What shoes look expensive

Have you ever wondered what shoes look expensive regardless of the cost? We decided to analyze this issue in more detail, and thereby help you look stylish even with a limited budget.

What shoes to choose so that it looks expensive and rich

Choosing shoes for looks is not always an easy task, especially if you have a limited budget. But, at the same time, even wealthy women often complement their images with unsuccessful shoes. So it’s not about the price? We can confidently answer that the price has nothing to do with it. There is simply a certain category of shoes that a priori looks expensive. Let’s figure it out!

The first example is chelsea boots. This is a great shoe for spring and fall. It is comfortable, beautiful and versatile, because it fits a large number of images. The classic version is boots made of suede or leather with a round toe, a flat sole, and inserts made of elastic material. But, besides such models, there are other, no less interesting options on the platform, made of an unusual texture or with inserts of a different color. You can wear them with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, as well as with a coat or leather jacket.

Very stylish shoes with a perfect look – this is oxfords. Initially, they were exclusively men’s shoes, but over time they migrated to women’s legs. Most often they are made of genuine leather, sometimes – of suede, can be with a small heel or without it. Borrowed from the men’s wardrobe, oxfords make any look more expensive, as well as bold and original.

Ankle boots – shoes that we wear when it’s already cold in the shoes, and it’s too early to get the boots. You may not have thought about it, but ankle boots can make your look more expensive. The correct, clear shape, neat heel and pointed toe make ankle boots luxurious. Having several pairs of ankle boots in your wardrobe, you can create many looks in different styles – casual, sport chic, street style.

Another option for shoes that no girl can do without is shoes. But not all shoes look expensive. The sharp-nosed models are considered the most luxurious. They visually lengthen the leg and make it more elegant. The most popular model of pointed shoes is pumps. Usually they do not have any fasteners or decor, but they must be on a heel. But, if you do not like shoes with heels, then you can find pointed-toe flat shoes. They look no less stylish.

Very comfortable women’s shoes that have an expensive appearance are loafers. Most often they are sewn from leather, suede and even denim. The use of loafers in images speaks of the good taste of a woman – this can be understood only by looking at them. Wear them with jeans, leather trousers or skirts, and trouser suits.

From the category of sports shoes I want to highlight White running shoes, because they look the most luxurious. Perhaps it is impracticality that makes these shoes stylish and chic. White sneakers go with almost everything – they can be worn with a dress, skirt, jeans, coats and trench coats, and even a formal suit. The total bow looks very attractive in black in combination with white sneakers.

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The role of shoe color in its appearance

The color of shoes also plays a very important role in its appearance. First, there are colors that generally look luxurious in any look. Secondly, you need to consider the combination of shoe color with other colors in the image. So, the most versatile colors can be called:

  • black;
  • dark blue;
  • dark brown;
  • white;
  • beige.

If you have several pairs of shoes in these colors, then you can easily incorporate them into different looks, and it will always look appropriate.

There is another not new, but very important trick that makes a holistic image more expensive. Its essence is to match the color of the shoes to the color of the belt or handbag.

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Expensive shoe look: tips

Shoes that look expensive and rich are not always worth a lot of money. It all depends on your taste and ability to choose the most successful among the many options. We suggest you familiarize yourself with some secrets of choosing shoes that help girls look stunning:

  • Stick to concise models. Well-known brands can afford a specific shoe design, unusual and memorable details. But, if you choose shoes for every day that have an average price, then it is better to choose more discreet options.
  • Avoid an abundance of accessories. A large number of fasteners, rivets, stones and other decorative elements make shoes cheaper, and all this does not always look appropriate. Therefore, try to buy those shoes that are not loaded with unnecessary details.
  • Choose a small heel. Flat shoes are very popular these days. But, if you want to add a few centimeters to your height, then choose a medium length heel. Shoes with a huge heel or a thin stiletto heel not everyone can wear, and they are not intended for everyday life.

We will be glad if all the above tips will help you in the future in choosing shoes. And thanks to the photos posted here, you can more clearly understand which shoes look expensive. Shoes can say a lot about their owner, so choose them very responsibly.

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