What shoes to wear with a coat in 2020 to look stylish

Do you have a coat, but you do not know what shoes to wear it with in 2020-2021? Winter is not the time to relax. And now we will tell you which coats will be fashionable in the cold season, what shoes they need to be combined with in order to look stylish.

We welcome autumn beautifully

A coat is one of the basic things of the wardrobe. It is appropriate to wear it with trousers, but at the same time it looks quite elegant with a skirt. Therefore, according to the designers, the coat should become the basic part of the wardrobe.

This article is your little helper in finding out what shoes to wear a coat with in 2020. Photo examples will answer this question clearly, and a brief description of each option will help you figure out for sure: what, with what and how to combine.

Pear or hourglass

Most girls have already read a lot and heard that things need to be selected according to the type of figure. It’s the same with coats. But there are win-win models that suit both thin and full girls. For example, a coat. It remains only to choose the right image for him, accessories and, most importantly, shoes.

What shoes to wear with a robe coat, oversized or straight cut? Here are some fashion trends and stylist tips for 2020:

  • Broad shoulders and narrow hips: Look out for cocoon coats or straight silhouettes. Do not look at models that have dropped shoulders or raglan sleeves. It broadens the shoulders. Sneakers, shoes, low platform or heeled boots are suitable as shoes under a coat of a straight silhouette.

  • The hourglass figure is happiness for a girl: you can emphasize the waist with the help of a bathrobe coat. And all types of shoes are suitable for it. It remains to choose the range of compatible shades, and the fashionable look for 2020 is ready.

  • Wide hips and narrow shoulders: do not give up on a stylish bathrobe coat, but with an A-line cut. Choose models with wide lapels, but do not look towards patch pockets, so as not to add extra volume to the hips. It is not difficult to choose shoes for a coat-robe. Sneakers, shoes, ankle boots, etc.

  • Big waist, there is a belly: A-line coat or cape coat. Refuse models that emphasize the waistline. Oversized and cocoon coats are also suitable. For shoes, focus on comfort. But do not refuse a pair of boats for office style.

  • The same lines of the figure: no waist, hips and shoulders are the same. Double-breasted coat models, jacket type, oversized help to decorate the image.

The right model of coat and shoes will hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity.

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What not to do when choosing shoes under a coat

Mistakes in the image. Unfortunately, they cannot be avoided if the shoes were bought in the spring and not under outerwear. A stylish bow can be created only when all the details of the image are at hand. Therefore, the next time you choose shoes, do not forget to wear a coat. What to pay attention to in the store?

  • If you are short or short, do not try to increase it with higher heels. A pair of comfortable sneakers or platform boots go well with many coat variations.

  • If the sleeves or hem are long, ask the tailor to shorten them.

  • Wearing transparent tights in the winter season is bad manners.

It doesn’t matter to someone that he has felt boots on his feet, and on top – a business image. Now there are enough comfortable options for shoes that are easy to care for.

We combine the length of the coat and the height of the shoes

What shoes to wear if the coat is below the knee? Can you wear sneakers with a wool coat? But what if there are over the knee boots on the legs, and the coat covers them?

So we come to the main question: how to properly combine the length, coat design with shoes. Wearing the same thing every day is not an option, so it’s better to pick up a few fashionable looks right now to look easy, stylish and relaxed in winter. Below is a selection of photos to help with this. And then we will move on to the analysis of each style.

Second skin on legs

Treads are one of the trendy models of this season. True, now they should tightly fit the legs and emphasize every curve. Like a second skin on the legs.

By the way, did you know that over the knee boots are a combination of the French words bottes fortes or high boots? It turns out that everything is simple! Once they were worn by officers, but girls like to find a use for everything that is in the men’s wardrobe for themselves, do you agree? This is how the boots came about.

Over the knee boots can be combined with coat models of a straight silhouette, with buttons or under the belt.

We make a comfortable image

Finally comfort and freedom. You can relax. But be careful! Such a picture is not difficult to spoil. How? Picking the wrong shoes. To wear an oversized coat in the fall of 2020 and enjoy the comfort, follow some tips:

  • Classic look, office style and playful oversize. Something is not right here. You can wear high heels, just choose the right shade of coat.

  • For obese women, in addition to an oversized coat and a pair of comfortable sneakers, attention should be paid to properly selected underwear. And it’s not a joke. By choosing a bra with the right support, namely with cups that gather the breasts from the sides and direct it towards the center, you will shed a couple of kilograms and make the image quite attractive.

  • In the cold season, refuse leggings and transparent tights. No shoes and coat will save such an image. It is better to pick up warm tights and wear a skirt. Please note that the length of the skirt should be slightly higher than the coat. This maintains the unity of style. The figure does not look multi-layered, and the image does not turn out to be broken into several parts.

Oversized fit any shoes:

  • sneakers;
  • boats;
  • ankle boots;
  • over the knee boots;
  • flat boots;
  • rough boots.

Avoid too thin heels, many accents on coats and shoes. A comfortable look has been created! Now just enjoy.

Length is not a hindrance

Now let’s move on to the analysis of shoes that fit under a long coat. In most cases, designers today combine several subspecies of outerwear into one. So it turns out an oversized coat-robe, and even a long one. In this case, it is difficult to choose a stylish bow. But still possible.

I would definitely like to note how beautiful the look with over the knee boots and a long oversized coat looks. One piece of clothing emphasizes harmony, the other returns volume. A knitted hat in pastel shades can add zest.

Derby-style shoes are not only chosen by aristocrats. Now it is available to more and more people. This model can be without a high heel at all. This model is quite comfortable for every day, in the office or for a walk.

If you want to experiment, then Bottega Veneta, Oscar de la Renta and others showed at their presentations of new collections how to combine long coats and sandals. You choose what to wear. And you dictate the style too. So don’t be afraid to experiment!

What shoes to combine a medium length coat with

The midi length coat also suggests that…

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