What sandals will be in fashion in 2021

In the summer of 2021, you can’t do without trendy sandals. Therefore, further in the article we will consider the most popular models, as well as the latest novelties of the coming season.

Choosing sandals based on fashion trends 2021

After reviewing the fashion shows of the spring-summer 2021 season, we have compiled a list of the main trends in the women’s footwear segment.

  • Flat move. Designers decided to bet on convenience and offered modern women flat sandals. They are so comfortable that it feels like walking barefoot. As for the models, it can be both open options with ribbons and laconic clogs, in which you can even go to work.

  • Platform. If you are a fan of platform shoes, then you are in luck. She will also be in fashion. But only in a slightly modified format. The platform should now be very high and bulky. Formatting is also important in this case. Try to choose bright models, decorated with colorful prints and embroidery.

Important! Pay attention also to sandals on a wooden platform, decorated with decorative carvings, drawings or color inserts.

  • Square cape. Square toe sandals continue to be at the top of the fashion trends for 2021 and beyond. And it can be not only open models, as it was before. The trend will also include closed mules, which will ideally complement both everyday and office bows.

  • “Glass”. Despite the fact that high-heeled shoes are a classic, sandals with a “glass” heel managed to push it a little. Firstly, such models are comfortable to wear. And secondly, in appearance they are in no way inferior to hairpins. Yes, and you can wear “glasses” with almost any clothes, including business style.

  • Straps. Shoes with straps will again be relevant. However, unlike in previous years, in 2021 it is worth choosing elegant models with thin, short straps that can be tied around the ankle.

  • Metallic. Another trend that is in no hurry to leave the fashion pedestal. After all, sandals with silver or gold glossy coating, imitating a metallic coating, make the image bright and unusual.

  • Network. But the novelty of the season was sandals woven using the macrame technique. These can be options from a tourniquet, straw or thin leather ribbons. Woven sandals are more casual shoes. Therefore, you are unlikely to find models with heels. They are mainly presented in the form of clogs and sandals with a flat sole or a thick platform.

  • T-straps. Another new addition are heeled sandals with straps that form a T pattern on the foot. Often they have a discreet minimalist design, due to which they can be combined with classic clothes and in casual style. But you can also find options decorated with beads and buckles. They are just perfect for creating evening bows.

  • House slippers. If earlier lingerie style was present only in the segment of women’s clothing, today it has already appeared in shoes. At the latest shows, entire collections of slippers were presented, which are indistinguishable from home ones. According to designers, in summer women should go to the beach or go for a walk in colored rubber shoes decorated with fur or feathers.
  • Vegetable prints. You can’t do without shoes with floral ornaments in the upcoming hot season. They must be bright and occupy the area of ​​​​the entire product. The prints on the sandals themselves may be present in the form of drawings. But models with embroidery and voluminous appliqué will be especially appreciated.

Important! In 2021, sandals in bright orange, lemon yellow, white, black and beige will be in fashion.

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current models

And now let’s look at the most popular sandals today.

  • Espadrilles. For a long time, sandals have been familiar to everyone, which can be recognized by a wide platform, decorated with a raw rope and long ribbons reaching the level of the knees. The style also remained unchanged. Espadrilles this summer can be both classic with a closed toe and open in the form of sandals. As for materials, fabric espadrilles, leather and suede will be welcome.

  • Sandals. Or to be more precise, tall gladiators. The sole of these sandals should be flat. The heel may be present, but only very wide and not higher than 1-2 cm.

  • Birkenstocks. In 2021, flat sandals like birkenstocks will also be fashionable. They are distinguished by a wide but very comfortable sole and a rather rough design.

  • Mules. Stylists recommend getting several pairs of mules at once. These should be bright models with heels, decorated with stripes, appliqués, embroidery, buckles and other decor.

  • Sabo. These sandals are no longer shoes designed exclusively for everyday wear. Therefore, in the latest collections, exquisite color models of clogs with an abundant amount of decor were presented. They are so spectacular that you can wear them not only to a party with friends, but even to a reception.

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We hope that the photos with examples of sandals fashionable in 2021 given in the article will help you. And now you can easily choose stylish shoes for this summer without much effort.

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