What sandals are in fashion in 2023

Shoes with seductive cutouts for the warm season, which could be worn by both men and women, first appeared in ancient Egypt. It was called sandals, it became widespread in Spain, India and Japan. By the Middle Ages, it lost its relevance and again came into fashion only at the beginning of the 20th century. As for sandals, they are considered the closest “relatives” of sandals, and their invention is attributed to the Italian Ferragmo. It was he who first suggested that his compatriots wear sandals made of nylon thread with high wooden heels. What do current models look like? Introducing fashionable sandals-2023, we talk about the stylish novelties of the season.



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Top models of sandals for the summer of 2023

The fashion trends of the upcoming hot season include three main principles. Summer sandals should be elegant, creative and graceful. Refined lines, unusual finishes and bright or, on the contrary, calm colors are relevant for them. The following options for sandals are in trend.


  • Pigtails. Intricate weaving completely covers the model, as you can see in the photo, or hides only part of it, for example, the toe. Braids can be monophonic or multi-colored.


  • Mesh. Decor in the form of a grid, most often, is present as small inserts. But the most creative sandals allow mesh throughout the upper.

  • Quilted. Fashion 2023 is a time of unusual decisions. Quilted sandals are suitable for women over 50 and young girls. This new model will become one of the most trendy in the coming season.


  • On a hairpin. Feminine models with thin heels are back in trend. They seem to be made for going to parties and romantic dates.

  • On a figured heel. Designers offer heels, curved at an angle, cylindrical, expanding downwards, type-setting or wooden. This model will look very creative. Suitable for creating stylish trendy images.

  • On a heel with a bright decor. Women’s trends for summer 2023 recommend fashionable sandals with heels decorated with stones, rhinestones, or made of transparent plastic.

  • On a platform or wedge. Such models without heels are classified as a sporty style. They should be present in the wardrobe of fashionistas who like to walk a lot. If the platform, then certainly decorated with sequins, lace, bows or appliqués. If the wedge heel, then it is not rough, made of textured material, with many decorative elements, such as beads or rhinestones.

  • Greek style. Sandals with high lacing on the leg resemble sandals. Made with or without a heel. Such a model cannot be called super popular in 2023, but if necessary, you can turn to it.

  • Sea style. An excellent choice for a seaside vacation. In this case, there are not many decorations. It is worth paying attention to the upper in the form of a fishing net, decorated with shells and artificial pearls.

  • With straps over trousers. In creative models, the straps cover the leg above the ankle, but put them on top of trousers – classic or tapered. And this is another stylish novelty of the season.

  • With prints. Printed sandals are distinguished by the brightness of the pattern. Especially popular are suede shoes with floral patterns. This feminine model is indispensable for bright summer looks.

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  • In the style of minimalism. These sandals are able to complement any summer look. Their main advantages are elegance and conciseness. You will not find any extra parts on these models.

  • Metallic. Suitable for all types of summer clothes. But in the bow it is better not to combine them with things from similar fabrics. It will turn out tasteless.

Unusual crocheted or macrame sandals are also in trend. Soft and comfortable, they are ideal for the fair sex who cannot wear regular shoes due to sensitive skin.

As for the answer to the question of what sandals will be in fashion in 2023 in terms of material, genuine leather is still in trend. Universal models of black suede. Rag shoes are made from satin, chiffon and cotton, but they get dirty quickly, so they require regular careful care.

At the peak of popularity, there is a novelty – sandals made of raffia – a natural thread of the leaves of the palm tree Raphia farinifera. Designers appreciate raffia for its rich palette of colors and environmental friendliness. This shoe model is durable, keeps its shape perfectly, does not shed over time, and allows the skin to breathe.

What to wear with sandals in 2023

Mini-dresses, mini-skirts, mini-sundresses, trousers, narrowed down and opening the ankle – all these things will look good with sandals. Models with high lacing are perfect for flying summer dresses. The platform goes with any skirts, leggings and skinny jeans. Quilts – with flying dresses and strict business attire. Models with studs fit well into images where there is jeans and leather. It looks very harmonious if you wear a bright summer tunic.

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Fashionable colors of sandals: caramel, pastel, gold, pearl. In the image, they can be safely combined with olive, white, pink, beige and yellow. Animal print is in fashion. Particular popularity is promised to models printed under the skin of a leopard and a snake.

Fashionable women’s sandals-2023 are comfortable and practical shoes that are right for you. Do not forget that she was created not only to be beautiful. Get models that allow your skin to breathe on hot summer days and your feet to enjoy comfort.

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