What sandals are in fashion in summer 2020

In this article, we bring to your attention the most fashionable sandals of the 2020 season. Choose for yourself the best model from a rich assortment of modern novelties!

Current palette

A win-win color option for sandals for every day is a neutral base shade. Among the calm colors in the 2020 season, beige, brown, black and white shades are a real must-have.

Perhaps this summer you will want to increase the degree of showiness and expressiveness in your fashionable looks. In this case, you may prefer a radically bright shoe color, such as red, orange, blue or yellow.

Some readers are sure to be attracted to trendy metallic sandals. Gold and silver models look especially elegant – they not only please with a stylish design, but also go well with any outfit.

In the design of fashionable summer shoes, various stylish prints were also noticed, ranging from floral to animalistic patterns. Such a choice will be justified if your wardrobe has enough concise and simple things, to which a stylish accent suggests itself in the company. For example, printed shoes promise to look great with basic light dresses.

Polka-dot shoes are perfect to lift your spirits. Such a couple is easiest to fit into a perky, romantic or eccentric image.



Fashion 2020 of the season has announced stylish platform sandals as its main favorite. Such models are especially well suited for short girls of fragile physique. They can choose for themselves both an unusually massive and a rather modest platform. For maximum effect of the image, you can embody a tandem of such seemingly brutal shoes with the cutest dress from your wardrobe.

Many designers decided to equip fashionable sandals with embossed wedges – this move added showiness and expressiveness to the shoes. The height of such an element directly depends on the level of courage of the fashionista. A dazzling highlight of the image can be a sole decorated with miniature rhinestones or stones. If incendiary dances and adventures are the first item on your to-do list for this summer, feel free to decide on such a novelty – it will definitely create the right mood.


The undisputed trend of the summer season are sandals with heels. Designers have relied on a steady high rise, but the elegant “glass” is also seen in the lists of key trends.

A real hit among models with heels are sandals with a square toe. Stylists offer to create a stylish bow with the participation of such shoes and clothes that will emphasize its extraordinary graphic form. For example, you can opt for a midi sundress, wide jeans or culottes.

Another unconditional trend is sophisticated stiletto sandals, which seem to be created for fans of the most feminine and elegant looks. Many brands have provided such sandals with magnificent decor in the form of rhinestones, bows and chains. If the shoes are made in a minimalist style, they can be a winning addition to both an image with a romantic dress and an outfit with a trouser suit.

Many enterprising fashionistas want to combine comfort and elegance in one look. Especially for them, the designers offered an interesting novelty – summer shoes with a low block heel. The creative and comfortable shape does not cause inconvenience while walking, and the straps securely fix the sandals on the female leg.

If presented in a closed and laconic design, heeled sandals can successfully complement the look for work. For a stylish tandem, stylists recommend combining sandals with a strict midi-length dress, a trouser suit, as well as Bermuda shorts and a shirt as part of the dress code.

Emphasis on the thumb

Universal and fashionable sandals in the summer of 2020 are models with an emphasis on the thumb – such models have no restrictions and are suitable even for full feet. As a rule, such novelties are presented from hard leather in a neutral color, which ensures their practicality. If you express a preference for this pair, you will definitely be delighted with its adaptability to any bow. These sandals look equally advantageous in a duet with light dresses, flying skirts, jeans and shorts. In a word, experiments are only welcome!

Flat sole

Perhaps you will find a model of shoes that you do not want to part with all summer among flat sandals. In most cases, these pairs are presented in leather in a laconic style – this design move makes shoes ideal for everyday wear. To create trendy tandems this summer, try combining practical sandals with a sundress, shirt dress, leather shorts or Bermuda shorts.


Another interesting solution for the summer season is sandals in a sporty style with Velcro. It is likely that such a pair will be a real find for girls with wide legs, because Velcro allows you to clearly fix the size of the shoes. Such shoes will organically fit not only into laconic everyday bows – stylists suggest that they can look great in contrast with flying romantic dresses.


An elegant decoration of stylish sandals can be satin or textile ribbons. When creating such an element, the designers did not stint on its length – in the most fashionable summer shoes, the ribbons will wrap around the ankle several times.

gladiatorial style

Summer 2020 fashion trends highlight gladiator-style sandals. As a rule, such a practical model is complemented by many straps. The stylish idea of ​​the new season is also shoes with long ties that gracefully wrap around the ankle. All labeled gladiatorial style sandals can be worn with any summer outfit from sundresses to shorts.

Men’s style

A clear imprint on the design of summer shoes was left by the desire for a rough masculine style. But such sandals will seem brutal only at first glance – with a closer acquaintance, a fashionista may find that the massive shape will make the legs more fragile and elegant.

[stextbox id=’info’]It is easy to guess that a significant advantage of such shoes will be its obvious comfort. If you love the play of contrasts in summer looks, this novelty can become your main favorite from June to August at least.[/stextbox]

Open heel

The perfect solution for hot weather are sandals with open heels, which are able to compete in elegance and sophistication with the good old mules. Designers presented such models in a wide variety: sandals with an open, pointed and square toe were seen in the fashion assortment.

With knitted elements

Sandals with knitted elements can rightfully be recognized as a real hit of the summer season. Any fashionista can be sure that such …

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