What shape of nails will be in fashion in 2023

When we talk about manicure, we are often talking not only about fashion trends in the nail art segment, design ideas, colors and ornaments, but also about the shape and length of nails. Once upon a time, neat rounded nails were in fashion, which fashionistas covered with transparent glossy varnish, classic red or pink. These were the most popular colors. But since then, the preferences of ladies have constantly changed. The girls either wore long nails, with which it was impossible to do everyday activities without difficulty, or they cut them short. What now? Let’s talk about the fashionable shape of nails in the 2023 season.



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Trends 2023

As for the design of manicure, diversity prevails here. Bright or pastel colors, shiny or matte surfaces, interesting ornaments or geometric shapes, sparkles, foil, rhinestones – all this will have a place in the coming year. If we talk about the shape of the nails, then there is a special attachment to rounded, streamlined shapes. Sharp corners also have a place on the fashionable Olympus, but they are clearly not at the highest esteem. In other words, they faded into the background, naturalness came to the fore.


Nail shape – anti-trend


Popular Nail Shapes for 2023

Let’s discuss in more detail what shape of nails will be in fashion in 2023. Moreover, each of them “plays” differently depending on the length. That is, a lot depends on whether you wear short nails or long ones. However, any shape can be adjusted with a well-chosen design, so even if your shape is non-standard, or different from the one you would like to have, you can be helped. And the fashionable streamlined shape that we talked about earlier is a wording that fits several options at once. So for every fashionista there is a suitable manicure.




  • oval shape. The oval looks natural. Moreover, this harmony does not depend on the length – the nails can be long or short, but the hands always look elegant and well-groomed. Manicure on this form is suitable for every lady. For design, you can choose a solid color gel polish. Classic colors look good: red, black and pink. An oval manicure looks no less beautiful in other rich shades: blue, dark green, coffee. For lovers of the pastel palette, blue, mint, pale yellow, cream are suitable. And don’t forget the decor. Even the most catchy will look good on oval-shaped nails.


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  • Square shape. Please note that this is not a square with sharp corners. In 2023, smoothed, “soft” corners are in trend. This form of nails also looks very elegant and natural. If at the same time you managed to grow nails of sufficient length, then you have many opportunities for implementing interesting and stylish nail art ideas. All shades of the coating will suit you, and at the same time there will always be an opportunity to beat the square with a decorative addition. It can be a geometric print, foil patterns or a stripe pattern. On short nails, a colored or neutral jacket will look advantageous. And the beauty of the form will be emphasized by a manicure with a metallic coating.


  • Pointy nails or spikes. In the trend in 2023 there will also be an unusual shape of nails – peaks, to which you can apply the most original manicure ideas. Indeed, in itself, this form already looks extravagant. For example, very long extended nails with pointed tips can be safely combined with eye-catching jewelry. But this option is not for every day, but for a holiday or a theme party. Therefore, the choice of design and color of the coating will remain with the girl.


  • Form “ballerina”. This is an interesting variation of the oval on long nails, only the tip here is slightly narrowed and filed horizontally in relation to the finger. The shape of the ballerina resembles pointe shoes, hence the name. It looks especially elegant on long thin fingers. To keep the design from being overly frilly, in 2023, wear a ballerina in tandem with pastel shades. However, you can add a little ornament – unobtrusive geometric prints, stripes, gossamer, marble pattern, mother-of-pearl rubbing. Pay attention to the varnish of light pink, beige and coffee shades.


  • almond shape. Almond-shaped nails remain one of the main trends of this season. In general, they look natural, but are slightly pointed, while the pointed tip is rounded. So they really resemble neat almonds. For this form, a manicure in classic and nude shades is also quite suitable. A matte finish, a gentle gradient, a floral ornament, geometric shapes look good and elegant on almond nails. Pay attention to the decor of foil, sequins or minimalist in the form of single patterns or rhinestones. A monophonic manicure with the decoration of one nail with the help of colored crystals will look no less stylish.


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The return to natural forms does not mean that the manicure will become boring, because there are still plenty of opportunities for creating creative designs.

Follow the current trends and choose the most fashionable nail shape for 2023 for your look. And how exactly it can be transformed, you could see in the photos above.

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