What shoes for autumn-winter 2020 are no longer in fashion

Shoes are one of the most significant elements of every woman’s outfit, which is why it is very important to keep track of which models are out of fashion with the onset of the next season and which are not. And today we decided to consider shoe anti-trends for autumn-winter 2020, so that each of our readers can feel confident creating another fashionable bow.

Anti-trends in the footwear segment for autumn and winter 2020

The autumn-winter season has already arrived. We hide frivolous sandals on the mezzanine to replace them with more practical boots and boots. Moreover, pairs of shoes from past seasons are often used, which have retained their quality. Meanwhile, not everything that was in demand last year will be in trend today. And, in order to protect you from fashion mistakes, we decided to create the following collection.

  • Accordion boots. Once upon a time, boots with an accordion-shaped top were mega-popular. Each fashionista must have acquired at least one such pair in her collection. However, today the fame of these boots has faded significantly, and now they occupy the first line in the lists of anti-trends. So, neither winter nor autumn accordion boots will definitely come in handy for you in the near future. But we do not advise you to get upset about this, as many note the impracticality of this model in terms of the fact that dirt often accumulated in the folds and scuffs formed. It is better to choose a classic smooth top. It’s more practical.

  • Shoes on highohm platform heel. Boots, shoes and ankle boots with very high heels and complemented by a platform have also ceased to be in demand among modern women. And this happened thanks to the total desire of fashion for naturalness. That is, everything that looks as unnatural and uncomfortable as possible can be safely put away in a box until better times. And high-heeled shoes with a platform in the first place, because at least they give the image a showiness, but it looks far from natural. And from the point of view of convenience, this trend was very doubtful, especially in the winter season, when ice and bumps are everywhere underfoot, which is why the risk of injury is high.

  • wedge sneakers. Touched fashionable repression and sports shoes. In particular, we are talking about wedge sneakers, which until recently were on the lists of leading trends, and all thanks to designer Isabelle Maran. Often these unusual sneakers became part of the autumn and even winter looks, and there is nothing surprising in that, because it was really comfortable to walk in them. And today, stylists strongly recommend abandoning such sneakers in favor of classic autumn boots or more traditional sports shoes.

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  • Moon Boots. In 2020, incredibly comfortable winter boots-lunar rovers have seriously gone out of fashion. For many modern girls who value comfort, this turned out to be really unpleasant news, because they really loved this model, which is distinguished by its softness, practicality and versatility. In such shoes it is convenient to take long walks in the forest, and drive a car, and be active in the winter. They even slush was nothing. But now dutiki moon rovers are in the past. But fashion stylists, on the contrary, are happy about this. Since most of them find such boots ugly and do not fit into modern ascetic minimalism.

  • Ankle boots with an open nose. Ankle boots with open toes were in great demand last spring. But with the onset of this autumn, their popularity has significantly diminished. And even on a sunny day, trendsetters recommend abandoning models with front cutouts in favor of closed noses. However, perhaps this is for the best in view of the unpredictability of the autumn weather, because even in the event of a light rain, your feet will immediately get wet. What replaced this open trend? In particular, on ankle boots with a square toe. They were also quite recently forgotten, but today it’s time to remember them.

In addition to square noses, in the segment ankle boots other fashion trends should also be highlighted. For example, ankle bootsmade under the “snake skin”, models in victoRjapanese style, with thick heels, lace-up, and ankle-hugging ankle boots-socks. The latter are the absolute novelty of the season, and look incredibly sophisticated.

  • Uggs. Another tangible fashion loss for modern ladies who value total comfort. Yes, it’s not surprising, but the lists of anti-trends for winter shoes 2020 also include uggs, beloved by millions of women. For a very long time they kept on a fashionable pedestal, and all thanks to the fact that the ladies’ legs in them were incredibly warm, comfortable, and reliable. Just like moonwalkers, they were considered versatile shoes, combined with different styles and suitable for all occasions. But, unfortunately, now the days of ugg have passed. And it is recommended to replace them with rough boots with thick soles or sport-chic style boots.

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  • Traditional kowboy boots. Perhaps this unusual trend stayed on the list of top shoe models for a very long time. But now his time has come. So, ladies, if you intended to flaunt cowboy-style shoes with beveled heels this fall, we hasten to disappoint you – they are no longer in demand. And even the cute fringe, which, in general, is now popular, does not save them from oblivion. However, do not rush to be very upset, because stylists offer us a completely worthy alternative: Cossack boots. Yes, this is also a kind of cowboy boots, only with a difference in the heel – among the Cossacks it is straight and low. So the replacement is good.

  • Shoes with catchy decor. As we have already said, this season fashion has headed for ascetic minimalism. That is, a lurid thing simply will not find a place for itself in modern fashionable bows. Deliberate elegance, restraint, naturalness are in high esteem. That is why in the fall-winter 2020-2021 shoes with excessive decor should not be purchased. In general, it is better to completely abandon rhinestones, bright embroidery and other accent elements in the design. No, of course, the desire for minimalism does not mean that your shoes should completely lose any decorations, they just need to be unobtrusive. For example, boots or boots with a chain on the toe will look great. Not bad fit into the image and concise metal rivets.

  • stocking boots. For a long time, stocking boots that fit like a second skin regularly served girls, helping to create seductive and daring images. They were perfectly combined with a mini, thereby emphasizing the harmony of the legs. However, today the popularity of this impractical and low-functional autumn footwear has faded away. But we don’t advise you to get upset here either, because in fact stocking boots are not very comfortable, and if you wish, you can’t tuck even the narrowest skinnies into them. Moreover, fashion has only changed this tight-fitting model for a more…

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