What shoes are in fashion in autumn 2020

In response to the question of what shoes will be in fashion in the fall of 2020, just look at the material below. It contains the latest innovations and trends in the world of shoes, presented at world shows in the capitals of Europe and in New York. Among the variety presented, you will definitely be able to choose for yourself a couple of interesting styles and models.


Emphasis on lacquer

If you prefer to strictly follow all the fashion trends of the seasons, then be sure to replenish your collection of shoes with a lacquer model. Regardless of whether it will be boots or shoes, in any case they will make the right accent in your image.

High patent leather boots look especially luxurious and attractive, with a little hint of madness. A model above the knee will attract the views of others. Pay attention to the fact that patent shoes in themselves are a brilliant element in the image. Therefore, it is important not to overdo it with glitter in accessories. It is better to limit yourself to one or two calm decorations.

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Shoes lady like

This fashion trend is in demand in all seasons and all years. His name is femininity. Wear shoes with graceful and delicate feminine elements. Let it be decor in the form of flowers, butterflies, bows. The nicer and more elegant the decor of the shoes, the more interesting they will look in the image.

Models of shoes made of patent, matte, suede leather, high-quality leatherette, and velor will be relevant. Lady like shoes are always shoes with heels. They are beautifully combined with a romantic, business, casual or classic look. Elegant shoes can be worn with almost everything. And today even under sports trousers.

Classic pumps

This style of shoes has remained unchanged for decades. Sophistication and charm of boats to the liking of most women. Outwardly unpretentious and unremarkable shoes make the female leg as elegant as possible. In them you will flutter like a bright autumn butterfly. Wear pumps under a skirt of any length, under skinny trousers, pipes, and even under boyfriend jeans. A similar shoe model can be worn with a trench coat, with a wraparound coat, with a cropped leather jacket. In any case, your image will be winning.


In fashion in the fall of 2020, shoes in the form of high boots will be most in demand. Especially if the boots have a moderately or well-expanded bootleg. Such models make the female leg visually more fragile. High boots are fashionable to wear with skirts of different lengths, with loose trousers with bananas tucked into boots.

The squeak of autumn fashion is over-the-knee boots, completely fitting the leg. But this model is only suitable for girls and women with perfectly slender legs.

High boots can have a stiletto heel or a column heel. Regardless of its type and shape, a shoe model can be made from a variety of materials, including velor. But the latter is suitable only for warm and dry autumn.

Brightness and dynamics in fashion

Bright boots surrounded the world fashion shows with special attention. Models of shoes in red, blue, purple, deep green and turquoise shades, in yellow, brown and burgundy are considered to be the squeaks of the autumn season. They will be accent spots in your image. Do not forget to beat the bright shade of the boots in the bow with accessories to match them. It can be a scarf, a scarf, a bag, a belt.

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Metallica is the must-have of the season

Another trendy shoe color for fall 2020 is metallic gold, silver or bronze. It is advisable to wear high boots or boots with massive soles in such shades. Metallic shoes attract attention, put a kind of concise accent in the image.

It is important to wear metallized shoes for a walk, for an evening out, to the office under a dress or suit. Boots with a metallic sheen and a wide top look beautiful.

Drapery on boots

If you want to wear ultra-modern and fashionable shoes, choose models in which the shaft is lowered with an accordion. This option of wearing boots is considered trendy. Drapery visually makes the image more casual and looks beautiful with a cropped coat, with a sheepskin coat and a jacket.

Another option for drapery on shoes is factory. Often the manufacturer uses such an effect, as if lowering part of the bootleg to the toe. As a result, the boot looks like a solid pipe. Such models are in high demand in the autumn season of 2020.

Pay attention to the toe

The actual forms of the sock in the autumn shoes of 2020 are considered to be an acute angle and a rectangle. Pointy shoes, mules, boots, ankle boots and boots are in favor with modern fashionistas. But keep in mind that a pointed nose always visually lengthens the foot, adds a few centimeters to it. Therefore, when choosing pointed shoes and if you have a foot size greater than 39, pay attention to those models in which the pointed toe is slightly rounded. It is advisable to select high-heeled models in order to slightly adjust the length of a large foot.

As for boots, boots with a square toe, such models are considered ultra-modern and outrageous. Not every fashionista decides on them. If you choose such a model of shoes for yourself, you will definitely be in the spotlight.


Feel free to choose shoes for autumn on a massive and rough platform. Shoes that visually resemble massive rough retro sneakers with large soles are considered stylish. Boots on a rough platform will look interesting and unusual in the images. Wear clogs, shoes, ankle boots on the platform. Remember that the 70s are back in fashion. But it was they who were characterized by the roughness of the shoes.

Sharp shapes in models of autumn shoes will make your bow unusual.

Autumn boots

Choose models with flat soles or wide heels 2.5-2 centimeters. Semi-sports models trimmed with fur will look interesting. As an original decor, choose metal fittings on the boots. These boots can be safely combined with street style, with a classic and even business look.

Interesting leather boots can be worn with sports trousers, boyfriend jeans, maxi and midi skirts. Wear boots under an autumn knitted dress. Combine these shoes with down jackets, oversight coats or trench coats.

The zest is a chain reaction

In women’s shoes, which will be in fashion in the fall of 2020, accessories in the form of chains will prevail. Moreover, their location can be very diverse. Designers use techniques such as locating chains around the heel, around the ankle, in the lock area, in the heel area. Chains can be real metallized or plastic, imitating metal. The link size doesn’t matter. You can choose a model of boots, shoes or shoes with a large chain or with a small one. Everything is up to you.

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Additional decor

If you pay great attention to the decor of shoes, then in the autumn …

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