidery on a tapestry or a woven bedspread. Several eminent designers at once adorned their collections with clothes decorated with such prints. Therefore, is it any wonder that she went to the masses so quickly?

Interior print looks good on velor

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The interior print is quite saturated, so do not overdo it when focusing on it in your image. Often, one thing in this style will be enough.[/stextbox]

An interesting version of the interior print on the accessory

Popular prints for spring-summer 2019

Now we are moving to where it is warmer and consider fashionable prints in clothes for the spring-summer season of 2019.

Bright and muted prints for 2019

  • Plant patterns. Here you can meet three main directions at once: tropical plants, fruits and vegetables, and of course flowers. Naturally, floral drawings will be most in demand. We will dwell on them in more detail. So, what should floral print clothes look like next year? As for the fabric, the flower will be perfectly combined with both dense and light flying material. The image of the print should not be abstract, but clear and realistic. If we talk about size, then both single large buds and small scattering are in fashion.

Variants of fashionable prints for winter clothes

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! If you want to create a really real summer look, then complete your floral outfit with a similar nail art. In 2019, flowers on nails will also be very relevant.[/stextbox]

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Floral prints for summer clothes in 2019

  • Peas. A very feminine print that nothing can overshadow. For a long time, this pattern was attributed to the retro trend in clothing. But, the fashion shows of 2018 changed this and now polka dots are the height of style and sophistication. Moreover, both large and small peas can be considered relevant. Needless to say, flying dresses and skirts with such a print look simply incredible. And in the summer, sundresses of dark blue color with puffy sleeves, decorated with white small peas, will be especially popular.

Elegant peas on the catwalk

An example of fashionable peas in 2019

  • Dress prints. In the fall and spring of 2019, light silk and satin shawls can not only be tied or covered, but also dressed in them from head to toe. Colorful scarves with all sorts of prints began to be used not only as headwear, but also as inserts for skirts, jackets, sweaters, jackets and coats. Moreover, full-fledged tunics, dresses and sundresses of various styles and models are now sewn from them for the summer.

shawl prints

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! If this trend appeals to you, then pay attention to …

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