What shape and length of trousers are in fashion 2022

The fashionable shape and length of trousers in 2022 is diverse. Each woman will be able to choose models of different cuts and from different materials that are suitable for the style and type of figure. It is only important not to get carried away with experiments, which in some cases can do more harm than good. When choosing trousers, you need to focus not only on trends, but also on the level of comfort that you feel when trying on one or another option.

What is the length of trousers in fashion in 2022

Modern women are running faster and faster from extravagance, so classic trousers are in fashion – straight, slightly narrowed, with an oversized or medium fit.

Those who like to experiment can add a little audacity to the image – culottes and an unforgotten, previously loved by everyone, flare will help. Wide trousers will be in fashion, which do not hinder movement, and allow you to hide possible flaws in the silhouette. Fashionable trouser length in 2022, as you can see in the photo from the designer shows, has not changed since the past few seasons. The most relevant option is the 7/8 length, when 1/8 of the leg remains open.

Also, the “full” length is gradually returning to the trends. Moreover, according to new trends, it should be as critical as possible – even shoes should cover trousers, if we are talking about wide-cut models.

As for colors, muted shades will not lose popularity in the new season. And those women who want to bring originality to their appearance can choose bright models. Actual colors:

  • black and dark blue;
  • bottle and Bordeaux;
  • beige, brown, mustard;
  • red, pink, coral;
  • all pastel;
  • white.

Pants made of high-quality and natural fabrics will be in fashion in 2022. Leather, velvet, jeans, gabardine, jersey, tweed – the choice is varied. But the model must match the overall style of the image, as well as the season. In summer, it will be hot in velvet trousers, and it will hardly be possible to hide discomfort from others.

What shape of trousers is in fashion in 2022

The length of the trousers, as the fashion trends of 2022 show, will depend on the shape chosen. Here, the designers also provided women with a lot of options – choosing the most suitable one will not be difficult.


You can choose both long trousers to the floor, and the 7/8 option – it all depends on the mood and features of the figure. Designers recommend wearing classic trousers not only to the office. Combined with a top or bra, they are perfect for everyday walks.


A few years ago, such a model was considered exclusively winter. But recently, wide trousers, which look like a long skirt, have been made from lightweight fabrics, which suggests the creation of spring-summer looks.


The model is considered sporty, but trousers with an elastic band at the ankle are also sewn from jeans, leather, cotton and linen. Such options fit into the urban or romantic style.


Pockets on the hips or calves do not interfere with wearing these trousers not only with boots and sneakers, but also with high heels. The image looks very relevant and original.


Wide cropped trousers came into fashion a few years ago, and so far they are not inferior to their competitors in the lead. Their versatility is considered a plus – the model is suitable for both winter and summer wardrobes.

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Loose-cut denim pants are another trend that has remained relevant for several years in a row. This option allows you to hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure. The main thing is to choose the fit and “latitude” that suits you.


It will not be difficult to get used to this trend, because not everyone has managed to forget the fashion of the 2000s. A variety of color and fabric solutions makes it possible to choose a good option for any style.


They remain fashionable, but with a small caveat – they should be worn with the most free top. The full fit of the silhouette is no longer relevant.

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How to choose trendy pants in 2022: tips

It is worth updating the wardrobe, introducing fashionable novelties into it, only with the help of inner flair – which model fits well, which colors and prints allow you to emphasize the individuality and features of the figure, we buy that one.

You can rely on a few basic rules for choosing the most ideal trousers:

  1. The model should not bubble in the knees, have folds in the groin area, hinder movement – you should feel comfortable and, most importantly, confident.
  2. The wider the legs, the longer the pants should be. The only exception is culottes.
  3. Cropped trousers visually reduce height, which does not suit short girls. Fixing the problem is simple – put on a heel or choose models with a high waist.
  4. If you think that your calves are too wide, you do not need to emphasize this imperfection with skinny cropped trousers – culottes or mom models will help to hide the flaw.
  5. Heavy fabrics visually make you look fat – velveteen, velvet and tweed should be worn with caution. You can correct the problem with the right shade.

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The length of trousers, as fashion shows, in 2022 can be different – from short bicycle options to long palazzos. Therefore, no one will be left without their own version, which will ideally fit the figure!

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